Detailed Review on Lenovo e585 Ryzen 7 2023

| Updated on May 8, 2024
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Product NameLenovo e585
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Lenovo e585 Ryzen 7 2700u is an expert gaming peripheral endeared for its battery backup, processing, storage, and operating unit. This laptop entity is an under-budget option with fulfilling features for both professional and gaming masses. An excellent battery backup presented in this Lenovo Thinkpad compliments this laptop model’s display, processing, and storage proficiency.

In the coming article, let’s dive in and explore this innovative laptop’s features, specifications, and rating benchmarks. 

Key Takeaway: Lenovo e585 laptop is balanced aptly with battery backup, graphics, and prize attributes. Gaming users will find the graphics and processing quality a little slow and weak therefore; extensive games can’t be supported by this laptop

Brief Specifications of Lenovo Thinkpad e585

It is extremely difficult to acknowledge a smart device completely until visiting its brief specification chart. Features specifications have been provided to imagine the laptop’s functioning much more clearly.

Pixels per-inch141.2 pixels per inch
RAM8 Gigabytes
Maximum RAM Support32 GB
Battery life8.63 hours
Frame per inch14.98 frames per second
ProcessorAMD Ryzen 7 2700U processor
Graphic ProcessorAMD Radeon RX Vega 10 
Weight2.2 Kg
Operating SystemWindows 10 Pro
Processing Speed2.2 Gigahertz
Processor TypeAMD Ryzen 7
Processor Core TypeQuad-Core
CameraHD720p, fixed focus
Audio SupportHD Audio, 1.5W x 2, Dolby Advanced Audio
Limited warrantyOne-year depot service

Reviewed Features of Lenovo ThinkPad 2700u

Walk through the features and comprehend details on processing, graphic, battery backup, display of this Lenovo ThinkPad.

  • Display Settings 

The display of 15.60” with 1920×1080 resolution results in better text and picture quality. The display cover is aluminium with a black colored case. You get a satisfactory display to balance your gaming or meeting presentations. At last, this gaming laptop leaves the least complaints regarding its display functioning.

  • Battery Backup

Whether it’s a long hour’s gaming dreams or lengthy meetings to attend, you can stay satisfied with a battery backup of more than 8 hours in Lenovo Thinkpad e585 Ryzen 7 2700u. The laptop does the rapid charging of 80% in 1 hour and thus works to its maximum tendency to let the user manage his task properly. It has a 65W USB Type-C Adapter and is powered by a lithium-ion rechargeable battery.

  • Storage Compatibility

Noone wants to get stuck in storage issues when the desire is to play extensive games or to do video edits; we all want our smart companion to support all the storage fuss. Lenovo Thinkpad e585 Ryzen 7 2700u has a trustworthy random access memory of a maximum of 32GB, but the solid state drive of 256GB won’t help you any further in heavily demanding games, photo, and video edits

Therefore you can consider this piece of technology for listening to music or handling documentation stuff. We cannot consider it a gaming-friendly partner; nevertheless, games like Buzz Bingo can be happily played here.

  • Processing

Processing power(the brain of your smart device) determines how quickly your device will interpret things for you, and this is measured in gigahertz(GHz). AMD Ryzen 7 2700U processor with 2.2GHz speed might get obstructed in heavy applications. Extensive tasks like complex video games or programs will require great processing to begin smooth functioning, and with this Lenovo laptop, you might suffer a considerable amount of hindrance.

  • Graphics 

Good graphics govern a good gaming performance. With the support of AMD Radeon RX Vega 10 graphics, the laptop system calculates 14.92 frames per second, and guess what? It won’t quench your heavy gaming desires to the greatest extent. You may vex your nerves in the gaming sessions as there will be not much freedom in graphics and its related processing; nevertheless, people do consider this graphics rate adjustable for playing. 30fps or above is considered the best, though.

  • Media & Visuals

HD720p, fixed focused Camera with audio support of HD Audio, 1.5W x 2, Dolby Advanced Audio provides the best video conferencing experience with a large IPS display; thus, rich sound and visuals are supported by this Lenovo ThinkPad laptop model.

  • Weight 

Weight components are essential to gauge the portability of a smart gadget. Gaming laptops are pre-considered to be heavy, but the Lenovo Thinkpad e585 is light compared to other gaming laptop companions.  2.2 Kg of weight is easy to carry along or move anywhere, and you won’t struggle to handle it thus.

  • Prize

With a decent performance in processing, battery backup, and graphics, this Lenovo Thinkpad has a budget-friendly prize of $640. 

Pros & Cons Rating Chart

The chart below will help you figure out this laptop model efficiently. 

  • Excellent Battery Life
  • Apt Display Quality
  • Perfect Pixel Density
  • Superb video conferencing
  • Inadequate Storage
  • Heavy in Weight
  • Graphical processing is worst
  • Weak Processor

Customer Reviews on Lenovo Thinkpad e585

Few customer reviews with assisting tables have been provided to get a glimpse on this wireless technology.

  • Slow processing is a highly noticeable issue with this Lenovo Thinkpad model, which may abruptly disturb your mood while stuck at the revolving cursor.
  • Graphic performance is manageable, but the storage support does the least in relishing the heavy game and running multiple applications.
  • We don’t get options in choosing the laptop case color.
  • The price is user-friendly as per the features given, but the graphics could have been improved to watch the best gaming performance in this Lenovo Thinkpad model.
  • For gaming, pixel density with battery support is a convenient attribute, but graphics processing can’t help much in enjoying it effectively.
  • Battery life is very bad because the laptop has a powerful CPU and GPU. The biggest complaint is that the wifi connection drops all the time.
  • Well, I’ve lost a few bucks by choosing the 2700u… I will upgrade to dual channels as soon as I can, though.
Compatibility FeatureRatings
Portability4.5 / 5
Graphic performance3 / 5
Processor2.8 / 5 
Manufacture Quality4.6 / 5
Pocket Friendly4.2 / 5

Closing Thoughts

Lenovo e585 Ryzen 7 2700u simplistic model provides a good level of balanced features to meet the current gaming and work needs. One can have a worthy gaming experience with medium graphics game processing, with an appropriate 15.55” display and resolution. Gaming users can also appreciate the best video-conference meetings thanks to the best-supported visuals and audio support.


What are the games which can be easily placed on Lenovo e585 Ryzen 7?

One can seamlessly play games like Fluffy favorites slot, roulette, blackjack, and baccarat.

What is the complete dimension of the Lenovo e585 Thinkpad model?

For display, we have 14.53″x9.92″x 0.79″ dimensions i.e. 369mm x 252mm x 19.95mm.

Do we get a fingerprint reader in the Lenovo e585 Ryzen 7 2700u model?

No, we have no fingerprint reader in the Lenovo e585 Ryzen-backed processor Thinkpad.

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Senior Writer, Editor

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