• What You Should Know Before Building an Outdoor Kitchen?

    | Updated on July 7, 2023

    Countless homeowners today choose to expand their living space with the help of an outdoor kitchen. When they first decide to tackle this project, they often don’t realize the work that goes into creating the perfect outdoor kitchen. If a person invests time in planning their outdoor kitchen, they find it meets their needs in every way. 

    Why are Outdoor Kitchens Increasing in Popularity?

    Thanks to the global pandemic, people spent more time at home in 2020. They discovered areas where their home is lacking and where improvements needed to be made. For many families, their outdoor living space increased in importance, and three-quarters of Americans upgraded their outdoor space during their time at home. If you wish to do the same, get help at RTA Outdoor Living. The team will help you design and implement the perfect outdoor kitchen for your needs. What must a homeowner know when planning this project? 

    Building Codes

    Homeowners must comply with all building codes when constructing an outdoor kitchen. The permits required for the project vary by the area and the work to be done. For this reason, homeowners should work with a contractor for this project or reach out to their local code authorities to learn what they will need. Furthermore, homeowners need to check with their homeowners’ association if they have one to learn about any restrictions on this outdoor project. 


    A person needs a budget for their outdoor kitchen before moving forward in the planning process. This makes it easier to narrow the available choices when designing the kitchen. People find they can build a basic kitchen for a few thousand dollars or go all out and spend tens of thousands on a kitchen to rival those of many professional chefs. The price depends in large part on the number of appliances to be installed, their size, and the countertops. 


    Choose a kitchen style that complements the exterior of the home. At this time, think about other upgrades you may complete in the future, such as adding a hardscape. Style options include contemporary, rustic, and traditional. 


    Homeowners must decide what they consider essential in an outdoor kitchen. For instance, most kitchens of this type have a grill but some now also have a sink and refrigerator. Experts recommend having an ice bucket and side burners in the kitchen, as this allows more foods to be prepped and cooked outdoors. Before embarking on the construction of your dream outdoor kitchen, there are a few must-know things, such as selecting the perfect summer kitchen grill, to ensure a successful and enjoyable culinary experience. Consider features you may want in the future and include them in the planning process. For instance, most homeowners wish they had added more counter space once their kitchen is complete. 


    Once you decide what will be included in the outdoor kitchen, it’s time to choose a layout. Some homeowners prefer a single island while others like a U-shaped kitchen. Know the advantages and drawbacks of each option when determining which is right for your needs. The goal is to choose a layout that ensures guests won’t crowd the cooking area and interfere with food prep. 

    Plumbing and Electric

    The homeowner may need to have plumbing or electricity run to the outdoor kitchen. When this is the case, they must budget for this expense. In addition, they should situate the kitchen near the utility sources. This makes the construction process easier in every way. 

    An outdoor kitchen adds value to any home. However, people must ensure they get the right kitchen for their needs. By taking these factors into consideration when planning the kitchen, they find the kitchen is everything they dreamed of when they embarked on this process. 

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