The Benefits of Using a Third-Party Shipping Service

| Updated on March 21, 2024

The trend of outsourcing logistics began in the 1970s and 80s and since then various organizations believe third-party shipping services to be a cost-effective, efficient service. In short, they are referred to as 3PLs. There are a plethora of trusted companies with interesting shipping solutions and the ability of international plus domestic services at affordable prices. To know any of those services closely  Click Here

There are plenty of services facilitated by them including warehousing, transportation, and much more. They have been accounted for fulfilling the production performance and are trusted majorly. These service logistics companies aid enterprises to enable a perfect alliance with the clients and help in mitigating any risk that may entail. Companies choose these services after considering various advantages and some of them have been listed in the article. 

If you are considering giving third-party logistics services a try, know all the positives to begin with. They are also preferred by small businesses who trusts these providers for shipping effectively. Without any further ado, let’s begin.

Do You Know: In the year 2020, the 3PL market generated an economic value of up to 961 Billion U.S dollars. They have substantially become a large service network of global supply chains.

What are Third-Party Shipping Services?

Third-party logistic market

They take complete care of the organization’s logistics. They are responsible for managing all the shipping and logistics work. Their services include shipping, fulfillment, warehousing, and others. 3PLS are trusted by various organizations all over the world because they help in enhancing shipping through their effective functioning.

They are trusted for efficiency and sustainability and ensure great profit for businesses by facing internal challenges faster and having robust inventory management skills. 

This industry has faced a lot of competition, for example between 2006-2017 Swiss Company, Kuehne + Nagel got a major drop in their revenues. In the year 2021, some of the leading firms in this industry were Kuehne + Nagel, DHL Supply Chain & Global Forwarding, DB Schenker and DSV.

In the current scenario companies are looking to increase their outreach in the domestic and international markets, this task is effectively handled by third-party logistic providers. According to Statista, the size of the global logistic market was worth 7.5 Trillion US dollars in 2017 which will considerably rise to 13.7 Trillion US dollars in 2027, therefore expanding its reach almost everywhere. 

Now, ahead let’s know the advantages of using these services.

Interesting Fact: Asia- Pacific together accounts for one-third of the world’s 3PL system, this being the largest regional network generating major revenue in the industry.

Benefits of 3PLs

Third-party logistics or third-party shipping services being the management source of the company are mostly picked because of their organizational skills and cost-effective labor and service. Let’s acknowledge the benefits of them briefly.

  • Cost-Effective: The major reason businesses picked the use of 3PLs was due to their user-friendly operations. They are skilled and understand the work operations with less risk and better returns. You can easily negotiate with the best price in the market after discussing your work orders, and volumes with carriers. 

    With appropriate tendencies, they are capable of removing all the costly errors and enhancing the business simultaneously through better shipping performance.

  • Minimize the Business Efforts: After shifting the major domestic transport and logistic task to the 3PLs you can turn your devoted time into other necessary tasks. It is well known that transportation or shipping takes huge time and resources plus the management of another big fraction of time from the business hours. 

    Therefore, handling these tasks for a reputed organization can help in saving a lot of time and focus on competition and respective strategies. 

  • Expertise in Logistics: The right management of logistic-related details is imperative and this can be properly handled by an expert. Expertise in Third-party shipping services has a much better understanding of export, customs, transportation, import and export, documentation, and many other shipping regulations. 

    Their assistance is well-optimized and leaves no complaints for shippers or customers to make, thus 3PL being proficient in this industry does the best development, uses the best technology, and stays updated with time.

  • Wide Interconnected Network: These services are well-versed with efficient management services for carrying the goods or transferring any article to the client. They have various interconnected routes and alternatives that are helpful during challenging tasks.

    Being flexible with their routes and alternatives turns them into the best option for businesses to choose, as they execute every task very effectively and with utmost care.

  • Flexible and Improvise: Based on the business resources, market challenges, needs, and demands, 3PLs can balance. They are experienced in this industry sector and therefore leverage all the resources like transportation, labor, or space to meet the requirements. 

    They are proficient and avoid risk, delays, and barriers with their excellence in the industry. One of the advantages of using them is the flexibility they are immune to navigating any obstructions that might hit the urgent task.

  • Risk Managers: They are heavily skilled to operate during damaging conditions. Being adept to such situations they insures the businesses’ proper management through required precautions. Due to huge experience in their industry, they know the math and logistics behind executing a task on time. A wide resource network also assists them with solutions to solve the problem in a given amount of time. 

These were some of the noted benefits around the benefits of third-party shipping services. They are prone to challenges and beat market situations or any potential disruptions with efficiency.

Closing Thoughts 

The 3PLs have become highly competitive with diversified efficiency and networks to increase the supply chain and presence of the client in the market. Although this market got a significant jump in the year 2021 the coming year will watch them flourishing more. This industry is capable of taking the market reach the leak revenue and ensures to withstand any challenges that might hit them.

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