How to Rearrange a Room: Furniture Arrangement Tips

| Updated on March 26, 2024

Rearranging your space is an activity that happens from time to time. It may be because you have grown and your tastes have changed, or because you have more items to fit into the room. Additionally, it may just be because you have had an arrangement in place for a long time, and you just need a change of view. 

If you are in home moving and thinking about how best to arrange your new space, you will also need these furniture rearranging tricks to give your space a magnificent look. Whatever your reason is, using a few tips for rearranging your room can make it look as close to perfection as possible.

Getting Started

Seek Permission from Others

If you are not the only one in your space, it is very crucial to seek permission from others in the space. While you may be aspiring for a change, others may not. They may also be open to change but have a different opinion of the arrangement pattern. As a result, there is a need to confirm that every other person is comfortable with the decision to rearrange, and also agree on a fixed pattern.

Make Extra Space

Decluttering is a crucial step in rearranging a room. It creates extra space that makes moving furniture easier. Get rid of as many unnecessary things as possible. Trash items that are no longer useful and return other items to their rightful places. 

It would help if you only kept what you consider important and got rid of the rest. If you are not willing to dispose of them, then you can decide to put them in storage instead.  

Begin with a Comprehensive Cleaning

You want to ensure that your new space is clean, hence, you should take time to carefully and thoroughly clean the room. You should focus on both interiors and exteriors of all the items. You should also sweep out seemingly hidden areas that have been neglected. 

However, you may wish to deep clean after you have completed your rearrangement, the decision is for you to make. Either way, ensure you do not leave any speck of dirt in the new space.

Picture Your New Space

Our imagination is powerful, and they give a kind of motivation that pushes us toward our goal. Additionally, having a laid-out plan also makes it easier to actualize your intended design. A good way to do this is to draw a layout on paper, reflecting what item goes where. This helps prevent you from removing things because they do not fit.

You should also take measurements to ascertain that your plans will fit appropriately.

Employ a Moving Company

If you have a lot of big stuff to move around, it will be best if you get extra help from a moving company to assist you. You do not have to do all the heavy lifting yourself, you can ease the burden by letting those with better experience and expertise help rearrange the furniture.

Take Measurements

Struggling to move an item and finding out they do not fit into where you planned could be both painful and frustrating. Hence, there is a need to take measurements of all your furniture to be sure that their sizes will fit. Also, if you will be buying new items, you should confirm their measurement before purchasing them. This makes the moving process much easier for you.

Tips for Rearranging Your Room

The following living room layout tips will help give your room a pleasant do-over.

Choose an Area of Focus

One of the best ways to keep your room organized is to make it center around something. You get to choose what you want it centered on. Some choose their TV sets, a fireplace, a couch, or a bed as their focal point. There is no fixed rule to this, just choose what you love best.

Consider Window Position

If you are wondering how to rearrange your living room or bedroom, you should consider the position of your windows. Windows provide great lighting and ventilation to rooms. Therefore, it is best to position furniture toward windows instead of obstructing them. Windows also help to create an impression of depth in the room. Hence, your arrangement should allow for the inflow of light and ventilation if needed. 

Conversely, if you dislike the feel of light on your face or the angle sun rays flow, you may also rearrange accordingly. 

Create Space with Your Furniture

Sometimes what you need to have more space in your room is to change your arrangement and not necessarily to move things out. For example, you can make use of drapes, scarves, and tapestries to partition the room. This can help create smaller areas in the room. You may also use a bookshelf to create a smaller workspace. 

If your bedroom doubles as an office or working space, you can place your desk at the foot of your bed, freeing up some wall space. 

Consider the Traffic Flow

The flow of movement in the room should also be considered in the arrangement. You should not place items in positions that obstruct the flow of traffic. Irrespective of how great your design or layout is, it is subject to its functionality. Beauty and aesthetics become useless when there is no functionality. 

You can place your bed on the opposite side of the room for better access. You can place shoe or bag racks near the door and keep magazines and the like under available shelves. Always remember that functionality should come before elegance. 

Consider Storage Possibilities

There are some storage options you may wish to consider if you want to add new space savers to your room. They include:

  • Refuse bins
  • Shelves
  • Cloth hampers
  • Ornamental baskets
  • Organizer holders.


You do not have to be discouraged by the thought of having to rearrange your space to suit your tastes. If you have been searching for furniture arranging tricks, then this post is what you need. Your room has a chance to look as attractive as possible and still have functionality. Carefully following the tips discussed above will help you in achieving just that. So give it a trial and see great things come to life.

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