Change Server Region on Discord in Easy Steps

| Updated on March 27, 2024
  • Discord doubled its monthly user base to about 140 million in 2020.
  • What makes Discord somewhat of an outlier, as other big social apps, is its loyalty to the users by remaining an ad-free business model.

Originally built for the gaming section, Discord has come a long way when it comes to voice chat and communication platforms. It is also one of the most affordable ways to communicate and chat by various available options with a large community without showing unnecessary ads. Being a quickly evolving digital platform, Discord gained popularity due to well-known video games like Fortnite and Survivor. It is ad-free, which provides a smooth experience to its users. 

But being a loyal Discord user and considering the app dependable at all times can be troublesome, isn’t it?  Despite the fame and success, users have been upset with the latest update by Discord, which prevents them from changing their server region manually. The users and many streamers have claimed that changing their server regions can help in voice chat and help solve voice communication errors. However, due to being unable to do so anymore, as a result, the users seem to be facing more glitches. And so, they are asking Discord to either bring the same option back or searching desperately about how to change the server region on Discord.

Advantages of Discord

Apart from many more cool and awesome attributes that make Discord stand along with other mega-platforms like Skype in the market, it also offers a good-looking interface with high-quality text support. It also provides support for pictures, GIFs, stickers, files, and videos to make users have the best experience in chatting with no compromise. Just like any other app in the market, Discord’s software is easy to understand and set up. Some of its advantages are discussed below:

  • Create/join servers – In Discord, you can create or join a server. A server on Discord is like a community of like-minded people having common interests to follow and talk about. For instance, a public server of “Fortnite” attracts people interested in playing Fortnite. The users can create their own server if they wish to have a private community.  They can even connect to their friends or other people with similar interests.      
Create and join servers
  • Beautiful interface – Discord has a modern interface that lets the users switch between channels, add mentions and hashtags, or upload game screenshots or memes into their conversations. The users can insert and use almost all media types directly in the chats — even the popular stickers and GIFs. And emoticons as well can be used in chats. This interface lets users share images, videos, files, and links from desktop or mobile easily. The application is regularly updated to bring improved and latest features from time to time, for example, a better chat interface like dark mode, more emojis, support for larger groups, etc. Plus it is ad-free.
Beautiful interface
  • Essential features – Discord also offers powerful features in a simple interface. It shows friend suggestions as per the user’s registered email address. The users can also add friends individually and message them outside of servers and can even block direct messages from unwanted people. Discord hides their messages by default in the servers.
my friends are nice
  • Security features – Discord auto-encrypts chats and other data, and protects the IP address of its users, unlike major VoIP solutions. In case of server issues, its backend server runs with DDoS protection and features an automatic failover mechanism that works to upstart the app. And, in case of a server failure, Discord auto-switches to a new server to prevent data loss.
create instant invite

How to Change Server Region on Discord?

Discord is an excellently optimized communication platform for both phones and desktop computers. It is a web-based platform that allows users to chat, play, and build communities together on individually running servers. It is a platform for gamers, but it isn’t without problems. The Discord interface is identical on Windows and macOS and so, the steps are slightly alike. From Discord connection issues to audio issues on streams, the users will need to know how to troubleshoot when things go wrong. Back in May 2021, Discord released an update in which the users could no longer their server region in the server settings. This resulted in users complaining that the “Discord server is not showing up.” Below is an easy-to-follow guide on “how to change server regions on Discord.”

  1. Hover your mouse to your specific voice channel.
Go to the voice channel icon
  1. Click on the down arrow to open up your server options.
Open server options
  1. Under the Overview tab, go to Server Region.
Click on Server Settings
  1. Change the server region to your preferred one.
Change the server region
Select change to switch to the desired server region

Since there is no specific way to change all voice channel’s server regions at once, the users will have to change them individually.

How to Change Server Location on Discord? 

As mentioned earlier, the changing of the voice server is considered essential because the closer the user is physically to the server, the less latency he/she will have. And the less latency the user has, the better connection he/she will have, which will improve nearly everything, from response times to voice quality. If the user is having trouble in one of these areas, or just wants to experiment, the process is quick. In order to change the server location on Discord, here are some easy steps that the users have to follow:

  • Open the Discord app.
 Open Discord
  • Open the server by tapping on the icon given on the top left of the screen.
Tap on the hamburger icon.
  • Click on the three dots icon to view server settings.
Click on the three dots icon.
  • Then, click on the Settings icon.
Select Settings icon
  • After that, select the Overview option.
Tap Overview
  • Tap on Server Region.
Select Server Region
  • Choose from the available list of server locations available.
Select the desired location.
  • Then, after picking one, apply the settings.
  • Now, the chosen server region is changed successfully.

Changing the Server Region During a Direct Message Call

Discord also enables direct voice communication in direct texts, which are server independent. This allows users to change the server region while being on a call. However, the users can only do this in the Discord app or website on Windows or macOS, as this feature isn’t supported on Android or iPhone. 

To do this, the user has to start a new Discord voice or video call in your “Direct Messages” list. This can be between two or more people or a group voice call.

Here are some steps to change the server region while the user is on a direct message call:

  • Click on the Video or Voice Call button icon in a direct message, to start a call.
Tap on Voice or Video Call button
  • After the call has been established, tap on the Region button and then select a new region from the drop-down menu.
Press Region and choose a new region from the available location options


Is your location visible on Discord? 

No, Discord does not give others your location. Some users have complained that another user does know their location, so it’s worth mentioning that while Discord doesn’t give your location, there are several ways to uncover it. There are no settings in Discord that allows you to turn this feature off, and it is not stated in the Privacy Policy (therefore Discord would be in big trouble if they were sending your location to others without your consent). 

What is the biggest Discord server?

As of now, the official Discord for the Fortnite game is the largest Discord server worldwide. With over 80,000 members, the official Fortnite Discord server is one of the most active servers and also has dedicated channels to help in finding members for the group, based on platform, region, and game mode.

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