7 Animated Video Types to Boost Your Sales

| Updated on March 27, 2024

Nowadays, many businesses use various methods to increase sales and become more successful. Potential customers do not read a lot of texts on sites usually, but they prefer watching videos. Many companies use this to engage more clients and create effective and interesting explainer videos where they provide people with useful information about products and services. This is an effective method to get more potential customers interested in your company’s products or services. 

Do you know about animated videos that can help your site sell more products? Yes, these videos are very effective for any business if you use animation video production wisely and correctly. Of course, there are many ways to create quality video content for your own brand. In our article, we will review the main types of animated videos for increasing your sales significantly. So, let’s start discovering these effective tools!

  1. Q&A animated videos. This type of video is good when you want to describe the tiniest details of your product to clients. Using this format, you can easily answer the customers’ questions about your product or service and provide this information in an easy-to-understand way. Being an exploratory video, the Q&A videos can demonstrate your product to potential clients and tell about its benefits through questions and answers. Customers can see if a certain product matches their needs, so it’s easier for them to decide on purchasing. 
  2. Employee biography animated videos. This is a very effective type of video to build trust with your potential customers. When you are telling people about the employees’ role in your company, they get more engaged, so you can make personal connections with them. When a company’s store is shown in a bright and stylish cartoon format, this looks unique and quite interesting. So, you get more people who have an interest in your brand, and you can make these people real clients if your story is really exciting. Anyone wants to see a wonderful story about the product’s creation before buying it. 
  3. Product or service page animated videos. If you want to promote your company’s products or services, use an animated explainer video to get the maximal effect. Using this tool, you can easily show all the features and benefits as well as show all the important components and details. In the video, you can explain how your product or service helps to solve a customer’s problem to motivate people to buy this product to solve this problem easily too. These videos can be used at various company’s presentations, landing pages, advertising, and projects to your potential investors. 
  4. Animated videos for landing pages. These types of videos can be created about the company, the team, or the manufacturing process in detail. Customers like to watch such videos because they kind of get to your company and see everything there. These videos can be used effectively on landing pages when you want to motivate potential clients to purchase on your website. If you have not tried animated videos for landing pages, just try it, and you will see how your sales grow. People like short but very interesting videos, and watching something seems much more exciting than just reading text.
  5. Cost animated videos. Not only features, benefits, and other useful information can be listed in your animated video, but also prices. As we already said, people do not like to read a lot, and it’s much easier for them to watch a short video and get full information about the product or service. That’s why you can also include prices in the video! Imagine how useful it is for a potential customer when a person has watched the animated video, got the needed information about the product’s functionality, and decided to buy it only if the price is acceptable… And, the price appears in the end, in addition, to a good discount! Congratulations, you have a new client who is making their purchase already.
  6. Testimonial animated videos. This type of video is quite effective when you want to boost your sales and make your company more popular among customers. These videos include real feedback from your customers who already purchased the current product or service and share their impressions with others. According to statistics, about 9 of 10 people would trust what other clients say about the company and its products’ quality. So, use this method and create an effective video that will help you to sell more products! With testimonials included in the video, you can make your brand more trustworthy and increase your sales easily.   
  7. Value proposition animated videos. As they say, it’s better to see something just once instead of hearing about this many times. Try to use an animated video about your products or services to get more potential customers. Include interesting positions to motivate people to buy more products. Usually, customers like this special offer, and they are ready to purchase 3 products for 2, or any other attractive proposal that helps them save some money. These promotions work out even if you are not changing the prices but just create a special offer to motivate people to buy more. But remember – when you sell your products a bit cheaper, you increase sales easily. 

As you can see, there are many ways to use animated videos for your company to boost sales. Of course, you have to create a high-quality, short, and interesting video to attract more potential customers. If you need qualified help in making a successful video, contacting a professional explainer video company will be a wise investment to develop your brand and sell more products or services. We hope this short article was useful and helpful for you to make an effective video and boost your sales.

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