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| Updated on May 8, 2024

Arvig is a Digital Service Provider (DSL) that provides services of Internet, Phone, TV, Home Security and Computers. The company was started in 1950. Arvig provides digital data over telephone lines. It connects people through their services and helps in making a special bond between them. Arvig is based in Minnesota and provides its services across the state. 

It has 10 data centres and more than 10K fiber-optical cable that have been laid across Minnesota. Here you get services for personal, home, business and corporate sectors (such as schools, libraries, medical facilities, government departments etc.). They have over 40,000+ satisfied customers in the state. 

Arvig connects home through Internet, television, phone, and computer repair services. It provides high-speed Internet that makes everything easy. That’s not all, Arvig webmail service is also popular among its users. 

Services that are provided by Arvig:

  • Internet
  • TV
  • Phone
  • Computer 
  • Home Security


Arvig provides the best Internet services in Minnesota. They have 10 data centres to take care for every user. The DSL covers half of the state with their services and has over 40K+ users. Arvig introduced 4 types of Internet offers for users that differs in terms of the data speed such as up to 25 MB data speed plan, upto 50 MB Internet speed plan, upto 100 MB speedy plan and up to 1 GB ultra-fast plan. 

You can check out or pick the best plan that suits you from this link. If you like to see 4K video or HDR online streaming then you should choose upto 100 MB or upto 1 GB Internet speed test. Make your relationships better and stronger with Arvig services. 

Arvig also gives you cyber-security features with a data plan. It also protects your private space or content from malware, virus and other harmful attacks. To active Arvig Internet services you have to choose a plan and schedule installation. Now enjoy unlimited fun and data with your loved ones.


Now you don’t have to be surrounded by wires and keep checking for signals. Arvig gives their best services for Television lovers. If you are a true lover of TV then you should have a look at Arvig TV plans. There are three plans for TV- Complete plan (in which you get total channels), Choice plan (in which you have the rights to see your favorite channels only), Essential Plan (in this plan you get the popular and important channels for everyone).

Pick a required plan here. You get unsought features from Arvig.

Now you can replay every channel as per your wish and enjoy the comedy or action moment. Arvig provides HD channels without any hidden charges.You can stream any time you want to see your favorite content. You are free to see all local functions or events at one place with your family.


Arvig provides you free calling over the phones. It stays connected with your family all the time. You get this service on landlines because they are considered the most secure way to commute with each other. Arvig also gives toll-free for home phones. 

Whenever someone calls on your phone, you will be able to see the caller’s name and number. It prevents unwanted and strangers calls, you can hang up the phone before picking it. I would say Arvig is giving the best in terms of accessibility. If someone special is calling you then he/she can make the phone call easily with the help of Arvig’s accessibility service.  


Here you also get the service of the computer sales & service. Everyone wants to have a computer, Arvig will suggest you the best PC with the best features. They sell best-quality computers with a satisfied repairing service. 

You can assemble a pc according to your requirements and needs. 

Arvig also provides the best repairing services, you only have to select your location and you will get all the services while sitting at your home. 

Cyber security is the key feature of Arvig, they offer full protection for whole new PCs or old one. It prevents your system from being hacked and other malware, virus attacks that can highly harm your system. 

Home Security

It’s not a general thing to provide home security. Home monitoring, home automation, smart house (remote access, smart IoT), etc are the highlighting features of Arvig. Arvig keeps upgrading their services from time-to-time. You get full protection and security from them and this way you would never get a bug in your system.

You can set sensors & alarms to prevent unwanted and miscellaneous activity in your home. Door or glass breaking protection, fire alarm, security cameras give you a safe and protected life. The Internet of Things (IoT) makes your home smart to detect prevented movements. They even offer video surveillance and break-in protection.

Protect yourself and your family with Arvig home automation & monitoring service and always keep an eye on outsiders. 

Best of Arvig

The wide range of services of this DSL are just incomparable. You get everything in your favor, hence there should be no second thought in your mind regarding Arvig. 

They give best Internet plans and speed, special features to watch TV , Free landline number, suggestion for purchasing a new PC or repairing, home monitoring through video surveillance, and home automation with sensors and alarms. 

I think you should try Arvig at least once to check their unbeatable services.

Khushboo Chhibber

Senior Web Writer and Video Creator

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