Content Writing 101: A Guide to Writing Content that Attracts Traffic

| Updated on March 26, 2024

Content drives the digital world. It encompasses a wide range of elements such as texts, infographics, quotes, citations, and many more characters. Content writers are specialized in providing content writing services tailored to suit the readers. 

For a long time, Google has impaneled some of its best people to frame a suitable algorithm that separates the contents into categories and fetch the most relevant result for the searched terms. This has created a buzz in the circuit of content writing agencies that provide content writing services to make the content rank on the first page of the Google search organically. 

If this is your concern as well, we bring this guide to aid you.

You are not alone in this dilemma. Many people and organizations are looking forward to adapting to the new set of Google algorithms and rank their contents for generating heavy traffic.

So, what is the big deal about the traffic? Why do people want it?

Getting organic traffic is one of the primary motives for any content organization. It serves two primary purposes:

  1. Generate revenues: You need money to sustain your website with all the advanced features. Moreover, you expect a profit for yourself. Traffic drives revenues in the form of direct cash or leads conversions.
  2. Recognition: The recognition of your website plays an essential role in bringing traffic.

How to Get that ‘Traffic’?

Driving organic traffic to your site while maintaining the topic’s essence is a challenging job that every writer faces while working.  It is not a day’s work and has to be performed with each content. There are various content writing agencies which serve the purpose of providing SEO friendly articles to be featured on the top page. These services have some well-qualified SEO analysts and editors that go to check more than 200 elements that Google algorithm takes into consideration for search rankings. 

This blog will familiarise you with how to attract organic traffic to your site as we do at Pepper.

  • Set the content for the target audience: This is simple logic. When you have a website for gaming content, you write only for gamers. The tone of your article needs to get in sync with the target audience. Try to understand your audience and create an article that follows the tonality that suits their needs. It’s where the secret lies for attracting traffic. You are going to write for your target audience.
  • Third-party data and Statistics are your engagement ring: The statistics are a great way to get someone’s attention. Many third-party data are a great tool and can be presented as a headline or even the title. Such is its authority.
  • Compelling content for feedback: Quality is the main spice of your content. Never compromise for that as ultimately, readers should get value from your content. If you start getting feedback for your content, consider it a success. People generally comment on the content only if either it is good or awful. Choose which one you want. In either case, use the feedback to construct a better plan for your content.

Many of the content writing agencies follow the above ways to get substantial traffic onto their websites. There are more ways to get to the best methods to drive traffic and revenues that a content writing agency can use.


Content should be created to provide value to their readers. Readers are looking for content that is original, creative, and well-researched so they get the information they are looking for. Getting high traffic to your content can ensure the rise of probability for your revenue generation. All the content writing services thrive on this model. The above listed three points can be followed properly to increase your organic traffic. 


Do I need traffic on my website to increase my business?

Yes, increased traffic can ensure higher chances of lead conversions. Amazon listed sellers sell more products than any local shops because they get heavy traffic from targeted consumers.

What does the tone of content mean?

It means to get aligned with the voice of your target audience. Youth likes sarcasm more than knowledge. For older people, the case is reversed. Get the tone of your article with the customer base.

Can I write such content myself?

Certainly yes you can write content by yourself, but it would require a substantial amount of practice and experience to set things right if you’re a beginner. But as it is often said that to start, you have to take the first step. In the meantime, you can approach any content writing agency like Pepper that provides quality content writing services.

What is more important for an article: quality or quantity?

Suppose you are thirsty. And you see two choices. One is a bottle of clean drinking water, and the other is ten bottles of muddy water. You would choose the clear one. That’s quality.

Can statistics be cited?

It has to be cited back to the source because that is not your data.

Leena Ray

Digital Marketing Writer and Editor

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