• How to Get Rid of Ants in the Kitchen

    | Updated on January 3, 2023

    The ants are uninvited guests in an apartment that bother people not only in the countryside but more and more often in the cities. We have effective tips on how to get rid of ants in the kitchen without chemistry, even uncompromisingly with the use of chemistry. In fact, there are many kitchen layouts that are built in such a way to keep away all the insects.


    How to Get Ants: 9 Simple Ways That Work

    Before we start eliminating the invaders, it is necessary to find out exactly where the ants are trying to get into our household. If we map their paths and install nozzles in the right places, the disposal will be quick and efficient. Sometimes they find their way through the attic space and lunge down the supporting wooden pillar for food, other times they bite through the foam around the frame of the plastic window.

    We know from the time of our grandmothers that we can get rid of ants without chemistry. Here are some ways. They work on the principle of repelling and disturbing pheromone marks, with which ants mark their paths. 


    Use Aromatic Herbs

    Store aromatic herbs, such as mint or yarrow, in the ant paths. Onion, cinnamon, curry or vinegar, or lemon juice are also very effective. Yeast mixed with honey or sugar is also a reliable insecticide. The methods have been proven and reliable for years. However, the application must be repeated over and over again, because these methods do not kill the ants, they only direct them elsewhere. When the substances that repel ants sniff out, the ants return.

    Aromatic Herbs

    Draw the Lines with Chalk

    Another great example of how to get rid of ants without chemistry is to use ordinary white chalk: draw lines on the ground around the places where they penetrate the interior. Calcium carbonate contained in chalk reliably repels ants. You can also scatter crushed chalk in the garden around the plants you want to protect from ants and snails. The method is suitable for dry periods, which we have more and more often in these years. After the rain, of course, it is necessary to repeat the application.


    Make the Ants’ Life Miserable with Lemon

    Ordinary lemon is more effective against ants than it might seem. Thoroughly drizzle all the cracks through which the ants crawl towards you with lemon, and place the slices of lemon peel in the corner. It is an ideal natural method of killing ants in the kitchen. Ants get a clear message that they are not welcome in your home.

    Apply Pepper to the Ants

    Another method of eliminating ants in the kitchen and pantry is to use black or cayenne pepper. The ants come to you looking for sugar and meet with pepper. Its scent irritates them. You can apply pepper protection, for example, on the back of the shelves in the pantry or directly into the ant colony if it is too close to your house.

    Apply Vinegar Dressing

    Ants hate the smell of vinegar. Prepare a solution of the same ratio of water and vinegar. If you have a sprayer at home, use it to spray vinegar on an ant colony or at the base of the house, where they penetrate through the slits.

    Use Ultrasonic Bug Repeller

    Another way to rid ants from your kitchen is by using an ultrasonic bug repeller which is simply a method of installing an ultrasonic gadget to drive away ants and virtually all other pests from your apartment.

    Ever pest

    Extermination of Ants Using Chemical Products

    In the field of ant killers, development is moving forward by leaps and bounds. The chemical industry is trying to eliminate problems such as ants in the apartment, ants in the garden, or the greenhouse, and invent new ways to eliminate them. That’s why you have a huge number of products to choose from. We will recommend those that are proven and effective against ants.

    Use Granules and Gels

    Granules and gels are more suitable for ants for use in gardens and greenhouses. For example, a gel-based paste trap is recommended, which is non-toxic and reliably catches ants.

    Serve Them an Ant Buffet

    Recently, the so-called ant houses have become increasingly popular. A very effective solution to the problem of getting ants is the ant buffet. Behind this innocent name lies a deadly and perhaps somewhat insidious way to kill ants.

    This is a small plastic container into which we pour a solution to kill ants. Its effectiveness is that the ant does not die immediately. It manages to supply the entire anthill with a solution so that in addition to the ants marching around the kitchen, the entire nest is also destroyed.

    The time of such liquidation is on average around one week. The baits are placed in places where the ant highways run. Whether at home or outdoors. You just have to be careful that the solution does not want to taste pets or curious children.

    Use Sprays

    Ant sprays are popular mainly for their ease of use and immediate effectiveness. Sprays are only suitable for indoor use. You can also use them outside, but the first rain would wash them away.


    Modern sprays against ants do not smell, and their application in the house or apartment will not bother us. When choosing to spray on ants, make sure that the spray is toxic to the ants even after drying. Quality products still affect ants about 14 days after drying. This means that an ant that climbs over the treated area will die 14 days after contact with the spray. Therefore, it is important not to vacuum or wipe the sprayed areas so that the active substance does not rub off.

    How to Choose an Effective Poison for Ants?

    Carefully choose the ant antiserum not only concerning price and effectiveness but also to its harmfulness to other animals or plants. You may not care if you pour the product on the sidewalk or paving around the house. But if you kill ants in a greenhouse or vegetable beds, be sure to reach for a product that is made from natural substances. You will not be pouring poisons into vegetable beds, which you will eventually eat in your vegetables.

    With a clear conscience, we can recommend Loxiran ant antipers from the German company Neudorff. They are made from natural substances, they are biodegradable, but they still lose nothing of their effectiveness.

    The Period of Occurrence of Ants

    Ants appear in two main waves. Before the winter, we can meet small pharaohs who are looking for shelter and protection from the cold. And from spring to autumn, small black ants “spoil” us with their presence (in our conditions, the most common is the common ant). They build their highways under the facades of houses, around windows or doors. How about them?

    What is the Appropriate Prevention Against the Occurrence Of Ants?

    One of the best ways of preventing the occurrence of ants is using the best ultrasonic pest repeller. Careful cleaning can also prevent the occurrence of ants in the apartment. It is optimal not to leave any crumbs or leftover food in the kitchen or room that could attract ants.

    Store foods such as sugar, breadcrumbs, or flour in glass or plastic containers. Ants have strong mandibles that easily break the paper bag. This will degrade the contents and, in addition, they can spread some of your supplies to the anthill.

    Store food carefully, eliminate clutter in the kitchen, and dispose of ants regularly if ants appear. Eventually, he disappears. What a household, it’s another tip to exterminate ants. A lifelong struggle that we win by following the rules.

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