8 Best Apps to Spy My Wife’s Phone Secretly [Official]

| Updated on March 21, 2024

Do you suspect that your better half, your wife is cheating on you? Or worse, is something troubling her? Does she get nervous when you go near her smartphone? If your answer is yes, then you need to get a better look into this whole “cheating or not” situation to save your relationship. 

What you need is some tech-savvy solution that will help you take a sneak peek into your wife’s phone. By using certain Spy apps you can make this spying task easier for you. Sounds interesting right? Then read this page to spy my wife’s phone and get answers to all your doubts. 

Disclaimer“Before you spy on someone’s text messages or calls, be sure to check the applicable laws in the area as spying is not considered illegal and is a crime in some countries. We DO NOT promote the use of spying apps for any illegal purposes.”

#1 Spyier

Here you go with a real-time tracking app that helps the user to keep a check on the phone usage from a remote location. Spyier is known for its ‘stealthy’ almost ninja-like approach towards the spying wife’s phone task. Working in stealth mode, this app provides instant geographical positioning of the wife’s smartphone. This app functions remotely, preventing any chances of being discovered. This globally recognized app is used by more than a million users in more than 190 countries. You can certainly rely on its credibility, as the software has been approved by leading platforms such as TechRadar, TomsGuide, Forbes, CNET, New York Times, and more. 

It also provides a web-based interface, which makes using this app on multiple browsers easier. The convenience, effectiveness, and easy operation of Spyier, makes it stand out from other apps and providers. This is a cost-effective and creative replacement for personal detectives or spies. The keylogger feature of this app makes monitoring simpler for you. No matter what the time or location is, you can track your wife’s phone with Spyier easily. 

What is the Process of Getting Spyier’s help? 

It’s easy- you will have to set up your account on Spyier. Within a few minutes, you will be logged in and ready to start your spy work. The process slightly differs based on the type of operating system your partner’s phone has. But, the basic steps are: 

Step 1: Create a Spiyer account for yourself. Your username will be your email ID, through which you will receive further setup instructions. 

Step 2: Get a monthly Spyier subscription. It will depend on how many phones your wife owns. For one, a premium pack would do. However, you would need a Family plan if she uses multiple phones. 

Step 3: Go through your emails for instruction related email. You can begin by selecting the operating system- Android or iOS. Choose this, based on what phone your wife owns. Now type in her phone’s iCloud details, to get the app installed on her phone. The iOS versions do not require jailbreaking. 

Step 4: Last step involves accessing the Spyier dashboard from any browser. From here you can keep a check on all your wife’s activities. The selection panel on the left side will display the features of the phone you can peek into. 

Get More Value for your Money on Spyier! 

Being a remarkable spying app, Spyier offers multiple benefits to its users. With Spyier, you can easily track your wife’s phone even when you are kilometers away from her.

  • Read the Text Messages

    By using Spyier, one can get access to the text messages and iMessages that your wife has sent or received. You can also see the messages that were deleted by her and save the conversation in your private account.

  • Know her Location

    Tracking what is your wife’s current location is also easy with this spying app. 

These are only a few to name; Spyier has got so much more in the bag for all the interested “Spy Husbands”. You will also have a media file viewer and app checker; you will have all the proof you need to know whether she has been going behind your back or not. 

#2 Minspy

Another app that you can use to check-in with your wife’s phone is Minspy. Its user-friendly system makes spying and tracking easy for all. Users can operate Minspy on different browsers as well. It is known for its sneakiness, which gives positive experience to the users. 

While there are many fraudsters, who could take your money and don’t give proper outcomes- Minspy is not like these. It will give you assured returns on your investment. Use Minspy to do all your spying, tracking, or hacking tasks! 

#3 Spyine 

If you wish to stay home, in your top-secret lair, and monitor your wife’s location and phone activities, then try Spyine. Backing you up for all tracking chores, this app is effective for both operating systems. You can spy on both iOS or Android phones and use this platform through any browser. 

Even if you have got no technical knowledge of tracking and gadgets, Spyine will make the process effortless for you. You just have to sit back and open the app on your phone. It also has different subscription plans, like Spyier, giving you options to choose the best plan. 

#4 Spyic

Spyic is another name in the monitoring and spying apps world. It is a reliable and effective monitoring app that makes accessing your wife’s phone easy for you. Used in both Android and iOS systems, this app makes tracking and surveillance easier. Similar to the Spyier app, Spyic also requires a small-size app installation to proceed with. 

You may delete the icon once the app is installed properly; it won’t leave any trace and work without getting noticed. Another feature of this app is its demographic tracking option- you can find where your wife has headed too along with her real-time location. 

#5 Neatspy

The last but equally effective spying app is Neatspy. It’s got a user-friendly interface that makes working with the app easy for all. The app adequately complies with all legal and regulative norms, making it a safe option to choose from the long list of providers. 

This app also uses a stealth-mode to ensure that you don’t get caught in your secretive spying venture. Another commendable feature of Neatspy is that it does not store any of your data on their server, however, you will have access to it whenever you wish. 

#6 mSpy

mSpy is the app you need if you want to keep an eye on your partner’s actions. From tracking their GPS to displaying their messages, this app works efficiently.

Moreover, it takes mere 5 minutes for the installation, if you want to be sure about the swiftness. Then, it operates in the background and has no icon, so your spouse will have no idea of the installation. Furthermore, the app uses bank-grade encryption, which means only you can access the information retrieved.

However, some users may find mSpy a bit more costly than other options. Its basic monthly plan is available at $48.99/month.

#7 Scannero

If you’re unable to install a spy app on your partner’s phone, don’t worry, Scannero doesn’t need that. You just have to enter your spouse’s phone number as the input. The app sends a tracking link to their phone, and the moment they open it, you gain access to their location.

All you need to do is create an account, which only takes a minute or two. Then, send the message containing the tracking link, and wait for your partner to open it. Once they tap the link, you gain access to their location even if the phone is not in use or not having any type of connectivity!

Moreover, the app offers a 72-hour trial period, and then you need to pay for its paid plan, available at $49.80/month.

#8 Eyezy

Eyezy is an app designed specifically for spying on unfaithful or suspicious partners. The app not only gives you access to your spouse’s location but also helps you in keeping an eye on their internet history, contact list, and gallery data.

You can easily monitor their social media apps and even keep away from attending any events you don’t like. Just choose your membership plan, install the app on your partner’s phone, and give all the required permissions. Then, you can log in from anywhere to witness their every action.  

Coming to the pricing, the monthly plan starts at $38.39, or you can choose the annual plan which comes down to $7.99/month.


These were the 8 best apps to spy on my Wife’s phone secretly that support both Android and iOS operating systems. If you have read this article carefully, it will become an easy task for you since you will have reliable platforms to back you up. You just have to log in on these platforms and get started with the spying!

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