American Merchandise Liquidators: Review

| Updated on May 8, 2024

The concept of liquidation warehouses has become quite common over time, owing to its convenience and money-saving factors. There is rarely any product category that cannot be bought in the form of liquidation pallets or truckloads. However, with time, so many liquidation stores have opened and closed.

It is important to check the reliability of the store before associating with it, as not all sellers are trustworthy. If you have been finding for liquidators in the USA, American Merchandise Liquidators must be a recurring recommendation. Given below is a detailed review of the store to help you find out its reliability and quality. 

About the Company

Founded in 1992, American Merchandise Liquidators is a wholesale liquidator based in the USA. This solid bricks-and-mortar company deals in customer returns, overstock merchandise, and closeouts. It has tie-ups with some of the most popular and leading retailers, wholesalers, departmental stores, importers, and manufacturers.

They mainly specialize in their apparel collection and other general merchandise as well. Their quantity ranges from liquidation pallets to truckloads, everything available at a below-wholesale price. One can use their platform to both buy or sell excess inventory. Their customers and products are located all across the USA and many places abroad as well. 

Customer Service

American Merchandise Liquidators has a lot of reviews vouching for its spectacular services. Many people have claimed that their staff is professional, polite, and courteous. Their professional staff has a combined experience of more than 6 decades, and they are well-trained. They make sure that the items are delivered or picked up on time without too much back and forth. One can easily get in touch with their team through their phone number or email support.

Other than that, their website also has a blog section and frequently asked questions to minimize confusion and doubts. In case of any queries or concerns, their team is always available to help. So, all in all, their customer service is quite reliable and up-to-the-mark. Since they respect their client’s time, they don’t back out of any liquidation pallets or truckload deals they make.

Product Availability

When it comes to the availability of products and variety, American Merchandise Liquidator doesn’t disappoint! They have a plethora of options that interested buyers can select from. Their popular categories include apparel, toys, stationery, furniture, jewelry, office supplies, grocery, health, beauty, and much more.

One can also browse these products by type i.e., truckloads, liquidation pallets, or lots. They are also willing to buy a range of distressed merchandise including general stuff, toys, electronics, apparel, home décor, and much more. Under special circumstances, one can get in touch with their team to request special items on-demand. 

Quality of Product

Since American Merchandise Liquidation has tie-ups with renowned department stores, retailers and manufacturers globally, their quality is uncompromised and branded merchandise in UK is quite in demand too. They have a history of delivering items of good quality, even brand new unpacked items. None of their items have ever been intentionally damaged or broken.

Their team does a thorough quality check before sending any product across. They have a strict protocol that they follow before buying bulk items from manufacturers and stories. Their website clearly states that they do not buy obsolete electronics, used items, incomplete items, and products with a short expiration date. 


American Merchandise Liquidators is one of those few reliable liquidators that offer an unmatched price for all their items. All their products are sold at a price that is way below the wholesale prices as well. Their prices are mutually beneficial for both the sellers and the buyers.

They get their products shipped directly from the seller, lowering the cost of freight. For those interested in selling their inventory, they have direct pickups available at pocket-friendly prices. Their unique selling point lies in supplying resellers with quality merchandise at a fraction of its original cost. In addition to this, they also run special discounts and offers after regular intervals to clear out excess inventory. They accept all modes of payment, and also provide financing up to $50,000. 


Based on all factors mentioned above, it is safe to say that American Liquidation Merchandise is one of the most reliable liquidation stores. From liquidation pallets of apparel to truckloads of furniture, they offer a number of options at unmatched quality and unbeatable prices. Interested bulk buyers or sellers must definitely give this liquidation store a try!

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