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    | Updated on January 13, 2023
    Supporting Small Businesses Smartly

    Small businesses mostly struggle to arrange adequate capital for brand establishment. Customer satisfaction is one of the crucial factors affecting business image. No matter how powerful your marketing strategy is, it only works for one time to influence potential customers. For long-term retention and conversion, product quality and customer support quality maintenance should be on your top priority list. Small scale businesses such as startups and entrepreneurship were facing the issue of establishing customer support infrastructure because of its high cost. Dynamically evolving AI automation technology has now made it convenient. Let’s have a look at the substantial transformations that occurred in the customer support industry after artificial intelligence incorporation. 

    Knowing Automated Support for Customers

    As the name is illustrating, automated customer support is a process of handling customer queries by putting them on an automation channel. This is possible only with the help of rapidly evolving artificial intelligence algorithms. There was a time when chatbots had a bad reputation because of their limited efficiency and irrelevant outputs. To tackle the challenges, modern chatbots are coming with multiple answer options and AI+human integration modules. When a chatbot fails to resolve the customer query, it automatically assigns the task to humans. One more revolutionary transformation that we are witnessing in modern customer support is its omnichannel approach. If this word is new to you, scroll down to enhance your knowledge. 

    What is Omnichannel Customer Support Service

    When we talk about omnichannel from a customer support perspective, it covers multiple communication channels. Conventionally, emails, website chatbots, and phone numbers are provided to approach business representatives. However, the reality is, all customers are not able to access these channels due to the lack of knowledge or resources. Therefore, the idea of omnichannel customer support came into existence.

    Advanced software systems powered with AI are now capable of engaging customers wherever they feel the most comfortable. For instance, if WhatsApp is the most commonly used apps among the majority of your customers, AI-powered chatbots will engage them on the same platform. Similarly, if it is an instant order food supply chain, the automated chatbots will be able to integrate within the app. 

    How Small Businesses are Leveraging Automation Benefits?

    Less Infrastructural Cost 

    Huge customer support infrastructure was the biggest challenge for small businesses solved by automated omnichannel customer support services. Most of the operational activities are manageable with the help of a standard smartphone. 


    AI-integrated automation saves a lot of time by providing instant solutions. Frequently asked queries are already answered that can be utilized to solve the queries of multiple customers at one time.  

    Provides Customer Behavior Insight

    The best thing about artificial intelligence is its fast adaptation and improvement. Chatbots are programmed with the ability to record the pain points of customers. Data collected through an automated customer communication platform can be organized in different manners to utilize for customer satisfaction improvement. 

    24X7 Engagement 

    Humans have a limit of interactions and answer the same queries several times a day. Chatbots don’t need rest or shift change. They can work 24X7 without any complaints. All you need is an efficient computer configured with the necessary features. 

    If you are starting a small business and concerned about customer support quality, start searching for a credible automated customer engagement service provider as soon as possible. Automation is the future of customer care, get familiar with it before the competitors overtake.

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