How Software Sales can be a Good Career Path?

| Updated on November 1, 2023


In sales, your earning potential is directly proportional to the amount of work you put in. This, combined with the quality of your network, adds to your success and potential to earn more. 

Your connections can also give you an advantage, but this doesn’t set you up for a good career path. There are various factors to consider.

The sales industry is brutal considering the competition. However, it can also be a pretty gratifying career choice that has a lot of potential.

With emerging technologies and the latest technology trends, it certainly pays high dividends if you are in such a high-valued field. Software sales can be something worth considering when you’re in college or evaluating a career transition.

Before you become a software sales representative, you’ll want to be aware of the qualifications needed, as well as the time it could take you to become a seasoned software sales rep.

Getting Started with Software Sales

As a software sales representative, you need to recognize the needs of the consumer and provide detailed information that is relevant to their situation.

It is of great importance that you know the software by heart. No one would buy from a person who doesn’t know what they’re selling. Much less to a person who cannot bring value to the consumer. 

Be prepared to work around the clock. There are cases when a prospect may contact you during the wee hours or even on weekends and holidays. 

While a high school diploma may be sufficient for the position, relevant experience in sales and marketing is also useful. Making a good impression on your first interview is key to getting your foot through the door as a software sales representative.

You should highly consider hiring a professional to create your resume. These professionals know the right keywords and better understand the job market. You save tons of time as well and can focus on your job search. This goes the same for courses, certifications and programs you can take to acquire the knowledge.

To get sellers performing at a high level, sales organisations have to invest substantial time and resources.

The average time it takes a new seller to be ready to interact with buyers is three months, nine months for them to be competent in dealing with buyers. For top performers, it took 15 months.

While software sales have a bit of a learning curve, it’s not complicated to get started with if you have the right skills and qualities to excel in this career.

Skills and Qualities

Breakthrough Communication

Communicating well with your prospects allows you to understand their needs better and react accordingly. If you control the flow of the conversation, then you have a higher chance of closing the deal. 

Work on this and you stand a higher chance of getting that six-figure sales job you’ve been dreaming about.

Active Listening

Commonly known, however uncommonly applied. 

In business transactions and in life, it’s crucial to avoid assumptions, judgments, and personal beliefs. 

You need to get it through your thick skull that the customer has the best understanding of their own wants and needs. 


The more problems you solve, the more sales you get. Provide value. 

Sometimes you have to be the one to help the customer realise that they actually have a concern that your product/service can solve. 

To be an effective problem-solver, you need to be a superb active listener.


Teamwork makes the dream work. Whether you like it or not, you need to be a strong team player. 

Think of it this way, there are going to be prospects that you or someone on your team can’t close. You can step in and ask if you can help them close the deal and vice versa. 

It’s a win-win situation for both parties involved and for the company as well.


Sales are just like the weather. It can also be a rollercoaster ride. 

Not all days or months are going to be sunshine and rainbows, but one thing that can keep you going is your resilience when presented with difficult situations.

Now that we’ve tackled the necessary skills and qualities, let’s take a look at the compensation and benefits of being in a software sales career. 

Compensation and Benefits

According to Zippia, the average salary for software sales representatives as of August 2021 is $72,547 per year, or $34.88 per hour, in the United States. People in the bottom 10% make roughly $45,000 a year, while the top 10% make $116,000. 

Although, this would vary and depend on your employer and location. This would also apply to commission structures and other benefits

For instance, Connecticut, Delaware, Massachusetts, Maryland and New Jersey provide the highest Software Sales Representative salaries.

It is also good to note that the earning potential in this field is considerably higher than in other professions. So it would be a good choice, especially for those considering a career in technology.

Career Potential

Another advantage that makes this career a good choice is the opportunity you have of working for companies such as Adobe, Cisco Systems, Chorus, Google, IBM, Microsoft, Oracle, Zoom as well as other Fortune 500 tech companies.

Final Thoughts

If you’re looking for a rewarding job, then taking the software sales career route can provide that for you. 

The thing about software sales is that it is future-proof. Companies that have products and services will definitely need people to sell their products for them. 

You need to stay current not only by considering the current state of technology but also by looking ahead. This year, there are a handful of things that you can look forward to in technology and software sales. 

Here are some of the emerging trends you should look out for: Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Cyber Security, Low-Code Development, Cloud-Based Solutions, Progressive Web Apps, Native Mobile-Development Languages and many more.

So yes, software sales is certainly not going anywhere and can be a wonderful career path considering the rapid growth of technology.

Zayn Tindall

Zayn is currently working as an English Lecturer in one of the reputed colleges in New York. She has even worked as a career counsellor for the last 5 years. Zayn loves to spend his spare time reading educational books, novels and writing educational blogs and articles. 

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