What is the Best Place to Order Checks Online? Top 7 Picks

| Updated on October 31, 2023

The majority of the people don’t understand that there are many fantastic options to get checks online.

We have been trained to simply visit our bank or the credit union to order checks that we need. Many websites, on the other hand, provide a broad range of patterns, colors, and check possibilities for their products.

For the remainder of this post, we’ll you find the best place to order checks online

1. Checks Unlimited

If you want to purchase checks online, a popular option is Checks Unlimited. This corporation handles over 50 million consumers offering personal checks, commercial checks, and various accessories like checkbook covers and address labels.

If you are a new user, Checks Unlimited provides amazing introductory discounts. Plus, if you are seeking to acquire a lot of checks in one go, you may also enjoy savings on bulk purchases.

Disney, Warner Brothers, and Major League Baseball are just a few of the many iconic logos that appear on the checks (Major League Baseball). You may also personalize your checks with unique typefaces, significant symbols, and encouraging statements. The checks also have a holographic foil, which is two-dimensional, that can’t be replicated, copied, or erased for further security.

For an extra cost, you may further safeguard your checks with the EZShield Check Fraud Protection Program. If your checks are stolen and used fraudulently, you’re covered up to $25,000 in damages with this plan.

2. Checks in the Mail

The firm offers a large selection of check styles at a low cost and is arguably the best place to order checks online. Invest in a high-end design from a well-known company like Marvel, Disney, or Star Wars, or go with a more affordable choice.

If you are searching for enhanced security, you may pick one of the highly-secured personal checks that incorporate heat fluorescent fibers, heat-sensitive ink, holograms, and watermarks.

Apart from personal checks, it also sells commercial things such as IRS-approved tax forms, deposit supplies, and manual and computer checks.

For an extra cost, you may also request checks that are protected by the FraudArmor Fraud Service. This program ensures you of up to USD 25,000 in money refund within 72 hours of reporting true fraud. The monitoring of your personal data online to keep an eye out for fraudulent use of a driver’s license or credit card is another benefit of this service.

It is a low-cost check-buying alternative that also provides free delivery. Not only does the site provide dozens of style possibilities, but they also have a broad range of orientations including secretary desktop, deskset, side tear, end stub, and top.

In addition to personal checks, they provide various business things like deposit bags, deposit tickets, laser printed and manual checks.

Along with the instruction package, Carousel Checks offers training checkbooks. These kits are accessible to educational institutions and teachers to use as a training tool for teaching personal money management. The imitation checkbook, register, and cover are all included in the set. Bulk purchases of the kits are possible.

To receive the cheapest price, you may click on the link for special offers at the bottom of the webpage to check the current discounts and promo codes.

4. Walmart Checks

Most people recognize Walmart as a superstore where they can get almost everything at a reasonable price. But did you know you can also buy checks at Walmart Checks?

The biggest advantage is that Walmart is a recognized company in which you already have faith.

It’s no surprise that Walmart has hundreds of check patterns to pick from, including popular companies and organizations like Disney, Star Wars, and the ASPCA.

Aside from personal checks, Walmart Checks is an excellent location to acquire business checks and supplies including ink stamps, envelopes, deposit supplies, computer or manual checks. CheckSafe is also available from Walmart Checks to help protect you against fraudulent signatures, fake endorsements, as well as altered checks. The service is valid for up to twelve months from the date of purchase or until your final check is used, whichever comes first. Simply make a claim, and a check fraud expert will work with you, your bank institution, and the retailer that accepted the check to address any concerns.

5. Sam’s Club Checks

On their website, Sam’s Club, Walmart’s wholesale warehouse subsidiary, also sells checks. Hundreds of popular designs are available, including Justice League, Star Wars, and Mickey Mouse. You may even personalize your checks with a picture of your family or pet. 

If you are a new company owner, Sam’s Club Checks provides low-cost bundle packages that contain everything a new business requires to get started, such as a bill organizer, a binder, stamps, deposit slips, and checks.

Customers may apply FraudArmor to any transaction to protect themselves against losses of up to $25,000 due to fraud. They also offer a less expensive Fraud Armor Lite plan that gives the same coverage up to $2,500 in fraud. Because most individuals do not write big checks frequently, the FraudArmor Lite is a fantastic, low-cost choice.

6. Bradford Exchange

It is a website that sells personalized gifts, jewelry, artwork, and home décor. They also sell personal checks and stationery, and they claim to save you 70% off checks obtained via your bank.

Bradford Exchange checks are available in a variety of styles, including ones that promote your favorite non-profit or charity organization. You may also add a custom typeface, monogram, unique symbol, or customized line of text over your signature line to your checks.

EZ Shield is a product that can help you defend yourself against faked signatures, fraudulent endorsements, and changed checks up to $25,000 in value. You may also acquire EZShield Pro, which includes identity restoration protection that is valid for two years from the day your checks were purchased.

7. Checks Superstore

It offers a variety of low-cost solutions for check orders. Their checks are priced in three categories: designer, affordable, and bargain. So, no matter what your budget is, there is something for everyone on their website.

Checks Superstore has a large variety of check patterns from well-known names such as Star Wars, Disney, and Marvel.

The website also offers a wide range of useful business products, such as printed and manual checks, and high-security.

If you want even more peace of mind, Checks Superstore provides FraudArmor, which may help secure your checks and your bank account from fraudulent usage.

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