Unleashing the Power of Artificial Intelligence for Business Intelligence Advancements

| Updated on February 14, 2024

We all know that AI is becoming an important part of our lives as technology advances. It is changing many industries, and business intelligence is one of them. 

Business intelligence is the technology that uses various analytical tools like business analytics, data mining, and others to give specialized insights to companies. It helps companies to make the right decisions and increase business performance.

It is said that the use of AI is making the BI advancements more efficient. Hence, today we will talk about how AI can further improve or change the future of Business Intelligence. So, get ready to check it out. 

What is Business Intelligence (BI)?

Before we move on to the role of AI, let’s discuss the concept of business intelligence in detail. 

It is the technology that collects data, analyzes, and presents data to help companies reach an informed decision. This technology is a mix of business analytics, data mining, data visualization, data tools, and other tools. 

All these tools turn the raw data from various resources into insights. Those insights help you monitor the business performance along with the market trends. It helps you gain an upper hand over your competitors. 

Key Elements of Business Intelligence

Here is the list of the key elements of Business intelligence:

  • Data Collection: The first part of BI includes collecting all the data, be it from internal resources or external resources. Here internal resources mean spreadsheets, databases, and CRM systems, and the external sources are social media and market information.
  • Data Processing: Processing means verifying the information and making sure to maintain accuracy and originality. 
  • Data Analysis: After that, data is analyzed and scanned for any repeating patterns and trends that may help the company. The analysis is done by the most useful data analysis techniques like reporting, statistical analysis, and data visualization.
  • Data Presentation: When all the information is gathered, the only thing that is left out is the careful presentation of data. This can be done using statistics, graphs, and charts, as visual information is easy to understand. 
  • Decision-driven Insights: As we discussed before, it combines all the tools to help the companies reach a decision and improve the business operations. 

Did You Know?
Globally, the BI adoption rates hover around 26%.

AI in Business Intelligence

Business intelligence is no exception when it comes to the use of AI. Many people have already realized the power of using AI in business processes, while others are still in the process of learning. 

Now, you would wonder How AI can help BI. The answer to that lies in the amazing prowess of AI that improves BI. It is done by introducing automation methods and advanced analysis tools to get targeted insights.

Our ultimate goal for using BI is to get the information to make decisions, and AI further fuels our goal. AI plans to make this technology available to everyone; even to the people who don’t have any prior expertise in the field.  

How AI can Transform Business Intelligence?

If you want to predict the future trends in BI, then first you must know the major cases of AI in Business intelligence. These points will explain the changes we can expect from AI implementation in the business.

Data Analysis

AI uses machine algorithms to analyze the data on a large scale. It detects every piece of information thoroughly and looks for any trends or patterns that may prove to be beneficial for the company.

Data Analysis trend

Suppose you want to analyze the customer’s data. In this situation, AI will scan the customer’s behavior, past purchases, and preferences so that you can change your marketing plan and tailor it to the customer’s needs. 

Predictive Analytics

AI uses past data to predict future patterns or trends that may put your business at risk. You can use these predictions to your advantage and plan the course of action in the case of emergencies.

You can also expect the interested client’s behavior and tailor the services according to their upcoming needs.

Prescriptive Analytics

If you thought AI could only predict the changes in trends and patterns; then you are wrong. Because it also recommends the next course of action based on the predictions. 

Think of how useful this could be for your business, as it detects the problem and also gives the solution along with it. 

Anomaly Detection

It could also find strange patterns that seem way too different from the standards. Those strange patterns could mean only two things: some underlying issues or the golden opportunities.

Self-Service Analytics

It is another expected trend in BI, where end-users or business owners get the freedom to analyze the data on their own. It will eliminate the need to include any IT team or technical assistance. 

This will offer a unique flexibility to the users across the company and improve the overall decision-making ability of the company. 

Natural Language Processing

NLP is a technology that gives computers the ability to interpret the human language. 


The above image shows the growth report of the Global Natural Language Processing market in the coming years. 

Here’s how it works: When AI is used in Natural Language Processing, it allows you to browse and interact with the BI systems using natural language queries. In response, you get the replies in readable formats. 

Automated Insights

AI in Business Intelligence Systems can get rid of manual data analysis methods.  With AI now, you can easily get real-time data in seconds and generate insights from them that call for action. 

Data Management

Gone are the times when you used to manually handle the data to prepare for the analysis. Now AI-driven tools can do that in a few seconds and save you a lot of time. 

Improvement in Business Processes

We all know that humans are prone to mistakes, however, using the automation system can help you prevent that. 

If you wish to save time without compromising on performance quality, then automation is a must-do. It will free up the resources that you may rather use on the core activities of the business.


AI and blockchain

You would be shocked to know that the points we talked about above are just the tip of the iceberg. It is expected that as more people get to realize this power and embrace it in their companies, they will be able to explore AI prowess to the max.
One thing that is guaranteed is that the intersection of AI and blockchain will take business intelligence to new heights. You can get your hopes high and wait to see the changes that will take the business world by storm.

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