Advantage of using expired domains for increasing SEO of new websites

| Updated on March 22, 2024

Using expired domains for new websites for search engine optimization has several benefits. But first, let’s understand what expired domains are.

Expired Domains

Domains are the gateways to websites. When an individual types a domain name search in the search engine, it leads to the website. Every domain name is unique and exclusive and has its own authority score to the website so that it can be distinguished from other websites. 

As the term suggests, domains that are no longer in use expire. Domains need to be registered, and when the company or the organization does not renew the contract, the domain tends to expire. All these dropped expired domains are registered legally and were previously owned by legitimate websites. Hence, these domains contain numerous valuable links.’

5 Advantages of Using Expired Domains for New Websites SEO:

Here’s a list of advantages of using expired domains for search engine optimization of new websites:

Helps Establish Target Audience

Since expired domains already have a target audience, the use of these domains helps the new websites to capture this pool of users without going through the hassle of collecting new audiences. Having established traffic means more views of the new website, and more views mean better ranking. This will help to recover the money invested in buying an expired domain. 

Having an established audience is great, but the website needs to update from time to time so that more users are attracted to the website. To get the right traffic for the website, market demographics need to be analyzed; this will target the correct audience. Business prospects will become much better.

Established domains that have expired already have numerous backlinks; in other words, it already has an established link profile. Hence, using such recently dropped expired domains will help to simplify the link-building strategies for the new websites. Having an established link profile helps by saving a lot of time and effort, as the individual does not need to waste their time building links from scratch. 

Older the Domain, the Better the Ranking in Search Engines

Domain age affects their ranking in search engines. Engines like Google and others prefer old domains, as they are seen to be more reliable and not full of spam. Hence, using an expired domain will help the new websites to rank higher in search engines; hence, another huge advantage of using expired domains for search engine optimization. As more constructive content is added to the websites, it increases the chances of ranking higher in search engines. 

However, it is also important to consider some side factors that can affect ranking. Like if the backlinks of the expired domains do not match the target audience of the new website or it has nothing to do with the content of the new website, using such an expired domain can hurt the ranking of the website. Hence, choosing the right expired domain is important, and checking the backlinks of the domain is just as important.

Faster Authority to One’s Website

Creating a new website from scratch is not an easy job. Deciding the website’s design, what type of content to put in, building the backlinks, and having authority over it is a tough task and consumes a lot of time and effort. A lot of work needs to be put in so that the website can rank high in search engines. 

One way to expedite the process is by buying an expired domain. The advantage of this is that expired domains already have an established SEO value, which can be used to boost the ranking of the new website in a much shorter duration. The other advantage is the website does not require being built from scratch. 


Expired domains already have an established SEO value, and valuable backlinks are created. All of these can be used by simply redirecting the expired domain to the new main website, using a 301 direct. The advantage of this redirection is all the juice of the expired domain will be transferred to the new website without much hassle. It should be noted that the content of the expired domain should be similar to the content of the new website. 

Buying an expired domain has quite a few advantages, as discussed above. But caution is required when buying an expired domain. A well-researched decision needs to be taken before buying an expired domain. 
If the expired domain has been maintained well, it will only increase the SEO of new websites. Backlinks need to be checked properly and made sure they are not full of spam since it can have an opposite effect on the new website’s ranking. Hence, making a thorough check of the expired domain, information about its content, age, backlinks, and popularity needs to be gathered before buying the domain. And once you got all the details and are certain about the quality of the expired domain, you can register it. Good domains move fast so make sure to do the domain availability check before spending hours analyzing the domain.

Leena Ray

Digital Marketing Writer and Editor

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