Creating an Intro for Videos on YouTube: Design Rules and Methods of Creation

| Updated on February 13, 2024

When developing a channel on YouTube, each user must understand that if you arrange the video correctly, you can see how the channel is quickly moving among the rest. This website allows its users and content creators the opportunity to use a huge number of effective tools that help keep viewers’ attention. We are talking about various screensavers, hints, subtitles, and other tools. However, the most powerful element of the video that pays off is the powerful video intro.

In this post, we have collected all the useful information about what it is, what it is for, what are the requirements for creating it, and also how to make it yourself.

What It is and What is the Point of Creating This Element?

By creating various videos, regardless of the topic, each user tries to convey some information. You can set a goal to teach your viewers a skill, to make them laugh, to communicate information, to promote something, and so on. If you create videos like this regularly and post them on your channel, then you are trying to build a brand.

As we know, companies that create their brand have mostly a logo and their color scheme. Similarly, every YouTuber can create a brand for their channel with videos. This is where creating an intro can help. These are the initial few seconds of the video that show your logo, slogan, or whatever you want. You can come up with some kind of icon that you will edit and bring to the proper look with the help of a professional photo editor, as well as a background remover by Retoucher. In addition, you can come up with a melody that will also become recognizable to your viewers.

That is, first you tell what your video is about. After that, viewers decide whether they will continue watching. If so, then they will see your intro, which will be stored in their memory, and after that, the main essence of your video will begin. The more interesting content you create, the more often viewers will see and hear your intro. Such information will be deposited in the memory of each user and, having heard a sound or a picture, the audience will already perfectly understand who owns this video. 

Special Features

The introductory part exists not only for all videos on YouTube. In general, this is typical for various television programs, as well as for films from various film companies. If somebody asks you what the intro to your favorite movie or TV series looks like, then you can easily remember the melody, as well as the visuals that you remember.

However, when it comes to making movies or series, we can see lengthy intros that would be completely inappropriate for YouTube videos. Internet users value brevity and clarity, and therefore stretching out the beginning of the video will be stupid and you will lose a lot of viewers who will not be ready to wait. In general, they may not wait, since there is an option to rewind the video, but your viewers will remember the annoying long intro, which will badly affect your reputation.

That is why there are several requirements:

  • It should be no less than 3 seconds and no more than 5 seconds. If you increase the time, then you will ensure that the audience will simply rewind the video.
  • It must contain information about you. You can insert your logo, motto, or just catchy information that will be remembered by all users.
  • If you have a certain logo or emblem, then you can use the colors that are present on them for the video.
  • You must mention the name of your channel. To make it stand out, you must use a clear and legible font. You can also use either a static image or an animated one. Thus, you can ensure the mobility and vigor of the video.
  • The plot must be logical. Each component that you will insert into the intro should be combined with the rest. That is, if there is no logical connection between the elements, then you will not succeed in an effective intro.
  • The melody should be bright and memorable. Many people know the phenomenon of obsessive songs or melodies that we can constantly remind. Thus, you can either create your musical composition or use popular music. However, you will need to buy the rights to use the melody. You can also find a melody on free web resources.
  • Your intro should be a unique example, because if you use other people’s ideas, then you may lose the respect of your subscribers, as plagiarism is poorly valued among content creators.

How to Create Your Intro?

If you shoot videos and then post-process them, then it should not be difficult for you to create an intro for your channel. If you cannot boast of professional skills in the field of video creation, then you can use two options:

  • There are pre-made templates that you can use for your video. You will only have to adapt the finished template for you. You can find such ready-made materials in video editors such as Sony Vegas Pro, Filmora Video Editor, and Movavi Video Editor Plus.
  • You can use online constructors. You don’t need to install any software as all you have to do is visit the Flixpress or Renderforest website. Here you can easily understand all the tools.


Everyone wants to improve the rankings of their YouTube videos to make them popular and recognizable. One of the elements that can provide recognition is the intro. The main thing is to come up with a memorable emblem or logo, as well as insert a melody or sound.

Khushboo Chhibber

Senior Web Writer and Video Creator

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