13 Best Deepfake Applications for Real Fun and Adventure

| Updated on February 14, 2024

Deepfake images and videos are the new trend in the world of fun reels, stories, and social media content. 

Recently the nationality challenge slipped into the trendy social media portraying people with breath-taking looks. I too jumped into it and jogged to find the applications which can fulfil my then impulse. Guess what, I struggled to find one with hefty efforts. 

So, Wondering how to swap your face with the popular ones or enter the best music videos through your own gestures and vibing music? You won’t have to juggle much because the following list of free Deepfake applications can help.


Little guide: Content that doesn’t harm someone’s feelings or doesn’t cross any limits and copyright should be the primary goal for entertainment and fun.  

Popular Deepfake Applications 

Application and website for deepfake

Deepfake applications have made it super easy for the audience to replace their image with something they desire. Adding favourite stars images and building deepfake videos for million use has become the new trend.

Background mimicry with deceiving face images of someone popular is all that is pacing into the trends.

A listicle of credible Deepfake applications has been discovered to serve you the best entertainment purpose.

  1.  Mivo: Face swap & MV maker
popular deepfake application

Mivo is considered one of the best applications for making deepfaking images and videos with exemplary effects.

Being a free application it offers numerous transition offers, unlimited mix of images and sharing options.

Currently with 5Cr+ downloads it is popular with appalling options of 3D effect, neon characters and best animation. Mivo helps one to edit images by merging photos and videos with music in the background too.

trendy deepfake application

App PurchasesRs. 220 to RS 3,6500
Age Limit12+
Storage Size57.85MB
Google Rating4.1 

Apple Store Address: Install iOS

  1. Reface: Face swap videos/memes
trendy deepfake user application

From making you look like a celebrity in videos and GIFs to giving you a glistening character look through your own selfies, Reface application brought its everlasting presence in the fun world.

It was nominated for the Google Play users choice in 2020 and that’s what makes it more rewarding than other competitors.

You can gender swap or face swap with amazing options with animation and give a next blow to your creativity

deepfake application for popularity

App PurchasesRs. 90 to Rs. 4,400 per item
Age Limit16+  Strong content
Storage Size25.55MB
Google Rating4.4

Apple Store Address: Install iOS

  1. FaceMagic: Ai face swap videos
best deepfake application

FaceMagic application gives the best services through its AI-based face swap feature. Users can easily transfer their usual simple image or video into one which could attract more attention and likes.

Create your video and generate your memes featuring popular actors and iconic shows and movies.

popular best deepfake application

App PurchasesRs 170 to Rs 18,300
Age Limit12+ Parental guidance
Storage Size45.76Mb
Google Rating3.7

Apple Store Address: Install iOS

  1. Faceapp: Face Editor
great deepfake application 

Morph, swap or age your images for fun or social media attention. With the best photo editing feature it liberates you to choose between any celebrity, filters, hairstyle and what not.

With advanced neural face editing technology, Faceapp allows you to share your creativity and add entertainment at your leisure.

deepfake application for fun

App PurchasesRs.399 to Rs.10,200
Age Limit3+
Storage Size33.43 MB
Google Rating4.5 

Apple Store Address: Install iOS

  1. Face Swap booth – Face Changer
deepfake application for adventure

Face Swap Booth is the right home for you to edit your image perfectly with pre-loaded celebrity photos and faces. 

With advanced auto detection, it blends your face perfectly with special changes to any of your face parts. Imagine making a completely different image with its advanced editor tools of face swap application.

fun deepfake application

App PurchasesRs.370.00
Age Limit3+
Storage Size14.94MB
Google Rating3.7

Apple Store Address: Install iOS

  1. Celebrity Face Morph – Transfo
adventures deepfake application

Celebrity face morph – Transfo Deepfake application with more than 5L+ currents downloads can easily morph, swap, average, mix and warp your face with the desired celebrity you are imagining and with guaranteed laughs in advance too.

This free application provides fun results to the users with political figures and your face swap in movie posters too.

great adventurous deepfake applications

App PurchasesFree
Age Limit3+
Storage Size102MB
Google Rating3.7

Apple Store Address: Install iOS

  1. FaceLab: Face Editor, Aging
creative deepfake applications

FaceLab application with more than 1 Cr+ users downloads trust, is an astounding application that prepares your simple photos to convert into a much cooler version through its filters, gender changer, beauty glasses, and AI face editor.

Get ready to change your pictures with much aesthetics and appearance thus making tons of content for your social media profile to run.

best creative deepfake applications

App PurchasesRs35 to Rs2,999
Age Limit3+
Storage Size30.54MB
Google Rating3.8

Apple Store Address: Install iOS

  1. Faceplay reface videos
free deepfake applications

This application has boomed its presence in the google app store and is one of the top 3 applications in many countries and states by its excellent face swap tech feature.

It edits videos with utmost care to make them social media-worthy. You can bring in any video, photo, or meme from the gallery and morph it as your instincts want it to.

Create your own memes and style effortlessly with Faceplay reface video application’s abundant resources.

Popular creative deepfake application

App PurchasesRs.80 to Rs.2,800 
Age Limit12+ parental guidance needed
Storage Size40.26MB
Google Rating3.7

Apple Store Address: Install iOS

  1. Revive Ai Face Animator App
Revive deepfake application

With the best reviews in the google app store Revive: Ai Face Animator App can revive your old non-singing pictures into a bit too much. 

Something which can create, animate, and edit your selfies, photos, and videos and have the power to give you the best personality.

So surprise your friends and family with well-fabricated lip sync and fun through Revive application.

best reviewed deep fake application

App PurchasesRs.90 to Rs.4,550 
Age Limit3+ 
Storage Size19.31MB
Google Rating4.7

Apple Store Address: Install iOS

  1. Add Face to Video Reface video
Free deepfake applications

Complete the free deepfake application “Add Face to Video Reface video” which can help you swap your face with little phone storage in your gadget. 

It can upload a boosting application with the best video clip templates in its bucket with high quality.

Best animating deepfake application

App PurchasesRs.170 to Rs.3,850
Age Limit3+
Storage Size36.88MB
Google Rating4.1
  1. Face Dance: AI Photo Animator
Advanced attractive deepfake app

Are you too much into trends and love dancing into nationality challenges? Your creative viral content is not very far because Face Dance applications can assist you for sure.

Swap your face with other countries with ethnic costumes adding music hence boosting your videos with creative and realistic pictures.

Face Dance deepfake application

App PurchasesRs.170 to Rs.3,850
Age Limit16+ Strong language
Storage Size85.64MB
Google Rating3.9

Apple Store Address: Install iOS

  1. Facemix: AI Face Swap Videos
face mix application for real fun in deepfake tech

Turn your pictures into memes and add entertaining sports backgrounds into your normal videos through Facemix applications. Challenge yourself and try deepfake tech.

This application can surprise you with a funny merge and mash with cosplaying and a realistic plethora of facial expressions.

Interesting deep fake application

App PurchasesRs.460 to Rs.2,350
Age Limit3+ 
Storage Size43.74MB
Google Rating3.4

Apple Store Address: Install iOS

  1. Deepfake video maker, Faceswap
entertaining deepfake application

An entertainment-packed deepfake application that has recently got launched in the month of september and has got 500+ downloads.

You can swipe your old not-so-lively picture into a funny meme or add your face with your favorite movie scene in your desired movie. 

Create your own free gif, and prank your friend thus removing boredom from your world.

App PurchasesFree
Age Limit3+ 
Storage Size18.34MB
Google RatingRecently launched 2022

Wisdom Words

AI-based deepfake applications have provided us another level of fun and entertainment but the repercussions stand along with it. 

Comparing and faking with celebrities or makeup filters should never be in our everyday schedule. Mental health is a very pivotal issue and these applications can be a bit absurd if you expect a lot from them in terms of likes, comments hence the popularity.

Rest, the application already has age limits and a lot for you to enjoy so pick any as your instincts allow you to choose.

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