How Abused Wives Can Safely Collect Evidence?

| Updated on March 21, 2024

Spousal abuse can be described as a pattern of behavior that allows one person to gain or maintain power over their partner to exert control. And, intimate partner violence accounts for 15% of all violent crimes.

Domestic abuse is sadly very common. In the UK, 1.7 million females experienced abuse in 2022 alone. In the US, the picture is even bleaker with 20 people per minute being physically abused by their partner.

It is younger females that are most at risk with women between the ages of 18 and 24 most likely to experience domestic abuse. Unfortunately, collecting evidence safely and discreetly can be a very difficult task.

The domestic abuse of wives comes in many forms such as financial, emotional, physical, and sexual. Though some forms are easier to detect than others, emotional abuse is one of the hardest to identify and collect evidence for.

But, there are ways to record acts of spousal abuse.

How Can Abuse Partners Gather Evidence Safely and Covertly?

The term, spy gadgets, might lead you to think of invisible ink and the like, but the name can be a little misleading, as many of these devices can be used to enhance security rather than actually spy.

Domestic abuse can cover many forms of mistreatment and control including financial, emotional, physical, and sexual. While bruises and cuts can sometimes be spotted, it is much harder to prove emotional abuse.

The security companies such as Spy Centre thankfully provide a couple of ways for wives to safely record domestic abuse taking place, using the use of small gadgets. 

Using Voice Recorders to Record Domestic Abuse

One way for wives to discreetly collect evidence of abuse is to use voice recorders. 

Depending on the situation, this can be done on a phone or other home device, or through the use of micro recorders, which can be hidden much easier. 

Micro recorders playback sound at a high quality and can be as small as a paper clip.

To limit the chances of discovery, voice recorders can also be bought shaped like household items such as pens or power banks, which are less likely to raise the abuser’s suspicion.

There are key fobs that can double up as voice recorders, and there are also GPS trackers which can help to keep an eye on where an abusive partner is.

There are laws surrounding recording conversations, but in many states, it is legal as long as one party has given permission. 

Therefore, as you know about the recording you should be able to admit your evidence during any domestic law proceedings.

Using Hidden Cameras to Record Domestic Abuse 

It can often be dangerous for wives to attempt to record abuse taking place conventionally through a camera or a phone, so hidden cameras can be a safer alternative. 

Cameras can also be placed in any room where abuse may take place. Although, laws around privacy need to be respected. 

Mini clock cameras look like normal alarm clocks, but they can be paired to a phone to stream live footage of the location they are in. 

The highest-quality clock cameras can film in the dark using infrared vision and can film up to 15 feet in a 120-degrees field of view. 

Clock cameras are hard to detect and are very stealthy so are perfect for a situation where abuse may be taking place. 

It may also be that you already have security cameras around the home too. One of the benefits of home security cameras is that they can capture any activity in their vicinity.

Using Recovery Sticks to Retrieve Deleted Evidence of Abuse

Recovery sticks can be plugged into an iPhone or iPad device to retrieve lost data, which can help restore messages containing evidence of abuse. Voice mails and call history can both be retrieved on top of messages, and the sticks are very easy to use. 

One downside to extracting data from phones is that it requires the wife to have access to their own or the abuser’s phone for a long period. 

In most cases, this is just not possible.

Voice and Motion-activated Recording Devices

Another proficient way to collect evidence safely and covertly is by using the motion- sensor powered equipment. With the assistance of such tools, abused partners record graphic images or voices, simply with the entity’s movement.

Motion-detection Spy Cameras

Motion detection spy cameras are highly useful for adding security to a home especially if your spouse is no longer living in the marital home but you are afraid they may return unexpectedly. 

In this instance, a motion-detection camera would be an extremely useful way to capture evidence.

One of the main benefits of these cameras is that you can live stream and send recorded video to the Cloud meaning the police can be notified of a break-in even when you aren’t there. 

Voice-activated Recording Devices

Many of the voice recorders on the market today have sizable memories and will record thousands of hours of data.

Nevertheless, a voice-activated recorder will be more efficient as it will only start gathering potential evidence when a sound is made. 

You also don’t need to worry about turning on the device or missing a vital recording.

Can You Use GPS Tracking Devices?

Infidelity is often considered to be a form of spousal abuse or neglect, but collecting evidence for divorce proceedings isn’t always easy. After all, your spouse is unlikely to hand over their phone so you can read their text messages.

GPS trackers are small and indiscreet and can be hidden anywhere in the spouse’s vehicle. Then, you will be able to track where they are going. 

However, anyone considering using a tracking device should seek legal advice beforehand. It is against the law in all 50 states to covertly track somebody via a GPS device without their consent but there may be a loophole.

If you own the vehicle involved and are normally the only person to drive it, you have the right to place a GPS device to help track the car in the case of theft for instance. This may provide you with a way to track your abusive spouse.

You must seek out an experienced lawyer before you start tracking your spouse because as tempting as it may be to gather evidence this way, you could end up on the wrong side of the law.

Will Your Evidence be Admissible in Court?

Depending on how evidence is gathered, you may have some problems presenting and recording evidence of abuse. Checking laws in your region regarding video and voice recording will help you to stay within the legal boundaries. 

However, just having evidence might be enough to scare an abuser off. 

Sadly, domestic abuse is the leading cause of injury to females in the USA now, and the police will hopefully take your evidence seriously regardless of how it was gathered.

To ensure your evidence is going to be admissible, it may be advisable to book an appointment with a Family Law lawyer before you start your investigative work. 


Relationships can sometimes become a game of chess, and this is a metaphor for the conflict in many ways. These spy gadgets can help females gather enough evidence to call checkmate on abusive partners and husbands.

Though female partners are more at risk, domestic abuse can happen to anyone. Abused partners sadly often take a long time to find help and approach the police, but this doesn’t need to be the case.

The above methods can support your case along with any physical evidence, however, you don’t need to wait. You can get immediate help safely from the National Domestic Violence Hotline right now.

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