How To Make A Sound As Your Ringtone- Online And Offline Solution

| Updated on March 21, 2024

We all love to keep our phones customized whether it be putting our phone on the main screen or using our favorite song as a ringtone. But, do you know that you can keep any recorded audio of any voice that can be used as your ringtone? It’s true that you can perform this function using your mobile phones as well, but mics installed in mobile phones are not capable of recording high-quality audio that you can use as a ringtone. 

Be worry-free as we have come up with all the latest tools and techniques that will help you in customizing your ringtone according to your taste. A step-by-step guide to these fabulous tools will create an exclusive sound that you will love to set as the ringtone of your mobile. 

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Introduction- Wondershare UniConverter 

As we discussed above, how much a user loves to set the ringtone of their wish for any audio or part of music but they can not do it because of unawareness of the tool available online that can be used to perform this action. The tool which can help the users in putting any audio as their ringtone, or help them in managing their audio library is Wondershare UniConvertor. 

This tool has everything that you can expect from an all-rounder media converter tool. Wondershare UniConverter is a full-fledged video toolbox that can convert, compress, edit videos, burn DVDs, and many more and can do every task that a free video converter can. Amazed by the features of Wondershare UniConverter? This tool has a lot more to offer and converting audio to a ringtone is one of them. You can create a ringtone from audio online and offline with ease, check out the below-mentioned step-by-step guide to getting started.

How to Make Mobile Phone Ringtones With UniConverter 

Converting any audio into a high-quality ringtone is not easy at all, and you can do it without taking the help of a professional tool. Wondershare UniConverter MP3 Cutter can help you here. Following are the steps that you need to follow if you are willing to convert any sound as a ringtone. Before going further, make sure you have successfully installed the device on your phone. 

Step 1: Import Audio Files 

This first step is quite simple, just open the app on your device and import audio files that you wish to edit into it and convert into a ringtone. Once you successfully add the audio, your work is done. 

Step 2: Intelligent Splitting of the Audio File 

As soon as you import the audio file, you can either manually edit it or let the AI of the Wondershare Uniconvertor app perform the function for you. The AI of this tool will split the audio file and will move to edit it in the best way possible. 

Step 3: Manual Trimming of the Audio File 

Here, you will have to just set the starting and ending point of the audio. Also, don’t forget to add the music track name, convert and artist, etc. Once you are done, just click on apply changes. 


Step 4: Save the Edited Audio 

By now, your work is almost done, you are just required to save the audio to use as your ringtone. 

How to Use Mobile Phone Ringtones With is another online tool that can be used to create and edit audio to convert it into a ringtone. is  Ringtone Maker online and has the best features that you can not find in any random audio converter tool. Convert audio into a ringtone by following these basic steps. 

Step 1: Upload files 

Open the site, and look for the audio file that you are planning to set as your ringtone. Upload the file successfully to proceed. You can upload the file from any app to 

Step 2: Cut the Audio File 

If the audio you have chosen is too big, or you just want a small part of that audio then cut the file into your desired size. This will also help you in checking the duration, starting and ending timeline of the audio. 


Step 3: Save or Share the Document 

In the final step just save or share the finalized audio file. It is recommended to hear audio before you actually save it so that you won’t have to start the tool again to make changes. 

Other Features 

Being one of the most popular tools, Womdeshare UniConverter always provides satisfactory services to its users. Apart from editing audio and using them as the ringtone, this tool can do the following tasks as well: 

  • Remove vocals from any song effortlessly and save them to use in the future. 
  • Changing your voice to make prank calls or have fun with your family and friends. 
  • Removing background noise from the video and audio to make them sound better. 


Keeping a tool that can solve your issues related to editing audio and video handy is a must. Wondershare UniConvertor has the capability of fulfilling the requirements of its users. Check out this tool to create ringtones from any audio effortlessly in no time.

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