How to Set Up an HR Department from the Ground Up?

| Updated on March 21, 2024

As you build the foundation of your business, you are going to encounter a lot of firsts along the way. From your first customer to your first feedback, everything creates an unforgettable tapestry of your venture.

But before you can look back on this collection of memories, you need to set up a few basics first. Out of these segments, establishing an effective HR department can prove to be one of your biggest challenges.

To help you with this imperative requirement for running a successful business, here’s a lowdown on setting up your HR department.

Hire Relevant Personnel

The journey towards building a strong HR department starts from hiring reliable personnel. If you want to run an in-house operation, you can conduct interviews with different professionals who could lead your HR department for you. Otherwise, you can outsource your HR activities to a specialized organization.

Whichever route you end up taking, these HR professionals can take care of all relevant aspects of human resources for you. This can range from intricate measures such as countering ageism at the workplace to usual duties such as handling employee benefits.

Additionally, generating a payroll report, maintaining a timesheet, and handling vacation time as well as recruitment measures all fall under the department.

Discuss Your Ongoing Requirements

Since the list of HR abilities is quite broad, it is important to sit down with your hired specialists and discuss your requirements to establish an effective approach. You can conduct these meetings via an online video conferencing tool to save your time.

These particular discussions allow you to lay down important guidelines, establish your policies, and outline your approach to a variety of scenarios. This also provides a way to designate different personnel to specific duties.

These measures can help you find your way before your HR department becomes functional. From there, you need to find effective tools to execute the required operations.

Invest in Relevant HR Solutions

Working for HR requires a heavy dependence on technology. In addition to making your teams more efficient, it also delivers ideal security. When you invest in modern solutions such as enterprise cloud integration, you can further enhance the available benefits of having an HR team by your side.

Keeping this in mind, ensure to invest in a modern human resources management system (HRMS) that makes it easy to go through requirements such as recruitment activities and timesheet processing.

This also makes it easy for your staff to handle requirements such as employer-provided health insurance without running into unnecessary delays. This is especially effective if your business is following a work-from-home model for select employees.

Draft Relevant Material

After getting the required tools, you can put your policies in writing. From employee handbooks to specific contracts, this requires all effective paperwork to be in place.

Many HRMS come with certain templates that can help you in this regard, which makes the process a lot easier than going at it without any support. But if you need further assistance, you can hire an attorney to help you with these documents.

By providing all instructions and agreements in writing, these particular measures assist you in protecting your organization while also giving your employees the support they need. Whether you are starting your business as a senior expert or a young entrepreneur, these remain crucial steps in setting up your HR department.

You should also take the time to create different plans for all related segments of your business. This includes aspects including but not limited to an HR staffing plan, an overall staffing plan, and an HR budget plan.

In addition to these segments, it’s necessary to look into recruitment measures such as online job portals or third-party recruitment services. Comparing the pros and cons of these services lets you make an informed decision.

Tax obligations, pertinent registrations, as well as email and social media account creation also go hand in hand with these requirements. Finalizing these critical aspects establishes your HR department to handle day-to-day activities with the utmost ease.

These suggestions set you up with the basics of HR, which you can then finetune according to your organization’s needs. This ensures that you can run your organization’s HR in an effective way while being able to optimize it along the way.

John M. Flood

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