How to Improve Domain Authority Score In 2020?

| Updated on March 26, 2024

If you are looking for guidelines to improve your domain authority score in 2020, you should have an SEO expert, content writer, and developer. Any issue in the development of website, SEO of the website, and content of the website can cause increase or decrease in the domain authority score. The following guidelines can help you improve your DA in 2020.

Before you implement any of the following guidelines, make sure to check your website DA on so that you can know about the results in future after applying these things.

Proper SEO

You should be aware of the latest SEO trends which are changing yearly. The SEO which worked in 1999 may not work for rankings in 2020. Thus, you should know modern SEO and its trends. On page SEO, off page SEO, and Technical SEO should be up-to-date to get 100% results and upsurge in the DA of your website.

Link building or off page SEO is very important for your website. To get the number one ranking in Google requires beating your competitors. In this way, you will need backlinks for your website. The following are methods for getting backlinks.

  1. Natural links
  2. The quality backlinks are always natural links generated by your readers or users. These backlinks show great value to your website. It is liked by Google to have natural links rather than using techniques to get them.

  3. Blogger outreach method
  4. In 2020, many people will use blogger outreach link building methods to get some backlinks. This means to reach a blog owner, and ask for backlinks. It is possible with Email marketing, social media marketing, or direct interaction with a blogger.

  5. Exchange backlinks
  6. In the modern era, many people have started their own websites but they don’t have an SEO expert. They can’t hire one as well because of their limited budget. Due to this, they start giving backlinks to each other, which was okay earlier, but now Google has banned it. Two websites sharing links to each other will be penalized. In 2020, please do not go this way.

Quality content 

Content is king; you would have surely heard this sentence. Your content should be 100% optimized according to the H1 tag of your page. Quality content is responsible for getting massive traffic, high ranking, and increased DA and PA for a website. You need to write good content after doing proper keyword research.

If you are looking to get a massive increase in DA and PA rapidly, try to manage your main keyword in the H1 tag, URL path, and first 8 words of your website content page.

Quality of your website

There are two main things that can get you high DA and PA. One is the quality of your website, which is generated with the content and design of your website. Another is authority of your website which increases with increasing backlinks and age. Thus, you have to get more and more natural backlinks to improve your quality. As your website becomes old, the chances for higher DA & PA increase.

To the point content

Some people try to force keywords on a place where they don’t fit. The content has to be editorial, and valuable for the users. Then you get the opportunities to increase DA and PA. Try to be straightforward with your topic if you are willing to get high DA.

No extensive keyword stuffing

With recent updates from Google, many websites which were ranking earlier, saw the worst decline. They have even disappeared from the Google search results. Google is trying to use such artificial intelligence for its search engine which can identify the best results on a particular keyword. 

As mentioned above, you have to be straight and talk only about your topic. Use your main and secondary keyword only where they suit. Extra keyword stuffing can result in penalty from Google.

User friendliness

Your website has to be user-friendly if you want to increase DA of your website. Some people design websites with colors, which is not liked by the users. Hence, their bounce rate increases, for which their webpage moves backward instead of getting ranked.

Your website should be designed nicely according to your niche. Every visitor should be able to find what he is looking for on your website.

Lower bounce rate

Greater bounce rate drops your DA and PA. Lower bounce rate increases the DA as well as PA of your website. Thus, you should provide quality to your visitors so that the bounce rate should not increase. In this way, you will receive trust from search engines. Do not think every single management today is going to deliver you results on the next day.

You should maintain your website every day without letting the spam score increase. Thus, Google will be able to rank your website on the first page in at least 2-3 months.

Content strategy

Content is king if you are a good strategist. Without a definite content strategy, you are never going to get high DA and PA. Thus, you have to design the content strategy now for getting the results tomorrow. You should set your word count, and the day when to publish your content. Your frequency and regularity of content is a factor for SEO.

Leena Ray

Digital Marketing Writer and Editor

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