How to Use a Hotel Room Safes? – [ An Easy Guide to Keep Your Possessions Secured]

| Updated on March 27, 2024

We often carry our essentials to the hotels while traveling. These essentials may comprise precious possessions that should be taken care of. Some items that need to be kept secured during the trip and stay include; Passports, money, jewelry, laptop, documents, etc. 

That’s where hotels and hospitality safes come into the picture to arm travelers for securing their expensive belongings. Although, there is never a guarantee that the guests, even at the best hotels, won’t be robbed of their belongings. Numerous stories narrate the tale of robberies to hotel guests when they are out of their rooms. 

But, all those stories of robbery share a commonality. None of them have used the Hotel Room Safe to secure their belongings. They would have a greater sense of security if they had utilized it. But, If you are the one who is unaware of how to use a Hotel Room Safe. We will make you familiar with it in this article. 

How to Use Electronic Safes in Your Hotel?

Electronic hotel room safes are the most commonly used safes. Guests need to struggle a lot with old mechanical safes in hotels. Compared with that, these Electronic Safes are easy to use and serve high-security standards. Additionally, they are designed with a modern design approach. Thus, making them more versatile and secure than mechanical models used earlier. 

In addition to this, the guest needs to choose their codes carefully. It is easy to break into your valuables by guessing the popular password such as #0000, #1234, #9999, #5678, etc. Try to include symbols or combination passwords, whichever the safe system allows. This will assist you in adding more security to prevent any mishappening that may lead to the loss of your precious possessions in such incidents.

There are various methods to unlock such electronic safes, which include:

  • Using a Digital Code
  • Using a Cell Phone
  • Using Bluetooth
  • Using a Proximity Card.

There could be any method in your Hotel Safe to secure your belongings. It is decided by the type of Hotel Safe present in your hotel room. Besides this, it also depends upon the design of the hotel room safe. Majorly, remembering the security code is a big challenge. Hence, memorizing a security code is not crucial because the Hotel Room Safes have modern design techniques. 

Methods to Open Hotel Room Safe

These days electronic Hotel Safes are mostly installed at hotels. These do not have a simpler interface but are also safer to use. In addition to this, you need not remember the code to scramble and continue the process to assign a lock.

Mechanical safes are also present in some hotels. They sometimes reflect a glimpse of the ancient era. They are not as easy to use as digital safes. But once you know the process, it becomes simpler to use them. 

You should always ensure the lock is functional with its handle and the code. Try it without adding anything a couple of times. Seek help if you find it difficult. Moreover, it is crucial to inform the hotel authorities if you find anything inside the safe already lying inside. This will keep you at a safer end in case anything found inside is associated with an offensive activity.

Now, moving to the list of methods to open various kinds of Hotel Safes. Here is the procedure to follow to utilize the safe you come across during your travel and stay.

Methods to Open An Electronic Hotel Room Safe

Having a Hotel Room Safe offers a sense of security to your belongings. Still, if you lack an idea about how to open the safe present in your room, read it all along. Opening up a Hotel Room Safe has become simple with modern design approaches. Here are a few methods to configure to open a Safe. 

  • Digital Code: Creating a code is the first thing everyone does. Users can save the numeric keypad a the front of the box, set a password, and then save it. 
  • Card:  Hotel provides a Proximity Card when brought near the cashier’s door, triggering the opening of a door. This is how proximity technology works with the Safes. 
  • Bluetooth:  This Bluetooth unlocking feature is based on the mobile app. User installs it to connect it to their device. It can be used remotely using a one-time code for additional security. Users can also change the security code as per their preference more than once a day. 

There are circumstances when the safe is not accessible. This usually happens in case of loss of a key or code. You can manually open the safe using the master key or the mechanical key in the case of an emergency, except for these methods to open a Hotel Room Safe.

Methods to Open Mechanical Safes

As the mechanical safe are the oldest models, hence, they are rarely used by Hotels. But this does not mean you won’t ever find a Mechanical Hotel Room Safe. Operating these safes is pretty simple. So, know these methods to configure and open them if you encounter one. 

  • Enter the digits, followed by pulling off the knob. 
  • Hold the mechanical button.
  • Create a new combination of code. 
  • Release the button once finished. 
  • Close the door to use it for unlocking the next time. 


If the entered security code is correct in Step-1, it will open else, it won’t. make sure you get the default code from the hotel before unlocking. Then, you can change it to your new secret code to unlock it later.

Additionally, these Hotel Room Safes are used by every individual who would be staying in that hotel room. Therefore, it is always advised to change the password of the safe. This will make you less exposed to any theft or other unintentional damages as there are many stories when theft is done by dishonest hotel employees. Guests are the victims in such circumstances who have to bear the losses in which they are not involved at all. 

Concluding Phrases, 

Traveling is enjoyable when you need not worry about your possessions. Still, keeping them safe while traveling and staying is a challenge. Besides this, you should know that using Hotel Room Safe is the only method to take care of your valuables during your stay. Thus, you need to cross-verify several times whether the lock is working or not. 

You must check the functionality of the safe once again before keeping your possessions in it. It will ensure your stuff won’t get locked up inside. Also, prevent you from entering a situation where you are stuck up to rely on third parties to unlock it. Utilize the Hotel Room Safe using the methods discussed above for add-on security while securing your possessions during your travel.

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