Are Standing Desks Worth It? The Benefits Explained

| Updated on March 27, 2024

Standing desks often referred to as a “stand up desk”, or simply a “stand desk” have become increasingly popular in workplaces and home offices over the last few years. As sitting has become known as the new smoking, standing desks have become a solid option for those trying to combat the negative impacts of spending too long in a seated position. Spending too much time sitting can increase your risk of heart disease, diabetes, weight gain, and even early death. A standing desk can help you to fight these potential health issues. 

A standing desk is essentially a desk that allows you to remain standing comfortably while you get your work done. There are countless different models available nowadays, made of different materials and constructed with different design features. Most standing desks are adjustable, allowing you to find the perfect position for your body shape and size. Making the switch to a standing desk offers many benefits, which we will take a look at 


Continue reading to learn how you can benefit from using a standing desk whether you are working at home or in the office.  

Reduces Risk Of Weight Gain

As most people know by now, the reason we gain weight is we take in more calories than we burn. On the other hand, you can lose weight by burning more calories than you consume. While regular exercise is the best way to burn those additional calories, studies have shown that simply standing throughout the day instead of sitting, can also help you to burn some extra calories each day which can help to reduce your risk of gaining weight. 

Minimize Back Pain

While making the switch to a standing desk will certainly not solve your back pain issues, it can help to significantly reduce pain. Being in a static seated position is never good for your back, especially if you have a recurring injury. In this position your movement is restricted, meaning there is less blood flow to the affected area. In a standing position, you can move around more and adjust your position naturally throughout the day to help minimize the impact of back pain. 

Boost Your Energy Levels

Studies have shown that standing desks have a positive impact on mood and well-being. Workers using a standing desk rather than a traditional seated setup reported less stress and fatigue than those who stayed sitting throughout the day. This goes to show that standing at your desk instead of sitting is not only likely to have a positive impact on your physical well-being but on your mental health too. What’s more, that boost in mood and energy levels has also been linked to an increase in productivity. 

Improve Posture

As you might expect, standing in an upright position at your desk will have a positive impact on your posture. Standing desks encourage you to stand up straight which can help with muscle tone and reduce the risk of injury. Sitting at your desk all day, on the other hand, often results in slouching, hunching, and other positions that are certainly not good for your posture. Be sure to take the time to set your standing desk up correctly for your height so that you get the most benefit from your new setup.

Take a Stand with Your New Office Setup

Standing desks are becoming increasingly popular as more and more office and remote workers are beginning to see the benefits of these setups. With so many options available nowadays, you must do your research before buying to ensure that you have a standing desk that will meet your needs moving forward. With the right standing desk in place, you can finally take a stand against sitting all day long. 

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