Essential Tips on How to Organize Things for a Smooth Moving Experience

| Updated on March 27, 2024

Who said moving homes was easy? While hiring the right movers can make the job look easy and comfortable, you still need to prepare in advance to ensure a smooth moving experience. It doesn’t matter whether you are moving to an apartment or whether you finally got lucky enough to purchase your dream house; there are a few things that you can start doing a month before the moving date.

By effectively planning your move, you will save yourself loads of headaches and stress. Here is how to organize things for a smooth moving experience. 

Start Packing Early

Instead of leaving the packing to the last week before the move, you ought to start at least one month before leaving the current house and moving into the new one. Firstly, gather boxes and other packing materials. And when we say boxes, we mean loads of boxes as you are going to pack ALL your things inside those boxes. 

Suppose you are using some professional help from a moving company. In that case, you might want to ask them about dropping off packing supplies, including boxes of different sizes and for different purposes. Before you start packing, we recommend making an inventory, as this will help you with the proper organization later.

Also, make a list of things that you don’t need and might have collected over time. You don’t have to take those items; instead, you can donate them or have a garage sale and sell them at a reasonable price to your neighbors or anyone interested enough to buy. 

Make sure that you label all boxes clearly, as this will make the unpacking of the boxes easier. It is important to mention here that you should never pack your costly items, such as jewelry, some family heirlooms, and computers, in packing boxes. Instead, take the personal and costly stuff to the new place yourself. By doing so, you will save yourself loads of problems, and you won’t have to worry about having your expensive stuff accidentally replaced. 

Clean While You Pack

Refrain from cluttering your surroundings while packing your belongings. While packing all your possessions, keep the house as clean and decluttered as possible. While decluttering your house and packing your belongings, you will find it easier to set out those things that are extra and which won’t be part of your new place. You can sell those things later, or, better, donate them to someone who needs the items and would love to have them. 

Prepare Moving to Your New Place

As mentioned before, it doesn’t matter whether you are buying a new house or whether you are shifting to a new apartment; the new place needs to be prepared and planned before the actual move. We mean that you make a layout of your new place and plan in advance where you would like to place certain belongings and furniture and what colors you will want the walls to be. 

Suppose you want to paint the rooms in different colors; we recommend having them painted before you move in and while the house/ apartment is still without furniture. You might also want to schedule a carpet cleaning service at least one week before the actual moving date. 

If you want to conduct some sort of door and window treatments, you can effectively plan your new home by having things done professionally before the moving date. The objective should be to make the new place as liveable and prepared as possible. Once everything is in, including the furniture and personal belongings, you will find it harder to prepare your new house.  

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