Has SEO Changed Dramatically Over the Years?

| Updated on March 22, 2024

Scaling from smaller to larger businesses, many are struggling in optimizing search engines and attain desirable results. This is either due to improper evolution of their strategy or accepting the changing times on the internet. Over the past few years, SEO has changed dramatically, and adapting its trends helps the welfare of the business. The number of ways in which Search Engine Optimization has changed is as follows:

  • Continuous change in the Google Algorithm- Google has always kept itself updated by bringing changes in its algorithm time and again. The motive is to provide a better search experience to the users.
  • Prioritizing Quality Content- Focus has been laid on the quality of the business content. To rank well on Google, A business has to be unique, craft-engaging, and insightful.
  • Keyword Stuffing is a Punishable Offense- Earlier businesses used to include more keywords to rank well on Google. This tactic is no longer allowed by Google as it does not promote such a Black-hat SEO strategy. Emphasis is currently laid on providing value to the content in addition to the use of efficient keywords.
  • Local SEO is Important– In today’s business world, local SEO is very essential. Local SEO helps with the optimization and updating of business profiles locally.
  • Popular Zero Click Searches- The SEO strategy needs to cover the aspect of zero-click searches. How people are getting information with just a single click is wonderful.
  • Quality Backlinks are Essential- These constitute the basics of SEO. Google tends to deliver quality results to its users and allows linking to other websites. Having a single good-quality backlink rather than several inferior-quality backlinks is recommended to rank high on Google.

Developing Efficient SEO strategies

To foster improvement in a site’s search engine rankings, it is important to develop a proper SEO strategy analyzing the competitive world. Some of these consist of:

  • Making a list of topics.
  • Building pages for every topic in particular
  • A blog set up
  • Analyzing topics and listing long-tail keywords
  • Compressing media files before uploading them to the site.
  • Creating a link-building plan
  • Staying up to date with various SEO news and their upcoming strategies
  • Having a consistent blog schedule

Proper illustration of these points can be achieved through the following example: SEOLogist Canada serves hundreds of brands. They provide innovative strategies to help the brand dominate and flourish in Industry’s search rankings. Analyzing the condition of a brand provides innovative strategies to promote business. Some of them include the analysis of content management systems, and navigation structure, helping with page template optimization, auditing existing sitemaps, and assessing the present situation through crawling and indexing of the site. Backlink analysis is performed to help the brand achieve higher levels. Besides, it teaches the brand in turning their visitors into customers by helping them develop an efficient content selling tool. SEOLogist Canada guides their partner brand to evolve as a leader in its industry. Through content marketing, they help them strengthen their web presence and promote brand loyalty.

Leena Ray

Digital Marketing Writer and Editor

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