How to Remove/Disable/Turn Off Avast Email Signature?

As technology is on the rise, so are increasing online threats making it inevitable to secure your system or device with a strong antivirus tool like Avast that can fight off the viruses and other potential threats from your device. Avast is one most commonly used antivirus, and you will find it installed on every other device; the reason is it is free. As free things also come at a cost, so does Avast. In its recent update, Avast has added a footer note in its emails that you send, also known as Avast email signature. Also, this feature is provided by default; so no matter if you need it or not, you get it.

However, seeing a signature added to your outgoing emails that too without your consent can be quite frustrating, and that’s why you are here, to know how to turn off avast email signature.

Steps to Turn Off Avast Signature for Outgoing Emails

To turn off or disable the annoying Avast signature from emails, follow these steps:

  1. From the system tray, right-click on the Avast icon and then click on ‘Open Avast user interface’.
  1. Open Avast’s settings by clicking on the gear icon at the top
  2. Finally, in the General tab, uncheck the option ‘Enable Avast email signature
  1. Click ‘Ok’ to exit the settings and then restart your email software
  2. Also, restart your web browser, and doing this will remove the Avast email signature from your outgoing emails.

The listed above will remove the avast signature from Gmail as well but in case you want to remove the avast signature from Outlook, here is how you can do that:

  1. Open the Avast Antivirus and then open its menu; click on ‘Settings’
  2. Then go to the ‘Protection’ tab and click on ‘Core Shields’
  1. Go to the ‘Configure Shield Settings’ option and click on the ‘Mail Shield’ tab.
  1. Uncheck the selection ‘Add a signature to the end of sent emails’
  1. This will get rid of the Avast email signature from your outgoing emails, and you can also re-enable this setting any time you want.

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