Why is “Add Friends” Button Missing on Facebook? Here’s Why and Quick Fixes

| Updated on March 4, 2024

Even though the era of Facebook has been overtaken by other apps, there are still many of us who prefer to use it because of its simplicity. And one of the most important reasons to use it is to connect with our friends, duh! But what if you’re unable to do so? 

Add Friend option missing image

What I mean is that you go out of curiosity to add your friend to see what he/she/they posted on Facebook only to find the “Add Friend” option missing. This has to be a joke, right? But sadly, it’s not.

Some users have been asking about not being able to see the “Add Friend” option on their friend’s profile or other people they want to add on Facebook. And demanding the fixes for the issue. So we are here with the solutions for you!

In this article, we are going to discuss the probable reasons why you’re unable to see the add friend option on people’s profiles and also discuss its methods using some easy steps. In order to get those, keep reading. Now let’s get right into it!

Why is the “Add Friend” Button not Visible on Facebook?

There can be many reasons why the “Add Friend” button is missing on someone’s profile on Facebook. Since Facebook allows its users to have control over who can see their posts and activity, who can find or add them, it can be possible for users to face some restrictions on other people’s profiles. Facebook also lets users customize their privacy settings. We have listed some reasons below for why the add button is not visible on Facebook:

  • The user has restricted their privacy settings: As discussed earlier, every Facebook user can customize their privacy settings as per their preferences. In the privacy settings for sending friend requests, there are two choices available- ‘Friends of Friends’ and ‘Everyone’. If the user has set the option to the latter, then anyone and everyone can send a friend request to them and add them. However, if the latter has been chosen as an option, then only those who are added with a mutual friend will be able to send a friend request to the user. Hence, this can be one of the reasons why you are unable to see the ‘Add Friend’ option on some users’ profiles.
  • The user has denied your friend request: Another reason why you may not be able to see the ‘Add Friend’ option on Facebook is that your request has been deleted. It means when your friend request gets denied by the user, Facebook doesn’t inform you. Additionally, the ‘Add Friend’ icon will either disappear or become grey, and you will only be able to see it and use it until after several days have passed. 
  • Your request has been marked as spam: When you send a friend request on Facebook, it can either be accepted or deleted. Facebook also allows its users to mark the request as spam after they delete it. This will mean that if your friend request has been marked as spam, you won’t be able to send the friend request to that user again for a year straight. The choice can’t be reverted as the option is irreversible even if it gets chosen mistakenly. In this case, you can try contacting Facebook assistance. In conclusion, you can forget to see the ‘Add Friend’ option for an extended period of time, and forget to add the user.
  • You have been blocked from sending requests: Facebook usually blocks users temporarily who send many requests in a short period of time. It typically includes those who have a new account, have a lot of unanswered requests, or got their request marked as spammed. However, this block period only lasts a few days. 


There are some ways to prevent the temporary blocking of your account from Facebook: Don’t send numerous requests in a short time, use your real name, so people know you, and don’t mark your request as spam. And lastly, only send requests to your trusted contacts.

  • You or the person you want to add who has reached the friend limit: There is a certain limit that has been set by Facebook for the total number of friends that a user can add. If it is a persona; account, the user can add up to 5,000 people as friends. However, if you or the person you are trying to add has reached the limit, then you won’t be able to send a request to them. This will lead to disappearing or greying out of the ‘Add Friend’ option. 
  • Facebook app issues: It often happens that the user has not updated their app which leads to glitches in functioning of Facebook in Android or iOS. It is also possible that Facebook may rarely be down when you are trying to send a request. This can be another possibility for the option of ‘Add Friend’ missing.

How to Find and “Add Friends” Button on Facebook?

Add Friend option missing question.

As shown in the image above, there are thousands of other users asking similar questions about the ‘Add Friend’ option disappearing sometimes. But, that is not the case.

It is not that it disappears or goes missing sometimes, but it is an option that can be customized as per people’s preferences in their privacy settings. 

So, in order to get this error resolved, we have concluded some easy steps for you below through iPhone and Android.

For iPhone

Update the App

  • Open App Store.
Tap on App Store
  • Tap on the Search icon from the bottom and look for Facebook.
Search Facebook.
  • Tap on Update.
Press Update.

Reinstall the App

  • Tap and hold on to the Facebook app for 2-3 seconds.
Tap on Facebook.
  • From the options menu, select Remove App.
Tap on Remove App.
  • After that, open App Store.
Tap on App Store.
  • Then tap on the Search bar and search for Facebook.
Type Facebook.
  • Press on the cloud icon to download Facebook as shown below.
Tap on the cloud icon
  • After that, Facebook will be downloaded again, and you can try sending the request again.
Open Facebook after the download is completed.

Add Mutual Friends

If someone has set their Privacy Settings to ‘Friends of Friends’, then you can send any added friend a friend request. After the friend has accepted your friend request, the ‘Add Friend’ option will be visible to you, and you will be able to add that person since you are a friend of a friend (mutual friend) now.

However, if the option is not set to ‘Friends of Friends’, then you won’t be able to send a request to the user.

Wait for a Few Days or Weeks

If the person has declined your friend request, then the ‘Add Friend’ option will only be visible after a few days or weeks. As mentioned earlier, the ‘Add Friend’ option will not be visible. This means you might have to wait for a few days or even weeks to send the person a friend request again. You will have to keep a check on when the option will be available again.

Contact Facebook Support

  • Open Facebook.
Open Facebook.
Tap on the Menu button.


If you are an Android user, then tap on the three-dots menu from the top-right of your screen.

Tap on Help and Support
Tap on Report a problem

For Android

Update Facebook

  • Open Play Store.
Open Play Store.
  • Search Facebook
Type Facebook on Search bar.
  • Look for Facebook update, then press on Update.
Tap on Update.

Reinstall Facebook

  • Tap and hold on Facebook for 2-3 seconds.
Open Facebook.
  • Select Uninstall.
Tap on Uninstall.
  • Then open Play Store and search for Facebook.
Type Facebook on Search bar.
  • Click on Install and Facebook will be reinstalled.
Tap on Install.

Add Common friends

If the person you are trying to add does not have the ‘Add Friend’ option, then you can try following the given steps:

  • Go to their friends list.
  • Send a request to any of their friends.
  • After your request has been accepted, you will become a mutual friend.
  • Since you are now a ‘friend of friend’, the ‘Add Friend’ option will probably be visible to you now.
  • This way you can send the request again.


You will be able to follow the above steps only if the user has set their Privacy Settings to ‘Friends of Friends’ option for friend requests. If they haven’t, then you won’t be able to add them. Make sure they have enabled you to show their friend list to you.

Wait for Some Period of Time

There is a possibility that the user you’re trying to add has declined your friend request. Facebook doesn’t show if your request has been deleted by the other user and so, it makes the ‘Add Friend’ option invisible for a period of time. However, you can wait for a few days or weeks to be able to send the request again, when the ‘Add Friend’ option becomes visible.


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