A Beginner’s Guide of “How to Dab”

| Updated on February 26, 2024

Dabbing is great when it is compared with other options. Anyone who tried it for once easily gets habitual of it in no time. It basically includes consumption of weed extract and concentrates similar to hash or rosin through vaporization technique via dab rig. It is not that difficult to operate The classiest way to dab, however, a new individual needs to know it for once in the starting period.

What is a Dab Rig? 

Dab Rig as a whole is a collection of parts required at the time of dabbing. Somewhere, Dab Rigs look like small bongs. Also, it can vary from smaller size to bigger one. However, a smaller-sized Dab Rig is preferred for its efficiency. Dab Rigs’s popularity is increasing nowadays as unlike ripping bongs and smoking pipes, it has promoted the use of ultra-refined cannabis products. 

Generally, these are made up of glass and are available in different types of hardware. Those who are perfect at customizing the Dab Rig, make the most of it by having an enhanced dabbing experience. But what about those who are beginners? For them, a starter kit is available, which consists of everything needed to set up a Dab Rig.

Types of Dab Rig Kit

On the basis of their operations, Dab Rigs are classified into two categories.

Traditional Dab Rig

In this, the nail is heated using the torch, and the nail itself is made up of heat-tolerant material. Once it is heated, concentrates are put over it for vaporization, and later it is consumed.

Electronic Dab Rig

Here, the nail is heated with the use of electricity and that is why sometimes, it is also called an e-rig. This process does not require a torch and can be called a bit safer from the above one. Also, it is less prone to be broken.

Parts of a Dab Rig Kit

As told earlier, a dab rig is similar to a smaller bong that vaporizes hash, oils, rosin, etc. Most importantly, a correct temperature is required during the time of dab but before that, there is a need of setting up so many other things as described below.

Nails- Also called banger and is a part of Rig. It is a place where hash, rosin are added. A banger is said to be of great quality only when it can bear the high temperature, as it is a place that will be heated to the most. For an ideal dabbing, the temperature should lie somewhere to 175 Celsius. So, an electric nail can be proven as a great option for best dabbing.

Carb Cap- It is a lid placed over the banger and is used basically for lowering the pressure inside the banger so that the heating process does not stop and vaporizing can efficiently take place. 

Blow Torch- It will be difficult to attain the desired temperature with the help of the lighter, so it is advised to use a blow torch. A blow torch is a must-have for amazing dabbing.

Dabber- It should be made up of glass or metal which can withstand high temperatures, as the high temperature is the main requirement during the phase of dabbing.

How to Use a Dab Rig?

The popularity of dabbing is increasing rapidly nowadays. Yet there exist so many who do not know the best way of using it. So, In whatever way you are using it, make sure you know how to set it up in a correct fashion, otherwise, it may lead to serious accidents. It is because Dab Rig operates at a very high temperature, which is required to be checked every time you are operating it.

To set up the dab Rig, go with the following steps.

  1. Set up new Dab Rig kit
  2. Heat up the banger
  3. Get ready for the first dab
  4. Dab with short span of time, periodically
  5. Change water after a while
  6. Maintain the cleanliness 

That’s it.

Some prefer dabbing before the banger heats up, whereas some prefer after the heating process. It all depends on the choice of an individual.

So this was all about the how-to dab and all main points related to it are covered up for a beginner level individual.

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