Your Complete Guide to OncoEMR vs Counsol EMR

| Updated on May 8, 2024

OncoEMR vs Counsol

OncoEMR and Counsol are great EHR Software options. This article will focus on OncoEMR vs Counsol. This article will provide more information about these two incredible medical software systems.

Why OncoEMR

OncoEMR is a cloud-based platform that supports desktop downloads, server installation, and management, as well as updating. The OncoMed data centers manage all information and software. Web browsers can access the solution. Flatiron also manages all data backups and replications.

Retrofitting with OncoEMR is not necessary. This solution was designed to manage community oncology practices. This solution uses oncology-specific designs to make it easier to tailor diagnostic and therapeutic tools. It starts with NCCN chemotherapy order templates and ends with AJCC disease factors.

OncoEMR also supports seamless OCM (Oncology Care module) and MIPS, with features that are tailored to your specialty’s success. It facilitates data collection and rapid reporting to improve value-based healthcare. With OncoEMR’s integrated MIPS- and OCM solutions, you can focus more on value than quantity. This allows you to create new payment strategies and offers intriguing opportunities to improve healthcare delivery.

Its data translation and analytics capabilities allow you to store your data at the right location. Flatiron will assist you in migrating your EHR databases before you turn on the Solution. Flatiron also provides over 150 preloaded reports such as patient wait times, prescription use, unstaged patients, and other clinical or business information.

OncoEMR Features

  • OncoEMR is a SureScripts (r),-certified digital prescription. It also provides clinical benchmarking, regimen administration, and visit notes. This gives OncoEMR critical EMR capabilities in oncology. OncoMed also supports reporting from the Physician Quality Reporting Initiative.
  • OncoEMR allows organizations to create personalized treatment plans and calculate the medication dosages that patients require. The mobile app OncoAir allows clinicians to review patient data such as blood counts and allergies. Users can also create administrative reports or specify procedures.
  • OncoEMR is a portal that allows patients to remotely access and modifies their clinical information.
  • The platform supports MIPS and the Oncology Care Module, which provides tools that will help you succeed. It allows users to quickly collect data and then report it to improve value-based healthcare. Because of the convergence of MIP/OCM, consumers should be able to focus on value and not quantity. They can use it to develop innovative payment strategies and to improve the quality of their treatment.
  • Users can integrate the software with various patient support apps to match their clients with the correct program. This will reduce the time required to complete enrollment papers.

OncoEMR Pricing

The vendor has not published the pricing for OncoEMR. You can request an OncoEMR demo to get the cost of OncoEMR.

OncoEMR Review

MIPS and OCM support seamless in the Oncology Care Module. Oncology workflows are designed to produce quick results that improve clinical judgment and reduce expenses. It is easy to set up desktop computers and manage servers. The navigation of the lab report module can be difficult.

Why Counsol?

CounSol has many key benefits. It is easy to use as a practice management tool. It also provides convenient access to customer or patient information. It allows for appointment scheduling and facilitates legal and financial transactions. One of the key benefits is that CounSol can be used by anyone in the mental healthcare industry. This software is intuitively usable by psychologists, psychiatrists, and therapists of all levels, as well as solo professionals.

The program secures and stores all client or patient information in a central database. As they manage their clients and patients, they can easily access all the information they need, including previous visits and payment details.

The practice management software is a simple way to arrange appointments. The practice management software allows users to easily set the times and days they are available for consultations. It also displays their online availability schedules and lets them check if clients or patients can make arrangements based on these schedules. CounSol solves all problems associated with the management of financial operations in the mental health sector. This includes the production and distribution of invoices and bills, as well as the administration and processing of insurance claims. The software speeds up the process and allows users to adhere to specific rules and guidelines that are relevant to their profession and work, which makes it easier to pass auditing.

Top Counsol EMR Features

  • Secure Messaging
  • Personal Account Manager
  • Organize group sessions
  • Website for Custom Clients
  • Invoicing and client billing
  • Online appointment booking
  • Available

Counsol Reviews

CounSol EMR users have praised the program’s user-friendly interface and feature-rich design. It allows secure messaging between doctors and patients while keeping customer and user profiles confidential. Cloud-based storage means that the system can be accessed from any computer. You can also make video calls. This EMR software allows medical offices of any size a lot more freedom.

Counsol Pricing

Counsol EMR costs start at 69.95 per month, per provider. For more information on Counsol EMR pricing, schedule a Counsol EMR demo.

Last words! OncoEMR vs Counsol

We recommend scheduling demos to find out which of the two amazing solutions, OncoEMR or Counsol EMR, is right for you. We recommend that you go through the demo thoroughly and review all of their key features

Himanshu Kumar

Tech and Software Writer

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