Fun Ways to End a Meeting

| Updated on March 21, 2024

The world is currently going through digitalization, and a huge number of businesses worldwide incorporate video conferencing solutions already. From company meetings to family celebrations and education in an HTML5 virtual classroom, digital conferences are everywhere. Even if you are having a meeting virtually and not in a conference hall, it is important to make it efficient, interesting, and memorable. Designing an interesting presentation is not enough; it is important to leave a good impression on your colleagues even when you are finished. For this purpose, you can learn about some nice ways to end a digital meeting.

Simple Ways of Ending Virtual Meetings

It is crucial to leave a nice impression on the video call participants. Of course, you can finish your presentation and simply say goodbye, but the end of a meeting can be utilized efficiently too. Here are some nice ways of ending digital calls:

  • Shoutouts – it is important to encourage your employees when they are doing a good job or even when their performance is decent to lift their spirits. This will ensure that they remain invigorated in the future. It is a nice way to end a meeting by shouting out a few employees and commenting on their good work. Make sure not to leave anyone out and encourage different people each time.
  • Fun statistics – keep an eye out for interesting data in between the meetings to drop a fun fact at the end of the meeting. Stats are great for this purpose as they are actual research. Look for stats somehow relevant to your company or industry to make them even more valuable.
  • Ask questions – a nice note to end a meeting is asking a certain question. You can gather the answers at the beginning of the next video conference. Giving your colleagues plenty of time to think will keep their minds occupied, and they might come up with incredible ideas.
  • Create a unique cheer – this might be somewhat embarrassing at first, but nothing brings people together like shouting something in unison. You can brainstorm a unique cheer for your team and shout it at the end of the meeting.
  • Quick games – team building is not necessarily a separate activity. You can incorporate quick team-building elements even in your regular meetings. Play a flash game of trivia or show and tell at the end of the meeting to cheer everyone up and make sure that everyone goes about their working day in a good mood.
  • Gather feedback – you can receive feedback about the meeting on the spot. Ask your employees about what they enjoyed and what can be done better. Make sure to not only collect feedback but actually listen to it and take action.
  • Set goals for the next meeting – you do not have to set monumental goals all the time. Set some easy objectives to see that you are moving in the right direction and there is constant improvement. By fulfilling smaller tasks, your workers will feel accomplished, which results in better performance overall.
  • Give away treats – this is a small touch, but receiving even a small piece of candy or something along the lines can really brighten someone’s mood. However, make sure to learn the preferences of your colleagues beforehand. It is not good to give someone a chocolate bar with peanuts if they are allergic to nuts. Or you can opt for something inedible like a piece of stationary, which is useful in any case.
  • Ask riddles – come up with a riddle or simply find one on the Internet and ask your employees. With simple riddles, you can wait for answers right away. However, if you want to give people more time to think about the answer, you can wait for the following meeting.

You can actually think of tons of games to have at the end of the meeting. Apart from games, sharing valuable info or simply encouraging your employees is also great. It is a nice strategy to mix things up and think of a fun way to end a virtual meeting each time.

Hosting a Virtual Conference

Even when you decide on the topic and contents of your meeting, it is important to make everything work from a technical standpoint. As a host, you should be familiar with your software and equipment to run the video conference smoothly and offer assistance in case any of the participants are having trouble. For remote working, not much equipment is necessary. Most gadgets can be already found at home and offer decent quality. Here is what you will need:

  • Computer – obviously, you will require something to run the digital conferencing program on or open a dedicated web platform. This can be a computer, laptop, or portable device. However, using computers instead of phones is advised for better quality if you are at home and can set up a dedicated video streaming space.
  • Microphone and Speakers – you will need a mic so that all the other people could hear you and speakers or headphones to hear yourself. Most computers already have mics and speakers built in. For better quality of sound, you can buy a separate microphone or headset.
  • Camera – a webcam on your device can be sufficient if it has decent quality. However, if the image is too blurred and grainy, invest in a better webcam.
  • Lights – lighting up your streaming space properly does wonders for the quality of the video conference. Even if your camera is not the best, use lights to illuminate your face so all the video call users could see you.

By setting up everything properly and hosting an engaging and efficient video conference, you can achieve the best results and enhance your business.

Different methods work best for different companies and teams. You should know your team to be able to decide on the best solution for closing the meeting. However, even if you miss occasionally, it is all good as long as you gather the feedback and improve each time. Based on the demographic of your employees, you can see which options will work best. Some people are not very active and prefer expert advice, interesting facts, or other chill ways to end a meeting. The others will enjoy flash trivia, active games, and shouting cheers.

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