How to Boost Your Rank on Google Search Engine by Updating Your Old Content

| Updated on March 22, 2024

Updating your old content is the smartest trick in the book to skyrocket your rankings without spending your precious budget or doing a lot of extra work. Instead of creating and producing new content every time, you can modify your old content and make some necessary updates to the current one to deliver faster results without draining your resources.

As time goes by, your content becomes outdated. You may have written a blog in 2021 about the latest trends on Instagram, but with time, as the trend changes, your blog will start to lose its ranking as it contains old and incorrect information. Similarly, if you wrote something including statistics, then with time, the post will lose its credibility because the data will change time. So, it is important to keep updating your old content to make them fresher and reclaim its credibility.

Improve the Accuracy of Your Content

There’s only one key to getting an improved ranking on Google, improving the overall user experience. When improving your old content you should keep the user perspective in mind and make the changes according to their expectations. 

By improving the usability and helpfulness of your content, you can serve your customers better and implement your Edkent Media SEO strategies in a better way.   To do this, you should research the latest information on your blog or content. Insert the new info, and remove the outdated one from the content. Add some additional valuable information as well and make it a more valuable resource as a whole. 

Link building is an important part of SEO but removing broken links has to be the most frustrating part of the job. Oftentimes, the URLs that you linked in your content could disappear leaving broken links behind. It can happen due to the shutting down of the website or the change in the URL. 

Broken links are dangerous for your website as it makes you lose your ranking on search engines. To deal with this issue, you can use several free online tools for removing broken links that will detect all the broken links on your website and you can remove them manually.

After this, link your content to new and better resources, which will also help you in enhancing the credibility of the website.

Improve Your Click-Through Rate

With time, Google’s algorithm changes and so does its criteria for evaluating websites. After doing quick research for literally anything, you will notice that the top results are usually the fresh content that was published recently. You will not find anything that was published three or four years ago ranking on the search engine

Google likes to serve fresh content to its users and that is why it keeps updating the results by giving higher ranks to recently published content. You can also get picked by Google by updating your old content, modifying your headline, and also enhance the attractiveness of the content for better user engagement. If your content is useful and the users are interested in reading it, then you will automatically receive a higher rank in the Google search engine.

Fix Spelling Mistakes and Grammar

Spelling mistakes and grammar errors are totally avoidable and still, we find them in some of our old published content. It not only impacts the user experience negatively but also affects your rankings. It is one of the easiest and least time-consuming tasks to fix errors and spelling mistakes in your content with the availability of advanced tools. 

Let Google Know That Your Content is Fresh

After making necessary edits to the content and updating it for good, you should also make a new publication date or update the date in WordPress to let google know that it is new content. In this way, when Google crawls your website, it will automatically boost your ranking in the search engine.

Leena Ray

Digital Marketing Writer and Editor

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