Why Unwanted Phone Calls Will Dial up Frustration?

| Updated on March 28, 2024

Have you ever noticed that unwanted phone calls are the most frustrating of all? Picking up your phone will be an unending nightmare because you’ll never know who it is or what they want. However, if you avoid the phone at all costs, your day will be filled with unanswered calls and missed opportunities. Here are some ways to find who called you, click here.

So, why are the people who call the most annoying? When you get an unwanted call, you know that there’s no way to avoid it. If it’s an unknown number, you pick up the phone and get ready for whatever happens. You might even answer so that you can get rid of it quickly.

Long story short, getting a call isn’t all bad if it means getting rid of someone you don’t want to see or be with. However, you’re getting rid of the unwanted person, not the call. If they keep calling you or just won’t go away, that’s when it’s time to act. 

Here are Ways to Deal with an Unwanted Call

1. Find Out Who It is.

Call them back and ask them who they are and why they called. If they answer, this means that the unwanted call was meant for you and not someone else or an honest mistake. If the call was meant for someone else, don’t take it personally.

2. Prevent Them from Making Another Call.

If you didn’t know they were calling you in the first place, this might not be your best option. But if you did know, you can go ahead and block them so that they can’t get in touch with you again. If blocking them doesn’t work, ask to have their number blocked by your phone company.

3. Ignore It.

Ignoring the ring is your best defense, whether it’s a spam call or someone you don’t want to talk to. Don’t pick up the phone and don’t respond to any messages. Just wait until they leave. This way, you’re not adding fuel to the fire, and you’re removing yourself from the situation.

4. Tell Them That They’re Bothering You.

If the call was meant for you, the person calling you would understand your frustration. However, if they’re calling from a fake number or an unknown source, this will not work. In that case, hang up and move on with your day.

5. Avoid Them in Places Where You Know They’ll Be.

If you know where they’ll be, avoid them there. This will take the least amount of effort on your part, and it’s an easy way to get rid of unwanted calls. You can also tell them that you don’t want to talk right now and ask if they can call you back later.

6. Go Straight to Voicemail.

If you’re getting unwanted calls, setting your phone on voicemail is an excellent way to deal with the frustration. If you’re receiving messages, call them back, tell them it’s voicemail, and ask them to leave a message. If they do, read it. If they leave their number, you can text or call them back.

7. Choose Not to Answer the Phone at All.

If you don’t want to talk to anyone, blocking them from calling your phone is an excellent way to prevent unwanted calls from happening in the future. Do this immediately after receiving the unwanted call, and also avoid answering any messages that come through your phone or email inbox.

8. Charge Them for What They’re Doing to You.

Signing up for the “Do Not Call” registry is the perfect way to deal with the situation if you’re getting spam calls. It’s free, and it’ll get rid of all unwanted calls once and for all. If it doesn’t, reading through your rights is another good way to deal with unwanted calls.

9. Record Their Call So That You Have Proof of Harassment.

This is the last resort to deal with unwanted calls, but it’s a good idea if you want to keep yourself safe. Just make sure that you follow the law and don’t use this to harass them. If they’re contacting you out of nowhere, simply telling them that they’re bothering you is an excellent way to end the conversation. You can check who called me by CocoFinder.

What’s the worst unwanted call you ever received? What did you do about it? Leave your comments below…

Here are Some Reasons to Complain About Unwanted Calls

– Complaining about unwanted calls is a way of securing your privacy. 

A big reason to complain about unwanted calls may be to secure your privacy. This is the same reason you complain about anyone who invades your space or gets in your face. Hearing something unwanted close up is one thing because you can tell the person to back off. If it’s coming from far away, it’s harder for you to do anything about it.

This may also be the reason why you close all doors and shades when you’re getting dressed because you don’t want anyone watching or listening.

Unwanted calls can come from people you know and don’t want to talk with, people you don’t know and never want to talk to, and telemarketers. If you have a problem with unwanted calls, there are several reasons why this may happen. You may have known someone who kept calling you after they were told not to. Someone you know may contact you and tell you something that’s not true or keep asking questions even after you’ve told them to stop. They may also keep telling the same story over and over again for hours on end.

You can deal with this kind of person by telling them exactly what they’re allowed to say and how long they can talk. It’s not polite to keep talking to someone after they’re done talking.

It’s also acceptable to say that if the conversation gets loud and annoying, you’ll hang up and call them back. Nothing is more embarrassing than getting a phone call from someone who thinks they’re in a conversation with you when in fact, it’s just a phone call.

You should also tell the person who calls you that this isn’t supposed to be a conversation or an exchange of information between you and them.

– Telemarketers will only stop calling if they think it’s not worth their time or money anymore. You can also prevent them from reaching by telling them that if they keep calling you, you’ll block their number.

Another way to stop telemarketers from calling is to tell them that you don’t give out your phone number to anyone. If people repeatedly call or email you, it’s one sign that they’re trying to sell something. That’s not the kind of communication you want.

However, to say all of this nicely is not easy, especially since telemarketers are trained to lie about their intentions.

What Do You Have to Lose by Complaining About Unwanted Calls?

  • Your sanity. If you don’t, you can still go into a kind of “panic mode” just by hearing a ring that the phone makes before the call connects. If it’s an autodialer, this happens as many as 20 times a day. 
  • Your ability to have a good night’s sleep without being awoken or kept from falling asleep because your phone might ring or you might hear it ring. 
  • Both.

In the meantime, here are some ways to get rid of unwanted calls:

1. If you have a landline, log into your phone company’s website and change the BLK term to a different term. This will delay the phone from ringing when no one’s there to answer it.  You can’t do this with a cell phone or a VOIP service, though, since you can’t call out on the number this way.

2. Keep a written record of the callers’ names and phone numbers. Then, when you get a phone call from someone you don’t know, just ask them to verify that they called by asking, “Can you read your screen name?” or “Can you see your number?” and then hang up unless they’re the one who made the unwanted call. 

3. Avoid answering calls from numbers you don’t recognize. You may want to set your phone so that it blocks all calls from numbers you don’t know or at least sends a message that you will return their call later.

Keep a list of the nuisance callers and send them an email about improving their customer service, etc.

4. If a caller isn’t willing to identify themselves, ask them to leave a message and hang up. This way, they’ll eventually stop calling.

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