Top 4 High-Speed Datacenter Proxy Providers

| Updated on February 13, 2024

We conducted research and examined the industry to identify the best datacenter proxy services available. Whatever work you require proxies for, you will find the best in this article. With the assistance of our proxy specialists, you will never end up with a terrible proxy service again – as long as you give these proxy providers a go. 

Wanna get financial and investment data intelligence without any fuss? Try Smartproxy’s 100K datacenter proxy pool. Their shared datacenter proxies are difficult to trace and block with advanced rotation algorithms and 400 subnetworks. Also, Smartproxy has data centers nearby major targets like Google in the US that makes connections super fast and reliable. Oh, and they have a European datacenter proxy pool too! 

Because datacenter proxy plans are priced by bandwidth use, with prices as low as $0.6 for 1 GB of traffic, these datacenter IPs are among the most affordable high-end datacenter proxy solutions on the market. With free tools including Chrome and Firefox extensions that allow you to have proxies at your fingertips, Smartproxy is perfect for your data collection needs.

Main qualities:

  • Flexible pricing plans
  • 100K rotating IPs
  • 30 minutes sticky sessions
  • 99.99% uptime
  • Easy integration
  • Experienced 24/7 customer support
  • Easy proxy management
  • 3-day money back option

This company provides a 102 million proxy pool in as many as 195 nations across the globe. Rather than emphasizing small-scale sneakers or Ticketmaster proxies, Oxylabs is known to pitch its service for large business use cases like brand protection, SEO monitoring, and ad verification.

It is possible for Oxylabs clients to maintain robust data gathering infrastructures supporting their business mainly because of the huge numbers of residential IPs and premium data centers across the world.

Their datacenter proxies begin at $180 every month for 100 US datacenter IPs or $1.8 every IP. This price goes down to $1.2 for every IP with a $6000 per month plan including 5000 US IPs. 

In case you register as an individual, you will be entitled to a money-back guarantee of three days. If you believe that you are not satisfied with the product, you will be able to claim back the initial subscription payment of your present plan within three days.

Main qualities:

• Dedicated account manager

• Auto-retry system

• Around-the-clock customer support

• Unending bandwidth and domains

Blazing Proxies

Blazing Proxies are considered to be a web proxy service providing as many as 3 datacenter proxies that are dedicated, semi-dedicated, and rotating. Besides this, the company provides as many as 3 protocols consisting of HTTP, SOCKS, and HTTPS. This helps to make sure that it is possible for the users to switch easily between protocols irrespective of the package purchased by them.

The network speed of Blazing Proxies is quite fast since they use IPv4 as well as IPv6 protocols. At present, this company is obtainable to approximately 17 nations across the globe with as many as 34 data centers.

As mentioned earlier Blazing proxies provide 3 types of proxy, and the prices will depend on the country selected by an individual. In case you choose the US, the dedicated, semi-dedicated, and rotating proxy begins at $2.50 per month and $11 per month respectively. It begins at $8 per month, $3 per month, and $13 per month respectively for Germany and Brazil. The other nations contain just dedicated IPs whose price you need to check out according to your own convenience.

Blazing proxies are known to provide a free trial period of 2 days and it will be possible to cancel before the conclusion of the trial in case you are not satisfied, and you will not be charged. Furthermore, it is stated on the website that no refund is offered by them at present.

Main qualities:

• Lots of subnets

• 1GBPS network lines

• Free automated proxy replacement

• Unmetered and unlimited bandwidth and threads

• 100% owned hardware

• IP authentication


Being a small-scale service provider, it might appear that there is not much to offer for Stormproxies – however, it is not the real fact. For example, the 200,000 proxies of this particular company are not able to match the huge numbers of proxies that you will obtain from the top competition. Geo-targeting is mostly restricted to extremely wide regions. Not much support is available to you, and you will get only one day for trying out the service.

However, the positive side is that Stormproxies provides us with some worthwhile products such as rotating residential and dedicated HTTP/HTTPS proxies, as well as dedicated proxies targeted at the sneaker, social media, ticket, and other sites. Moreover, its pricing can be quite beneficial for social media managers, small-time scrappers, and anybody on a tight budget.

3 types of proxies are offered by this company right now – rotating residential proxies, back connect rotating proxies, and private dedicated proxies. Every single proxy comes with multiple plans providing unlimited bandwidth. While the smallest plan provides 5 proxies for $10 every month, the top plan provides 400 proxies for $400 every month.

Main qualities:

• Flexible pricing

• Simple to use

• Acceptable scraping performance

• IP rotation acceptable

• Acceptable proxy speed

• Around-the-clock customer support

• Top Level privacy

• An absence of free trial

• Comes with one of the smallest IP pools• Restricted Geo-targeting Options and geographical coverage


Ghostealth and their datacenter proxies has been on the market since 2017 and already has more than 5000 satisfied customers. 

What makes Ghostealth special is that they always offer unlimited bandwidth. 

This also distinguishes them from many other providers. These proxies can be used for a variety of tasks. 

Examples are SEO monitoring, email protection, brand protection, ad verification and much more.

The datacenter proxy pool contains over 50,000 proxies and is updated daily. The unique element here is that these proxy servers rotate.

Each time you make a request, you get a new IP address. This makes sure that you can move around the Internet without anyone knowing who you are.

Ghostealth permits inexpensive access, which is 20 dollars. You have access to the whole proxy selection and need not even worry about bandwidth usage. 

To make sure that the datacenter proxies work for you, there is always the possibility to test the proxies for free.

Main qualities:

  • New IP with each request-Rotating  
  • Uptime of 99.9% 
  • Free Trial available 
  • 50.000 Datacenter Proxy Pool 
  • 500ms reaction time 
  • Unlimited Bandwidth

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