How AI-Powered Product Image Editing Will Skyrocket Your E-commerce Conversions

| Updated on March 22, 2024

Do you know that feeling when you stumble upon an online store with professional, eye-catching product photos? As an e-commerce store owner, that’s exactly how you want your customers to feel when they land on your site. 

High-quality, attractive images are key to boosting conversions and sales. The problem is, getting pro product photos can be time-consuming and expensive. That’s where AI-powered image editing tools come in.

With just a few clicks, you can instantly enhance your existing article shots to look like they were taken by an expert photographer. We’re talking fixes like adjusting brightness and contrast, smoothing backgrounds, sharpening details, and more. The advanced AI handles all the retouching for you, so you can keep costs down without sacrificing quality.

The Power of Visual Content in E-commerce

Visual Content

You know the old saying that a picture is worth a thousand words? Well, in e-commerce, high-quality product images are worth a thousand sales. Studies show that over  60% of shoppers consider visual appearance to be the most important factor when making a purchase online. If you want to skyrocket your e-commerce conversions, you need to focus on visual content.

Specifically, you need professional, attractive product photos. Amateur iPhone snaps just won’t cut it anymore. Shoppers expect slick, high-resolution images that show off every detail and angle. And with AI-powered photo editing tools, achieving this level of quality has never been easier or more affordable.

AI photo editing uses machine learning to automatically enhance the outcome of your photos. Services like Pixelz and SKU Ninja tap into huge datasets of the world’s best product images to understand what makes a photo aesthetically pleasing and commercially effective. Then, their AI systems get to work adjusting lighting, color balance, focus, and more to optimize your photos in seconds.

The results speak for themselves. E-commerce stores using AI photo editing see major lifts in metrics like click-through rate time-on-page, and of course, conversion rate. When shoppers encounter eye-catching product photos, they spend more time engaging with the page and are much more likely to make a purchase.

If you want to transform your product pages into conversion machines, AI-powered photo editing is an absolute must. The leading services are highly automated, so you can enhance hundreds of images in minutes without having to manually adjust a single photo. 

For cash-strapped e-commerce stores, it may just be the most effective tool for boosting sales without increasing ad spend.

How Product Images Directly Impact Sales

If you want to boost your e-commerce sales, focus on your product images. High-quality photos are the key to catching shoppers’ attention and turning them into customers.

You only have a split second to grab someone’s interest with your product image.

  • Make it count by using large, high-resolution photos that show off all the details.
  • Zoom in on specific features and functions.
  • Add lifestyle images to help shoppers visualize how they can use the product.

According to studies, over  93% of customers consider visual appearance to be the most important factor when shopping online. Product images account for nearly 65% of what people remember about an item. When images are sharp, clear, and evocative, they can increase customer engagement by up to 42% and push conversion rates up by 37% or more.

With AI and machine learning, it’s now possible to automatically optimize hundreds or even thousands of images at scale. AI-based solutions can intelligently crop, color correct, and enhance your photos to make them as impactful as possible. 

They can even generate new lifestyle images by compositing your product into appropriate background scenes.

Using AI to perfect them is a quick and effective way to improve the customer experience on your site and boost sales. As more and more shopping moves online, high-quality visuals have become essential for standing out from the competition and winning over customers.

 With AI on your side, you’ll have a powerful tool for turning browsers into buyers and skyrocketing your e-commerce conversions.

The Problem With Standard Product Photography

Standard product photography just doesn’t cut it anymore. With online shopping increasing every year, the images you use to showcase your goods can make or break a customer’s buying decision.

Low-quality Images Reduce Trust

Blurry, dimly lit shots make your products seem cheap or outdated. Customers want to see high-resolution photos that accurately represent their items. Low-quality images damage your brand credibility and hurt conversion rates.

Lack of Consistency

If you have a hodgepodge of different image styles, sizes, and backdrops across your product catalog, it looks unprofessional. Inconsistent photography makes it difficult for shoppers to compare them and damages your brand cohesion. 

For the best results, establish guidelines for framing, lighting, image size, and backdrop to use across all shots.

Missing Important Views

Standard pack shots only show one angle of a product. But customers want to see all sides before they buy. Make sure you include not just front-facing shots but also back, side, and close-up detail views. Multiple angles give shoppers a better sense of what they’re getting.

No Product Staging

Simply photographing an item on a white background doesn’t showcase how it can be used or its stylishness. Stage your products in relevant lifestyle scenes or attractive environments. This helps customers visualize how it would enrich their lives or homes. Staging also increases its perceived value.

Difficult or Time-Consuming Shoots

Setting up high-quality product shoots requires photography skills, expensive equipment, and a lot of time. But with AI-powered image editing tools, you can automatically optimize your existing shots or generate brand-new lifestyle images in just a few clicks. AI is the future of product photography—and it will transform your e-commerce business.

How AI is Transforming Ecommerce Product Images

Ecommerce Product Images

AI-powered product image editing tools are revolutionizing e-commerce. As an online seller, you know that they are the first impression for shoppers and can make or break a sale. 

With AI, you can automatically enhance your product images at scale to increase conversions.

Better Quality, Consistency, and Speed

Manually editing hundreds or thousands of them is incredibly time-consuming and difficult to do with consistency. AI-based editing tools can instantly improve image quality, color, brightness, and other attributes for perfect, consistent photos every time. 

They use machine learning models trained on millions of images to understand what makes a product photo aesthetically pleasing and optimize accordingly.

Removal of Backgrounds and Shadows

Many e-commerce product images still feature distracting backgrounds, shadows, or props that detract from the product itself. Slazzer is an AI tool that uses deep learning algorithm to automatically remove background from any image in just seconds. The end result is a clean white background that puts the focus solely on it.

Automatic Resizing and Cropping

Optimizing product images for search and social media requires resizing to multiple aspect ratios and dimensions. AI simplifies this by instantly generating perfectly resized and cropped versions of your photos for every platform. The AI has been trained to identify and focus on the most important part of the image—your outcome—when cropping.

Enhanced for SEO and Social Media

AI-optimized product images just look better, but they’re also enhanced for search engines and social media. The clean backgrounds, ideal sizing, and other improvements make your pictures more likely to rank higher in Google Images and get more attention on platforms like Instagram and Pinterest.

Some AI tools can even automatically add optimized alt text, keywords, and captions to your images to boost SEO.

The bottom line is that AI-powered product image editing tools can save you time, boost your e-commerce conversions, and improve SEO and social media marketing

Getting Started With AI Image Editing with Slazzer

Slazzer allows e-commerce businesses to automatically remove product photo backgrounds using artificial intelligence. This makes its photos eye-catching while saving time and boosting online sales.

Slazzer’s AI editor removes photo backgrounds in seconds with precision. You upload images and the Artificial Intelligence processes them without manual edits. The AI recognizes complex edges and removes only the background, leaving products intact.

You can batch-process hundreds or thousands of these at once. Artificial Intelligence handles complex images quickly, enabling businesses to edit entire catalogs consistently.

While the AI handles most tasks, you can make manual adjustments if needed. You can color backgrounds, add shadows, resize or reposition products, and more. Automation and customization are combined.

Slazzer’s scalability and precise background removal help e-commerce stores optimize product photos. Enhanced images convert more visitors into customers and increase conversions.

Slazzer Pricing and On-Premise

So you’ve seen how AI-powered image editing can transform them and boost your e-commerce conversions. Now it’s time to consider Slazzer, an AI-based product image editing software, to implement for your online store.

Slazzer offers three main pricing options to suit different business needs and budgets:


Slazzer’s pay-as-you-go plan charges $0.13 per edited image. This is ideal if you have a limited number of product images to edit or want to try out the software first before committing to a subscription. You only pay for the pictures you edit.

Monthly Subscription

For frequent image editing, Slazzer’s monthly subscription plan starts at $49/month for up to 1,000 images. Additional image packs are available for $0.06 per image. This plan provides the best value if you edit a high volume of images each month.

On-premise Installation

For full control and security over your data, Slazzer also offers an on-premise software installation option. You pay an upfront license fee to install the software on your servers. Slazzer’s team will help you with the initial setup and configuration, and from there, you have full control over the software and your data.

Slazzer is not just another image editing tool; it’s a game-changer for e-commerce businesses. By harnessing the power of AI, Slazzer delivers exceptional results that capture shoppers’ attention and drive more sales. 

Tips for Optimizing Your Product Images

Optimizing Your Product Images

When it comes to optimizing your product images, small changes can lead to big improvements in conversions. High-quality images make products more engaging and effective. Follow these tips:

  1. Start with high-resolution images. Take photos with a digital camera on a plain white background. Use at least 1000 by 1000 pixel images. A higher resolution is even better. This ensures images are crisp and clear.
  1. Showcase key features. Use props, lighting, and angles that draw attention to the most important or eye-catching parts of the product. For example, close-ups of interesting textures or details.
  1. Capture different angles. Include photos of the production from multiple sides and angles. This gives customers a better sense of what they’ll receive, reducing uncertainty.
  1. Incorporate lifestyle images. Photos showing how the product is used in real life help customers visualize how it fits into their routines and spaces.
  1. Optimize for search. Include its name, important keywords, and descriptive alt text in image file names and alt attributes. This helps photos rank higher in search results and makes them more accessible.
  1. Keep images consistent. Use the same background, lighting, image size, and quality for all product photos. This creates a cohesive brand experience and professional appearance.
  1. Consider video. Short video clips demonstrating how it works or is used can be even more impactful than still images alone. Embedded video on product pages leads to higher conversions.
  1. Test different images. Try A/B testing two different pictures for the same product to see which one resonates more with your customers and leads to higher click-through and conversion rates. Then optimize your site to feature the winner.
  1. Continuously improve. Review analytics to see which images are most viewed and lead to the most conversions.

Optimizing your product images is an easy win with a big payoff. With some time and attention to detail, you’ll be well on your way to higher traffic, better conversions, and a very sleek customer experience.


So there you have it. AI-powered product image editing is an absolute game changer for e-commerce businesses. The data shows that high-quality, optimized images directly translate into higher conversions and more sales. 

The best part is many of the tools out there are easy to use, affordable, and integrate directly with your e-commerce platform. What are you waiting for? Give your product images an AI makeover today. 

Happy Selling!

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