6 HR Tools That Help Companies ‘Go from BLAH to BOLD’

| Updated on February 28, 2024

HR tools come in many shapes and sizes, but it can be difficult to keep up with every software that pops up on the Internet. On top of that, finding the right HR software that meets your needs can be tricky, and with so many options, there’s no possible way you can test them all.

To aid in your search, we assembled a list of tools that handle the most important HR department functions, like recruiting and employee management, that are essential to your company’s success.

HR Tools That Improve Your Human Resources Department

Recruitment, training, and payroll take up a lot of your team’s time, but you can streamline most tedious tasks by using technology. Here are 6 HR tools that you shouldn’t go without.

1. Employee Engagement Tools

Employee engagement is the most critical indicator in gauging work satisfaction. A Global Human Capital Trends survey stated that 79% of respondents believe “a sense of belonging” was essential to their companies success. 93% agreed it led to improved performance.

There are several platforms that can improve employee retention, productivity, and a healthy work-life balance, like Nectar, Bonusly, and Assembly. These tools use communication and feedback to improve engagement, as it builds strong bonds between you and your employees.

2. Candidate Screening Tools

When hiring new employees, screening, evaluating, and examining their references and background are essential. These practices ensure you’re hiring high-quality staff members that improve your company’s reputation, work ethic, profits, and brand association.

HireSelect provides pre-employment aptitude, skill, and personality tests designed by Harvard psychologists to help you assess candidates. Plum.io uses behavioral science and screening surveys to match and shortlist candidates. Both improve the overall hiring process.

3. Video Interviewing Tools

HireSelect and Plum.io are both powerful candidates screening tools, but if you’re hiring remote workers, you’ll need to use another video conferencing software to interview prospects. Or, you could find a tool that does both or at least lets you integrate video into the screening process.

Two video interviewing software stands out from the rest: HireVie and Spark Hire. Spark Hire allows HR to conduct live or one-way interviews. Since each video is recorded, you can save them for later review. HireVue uses machine learning to predict a prospect’s future performance.

4. Support Performance Management Tools

Support performance or performance appraisal software is typically integrated with HR Information Systems, but stand-alone products do exist. Performance appraisal tools work similarly to employee engagement software, but they focus more on feedback. 

Small Improvements is a stand-out here, as its platform facilitated goal-setting and continuous feedback as well as customizable performance reviews. Trakstar is a bit more flexible than Small Improvements, as it allows you to design different workflows for each department.

5. Learning, Training, and Onboarding Tools

After hiring prospects, HR needs to ensure new employees are integrated into the company. Too many organizations provide a “hands-off” training process, but ongoing learning and training can improve performance, skill knowledge, and employee retention. 

Learning management software is the best tool for the job. iSpring Suite/Lean offers a large content library and training program, Matrix LMS facilitates communication between learners, and TalentLMS builds an all-in-one training and eLearning platform by pulling from the Web. 

6. Human Resources Information Systems (HRIS)

If you need a wide range of tools, a fully-fledged HRIS software may be what you’re looking for. HRISs provide a centralized employee database, benefits administration, payroll, onboarding, compliance reporting, and timekeeping. You can also integrate other tools into an HRIS.

BambooHR, UltiPro, and Namely are the most dynamic tools of the bunch. BambooHR mainly focuses on payroll, tracking time, and maintaining records. Namely is a complete system that offers everything you’ll need, same with UltiPro, except UltiPro adds business intelligence.

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