How to Buy Glasses with SmartBuyGlasses

| Updated on March 21, 2024

Since the Covid-19 pandemic, staying at home is mandatory to curve the spread of the disease. Therefore, SmartBuyGlasses offers you the opportunity to shop online for your glasses from the comfort of your home. As a result, you observe the recommended measures to remain safe. 

All you need is a prescription for your eyeglasses, then present it online, get to own your pair, and then get them delivered to our doorstep. Also, you can be sure the prescription lenses are accurate as SmartBuyGlasses retailers do so entirely. The few simple steps below will guide you through the process of buying your glasses online. 

How to buy Glasses with SmartBuyGlasses

You don’t have to be a tech whizz to know how to shop online since the option is easy to follow and get a prescription. The UI by SmartBuyGlasses is easy to follow even by new visitors. Following these simple steps will take you through the process of getting a prescription and your pair of eyeglasses in no time. 

Get Your Prescription

First, you have to visit your optometrist for an assessment, a prescription, then go online to buy your glasses. The doctor will identify your vision issues, explain to you, write you a prescription that addresses eye care needs.

If you need custom-made eyeglasses, please seek the services of an optician. He will make the necessary diagnosis then prescribe the ideal lenses to deal with your complication accurately. 

SmartBuyGlasses’ Virtual Try-On Technology 

With a prescription, go to the SmartBuyGlasses website and choose the glasses or sunglasses you wish to own. The site has incredible technology, a virtual try-on tool (VTO) that allows customers to try on glasses through a webcam virtually.

Get the Right Frame

You may have an idea of the kind of frame you want. Therefore, you can search through the website then place your order online. The available top brands of designer eyeglasses are Tom Ford, Oakley, Ray-Ban, and Persol, and because glasses are personal, one of these brands will suit your needs while considering the factors below.


Frame shape: Make sure the eyeglasses you choose to complement and highlight your best facial attributes. Before you begin buying glasses online, know your face shape: it can be round, oval, square, diamond, or heart-shaped. Take time to stand before a mirror and make a conclusion. 


Frame size: Today, fashion is an important consideration when choosing a frame size. It will also depend on the shape of your face as oversized frames tend to make your face appear smaller while small frames make your face appear more prominent.

Please don’t pick a loose frame as they will easily slip from your face, while a narrow frame may interfere with your blood flow. You can use the measurements engraved at the temples for accuracy for those who have worn glasses before.

Frame materials: Different materials make frames like plastic, acetate, metal, and titanium. The famous fashion brands like Persol and Tom Ford use long-lasting premium materials. Also, SmartBuyGlasses collections are of high-quality materials and the prices are affordable.

Frame colors: After you have decided on the factors above, determine your favorite color as the designs available are available in a wide range of colors. 

  1. Enter Your Prescription

Now, you have the right frame, and the only thing remaining is the prescription lenses. Your order will be processed once you provide your personal information manually. 


SmartBuyGlasses is a trusted retailer for eyewear with style and excellent service. They are well-equipped, and they give you a 24month warranty and free shipping to your doorstep, and their prices are the best in the market.

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