POWR Form Builder Review

| Updated on March 27, 2024

Everyone has probably filled out an online form at least once, whether it’s a Contact Form, Feedback Form, or Payment Form. Forms are valuable tools for users to communicate to site owners or fulfill a task. They seem simple–but behind the scenes, they’re a bit more complicated, as they involve securely collecting and transferring data. Previously, you would have to know how to code to get a functional form on your website, but with POWR’s free form builder, you can now create professional forms with zero IT know-how. 

What Is POWR Form Builder?

Trusted in over twelve million websites, POWR Form Builder is the best-rated app and template for building online forms. It allows you to create all types of forms simply by dragging and dropping elements, toggling buttons, and inputting text—all of which you can do without a single line of code. You can easily build a form and add it to your website in minutes, with options at zero cost.

Benefits of Using POWR Form Builder

POWR Form Builder enables you to create and customize beautifully-designed and functional forms without any coding knowledge—but that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Here are the advantages of using POWR Form Builder:

Advanced Customization

POWR Form Builder allows advanced customization. You can build multi-page forms (great for surveys) and add rich elements such as dropdowns, multiple-choice, star ratings, file uploads, emoji feedback, and more. You can also apply conditional logic to show or hide certain questions and choices based on a user’s previous response.

POWR Form Builder also provides post-submission options, where you can choose to redirect customers to a Thank You page, show a custom message, display results publicly, or hide the form.

Convenient Payment Options

Easily collect payments with POWR forms, whether through private and secure one-time payments, monthly recurring payments, or subscriptions. You can also set it up to accept donations (either one-time or recurring), or create discount codes to build loyalty among customers.

Dynamic Notifications

Always be in the know whenever someone submits a form or abandons a cart; with POWR Form Builder, you can get automatic email notifications for both instances. You can also set up branded and conditional autoresponder emails for customers who accomplish your forms.

Powerful Integrations

POWR Form Builder works with any website: Shopify, Squarespace, Wix, WordPress—you name it. It also works with various integrations, including MailChimp (for importing contacts to email lists), Zapier (for connecting to more apps), and Google Sheets (for syncing form responses in real-time).

What People Are Saying About POWR Form Builder

POWR Form Builder has been tried and tested by millions of site owners and managers. Here are some things that they have to say about their experience:

Saves on Time

Danielle Baskin, the founder of Branded Fruit, says that POWR Form Builders has cut the time their company has spent responding to inquiries by half. They also now save ten hours of organizational time per week thanks to their forms’ integration with Zapier, which automatically syncs responses with Airtable and Slack.

Moves Tasks Along

Brandon Cepeda of Robert Is Here Fruit Stand and Farm loves POWR Form Builder as it has sped up their ability to respond to inquiries by 75%, reducing the time spent on follow-up. They’ve also used POWR to build petition forms—which have received over 15,000 submissions so far.

Easy Optimization

Eric B., an International Business Development officer for a small business, praises POWR Form Builder for how it facilitates “easy optimization on autopilot.” You get great functionality with zero coding.

Get Professional Forms on Your Website With POWR Form Builder

Building forms using POWR Form Builders is quick and easy. After creating a POWR account, you can already start making a form by clicking on “Create New,” then “Form Builder” on the website. A new page will appear where you can start customizing your form. Design it based on look, function, and purpose by adding, editing, or rearranging the different available elements. When you’re happy with it, add it to your website by simply copying and pasting its embed code, or you can share it anywhere online or save it for later on your account. Make a professional form for your website with POWR Form Builder today!

Khushboo Chhibber

Senior Web Writer and Video Creator

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