Looking For ‘Facebook Customer Service’? Beware, It’s a Scam

| Updated on March 4, 2024

One fine day when you try to login to your Facebook account and realised that you are not able to do so. What will be your next step? You will probably try to find a human at Facebook to talk to and get help. This is where the whole scam thing begins.

There are dozens of users who face problems with Facebook every other day. What they generally do is to go online and look for a way to contact ‘Facebook Customer Service’.

When you do this, you will find several numbers popping on your screen claiming to be Facebook phone number. Uh-oh! They are a scam.

How to know if it is a Scam?

Here is a brief explanation of what customer service these so called Facebook representatives will provide you:

When you will start looking for Facebook Customer Service Number, a list of numbers will be displayed by Google in its search results. Let’s say, you called at the first number you saw.

Someone from a call centre will take your call pretending to be a Facebook employee. First, they will ask you about the concerns you have regarding Facebook and thereafter they will tell you to wait or do something that will seem suspicious if looked at carefully.

But the users who are already distressed by the issue they are facing, keep following the instructions as provided by the person over the call. The scammers may also ask for a minimal amount of money as a charge for some troubleshooting software they are going to provide you. They may also ask you to provide a code on iTunes gift cards that is just another way to steal from innocent people online.

Actions Taken Against Facebook Scams

The Facebook Customer Service numbers that you will find on Google or other platforms is a complete scam. You will surely get to talk to a real person but not from Facebook. As per Google data, “Facebook customer service” had been searched for about 27,000 times on an average in a month in the U.S. Facebook also questioned Google that why it is displaying such fraudulent numbers in its search results.    

Facebook and Google have been investigating these numbers and have taken steps to remove them. So whenever you stumble upon such numbers or receive suspicious calls, hang up before you get scammed.

How to Contact Facebook?

Adding to your disappointment; “There is No Number to Contact Facebook”. However, you can seek help through ‘Facebook Help Center’. The help center will not let you to directly contact Facebook support. You will find FAQs, chat bots and forums to help and guide you.

Facebook is not really interested in giving real-time support to its users. For Facebook, users are not customers but a product. They use their data just for the purpose of targeting ads. Only the advertisers who are actually paying to Facebook are the customers. Hence it is one of the reasons that Facebook is not paying attention to providing support rather it is more interested in the company’s growth and ad revenue.

Khushboo Chhibber

Senior Web Writer and Video Creator

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