What Steps Do You Need to Take to Regain Access to Your Amazon Suspended Account?

| Updated on March 21, 2024

For many vendors, an Amazon suspension represents a huge risk to their revenue and brand, and the entire procedure may be quite stressful. If you’ve recently been suspended, take a deep breath and let us walk you through the effort to restore your seller account.

In this post, we’ll help with the process of recovering your Amazon account and determining the best approach to proceed. Let’s go through every part of Amazon account suspension so you’re fully up to speed.

Account suspensions on Amazon are widespread among retailers, but determining the cause and properly disputing is a different story. If you’ve ever been temporarily suspended from

Amazon, you’ve most likely gotten an email.

Types of Amazon Suspended Accounts

There are three types of suspension:


You still have the option of applying for an appeal. You’ll need to formulate a strategy.


Your request was denied, and yet you still have the option to file a new action plan.


You have no other choice. Your appeal has been rejected many times, and Amazon will no longer receive your emails.

What are the Reasons for the Suspended Amazon Account?

Every account suspension, however, has a cause. Here are some things to keep an eye out for if you find yourself in that situation:

Providing Restricted Goods for Sale

Your Amazon account will be suspended if one of your goods is featured on the banned product catalog. For example, due to kid safety regulations, you must obtain specific authorization to list Fingerprint Examination Kit or Atomic Energy Laboratory

Late Shipment Rate

Your selling rights will be revoked if you have been late with many orders or have gotten a large number of bad reviews. When it comes to customer experience, Amazon has a zero-tolerance policy, and it remains their top priority as the largest global online marketplace.

Rate of Canceled Orders

The percentage of orders canceled by you as a seller before shipment for whatever reason, which can only be attributed to the seller. The PCR should not be more than 2.5 percent.

Received Unsatisfactory Reviews

Unsurprisingly, Amazon takes unpleasant customer words seriously. Although vendors may receive negative comments on their items, a large number of negative reviews may draw Amazon’s notice and flag your account for cancellation.

Poor Performance

When your seller performance falls, Amazon becomes concerned that you aren’t giving the greatest possible customer service and will want to investigate your account to see what is going on.

Avoiding Amazon’s Marketing Guidelines

You will be sent with a suspension alert if you have two accounts for two different businesses. Amazon takes significant steps to ensure that each vendor has only one account. This includes ensuring that the accounts were not created or accessed from the same IP address and that billing information such as physical addresses and bank accounts are not the same for one account and another.

Sloppiness and Misinformation

You may be concerned about how Amazon will determine that you are the same vendor because you provided false information. You may have already done it, but it is a solid thing that you will not be able to sell from your different accounts. Amazon will always find a method to deactivate your registration.

How to Keep Your Amazon Account from Being Suspended?

To avoid your amazon account suspension, you need to do these things first:

  • Recognize the fundamentals of Amazon’s business strategy.
  • Need to understand how Amazonians communicate as a unit.
  • Consider performance metrics carefully. Especially keep an eye on these metrics: order defect rate, on-time delivery, and Late shipment rate
  • Maintain monitoring of your listings.
  • Ready to contact your Amazon account manager

Tips to Prevent Suspension of Amazon Account

  • Monitor all of your alerts regularly so that if you are notified of any irregularities, you can correct them right away.
  • The best way to stay current is to keep a close eye on your alerts.
  • Your product’s features and characteristics must be properly stated in your listings, and they must be effectively optimized.
  • Do not use different profiles or set up a new one until your existing one has been restored.
  • Strive to improve user experience by taking all customers’ feedback into account and upgrading your items accordingly, since this will maintain your ratings high and demonstrate to Amazon that you’re a high-quality reseller.

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