Detailed Review on 24” Acer KG241 Benchmark Performance 2023

| Updated on May 8, 2024
24” Acer KG241

A gaming monitor must have a strong built quality, fast response time, high pixel density, and stable ergonomics score. The Acer KG241 is known for its excellent pixel density, port services, high refresh rate, and 1080p gaming services, competing with AMD-powered Acer’s Predator Helios 500 17. This monitor is preferred due to its excellent density, sharper text, and images, great color quality, and dithered gradient.

In the article ahead, let’s watch the performance of the 24” Acer KG241 gaming monitor through specification, pros and cons table, customer reviews, and rating discussion. 

Specification Table of 24’’ Acer KG241

Here is a specification table illustrating ports, screen size, launch year, pixel density, and many other features. This laptop can be called an affordable AMD-supported graphics gaming monitor. Also, one can give a try the most compatible gaming headphone, Skull candy crusher, for having a killer experience in the next online games leagues with a 24” Acer KG241.


Brand NameAcer
Launched Year 2018
Model NumberKG241
Border0.3″ (0.7 cm)
Maximum Refresh Rate144Hz
Native Resolution1920 x 1080
Screen FinishMatte
Luminance227 cd/m²
Pixel Density91 ppi
Color Bit10 Bit
Average Response Time4ms
Maximum Brightness350 cd/m^2
Local DimmingNo
Display Port Yes
Flicker FreeYes

After watching the specs table let’s get to the discussion on features like design, connectivity, and image quality. 

Benchmarks Performance of  24’’ Acer KG241

The gaming monitor 24” Acer KG241 has overwhelming features that make it highly desirable among various other competitors. The discussion ahead on benchmarks is essential to figure out the real performance on the ground. 

Design and Built

24s Acer KG241

The monitor comes with a modest design with lightweight but limited adjustment options. Being the best budget gaming monitor, users get a wide 24’’ screen with active performance, clear image processing, and plastic built. The monitor has thin borders and a V-shaped stand, and there is no cable management at the back. It doesn’t allow sharing the screen at optimal viewing positions and agrees for mere tilt only, therefore reaching negative scores in ergonomics. The trunk of the stand can be removed, but that requires removing the back panel too.

Refresh Rate Performance

The quick response rate of 144Hz is applaudable because a good refresh rate determines how smoothly and fast a new image will appear on the screen. The minimum required refresh rate is 60Hz, and the 24” Acer KG241 does the best in providing a joyful, boosting experience to gamers.

Picture Quality

giga byte

The contrasting quality is quite mediocre, as black looks grayish in the dark room. It also doesn’t have a local dimming feature, but the SDR peak brightness and HDR peak brightness are quite decent. 

Graphic Quality

After knowing the refresh rate, the next essential feature to know is the graphic quality where. Acer KG241 supports only AMD cards; therefore, it is incompatible with Nvidia’s GSYNC. The Free Sync and fast response time bring a fluid gaming experience. The graphic experience is also tempting, resulting in an unforgettable gaming session in memories.


After balancing the features of the 24” Acer KG241, it is clear that the price of $210 is super-affordable as this gaming monitor has decent benchmark performance with the least complaints other than Nvidia graphics, ergonomics, and color contrast ratio. 

Brief Comparison With Other Gaming Monitors

Being a great budget option, Acer KG241 does have some competitors which are much ideal in terms of ergonomics, though small screen size.

  • ASUS VG279Q: With better screen size, ergonomics, and brightness level ASUS VG279Q monitor has a wider viewing angle accuracy. Meanwhile, with almost the same budget as Acer KG241, users get a higher refresh rate, gradient accuracy, and faster response time in Asus’s monitor. 
  • LG 24GL600F: Acer KG241 is a much better option than LG 24GL600F due to the higher refresh rate, gradient handling strength, and wider angle at the IPS panel. This LG gaming monitor is preferred if users desire a higher peak brightness and higher response time. 
  • ASUS TUF VG27AQ: This monitor is a better option than Acer KG241 as users get blessed with a better screen, higher resolution option, and much better ergonomics. It has a much better brightness available with a wider viewing angle. Although Acer also has some plus points like faster refreshing rate, refresh handling, and gradient handling.
  • Samsung T55: This gaming monitor lags in refresh and response rate timing, leading to slow processing performance. Meanwhile, Acer KG241 has a wider viewing angle with a better accuracy level. Samsung overtakes Acer in a higher contrast level race and is also available for users in different sizes like 24,27,32 inches.

After knowing the competitive gaming monitors, an idea of the ground performance of Acer KG241 is known. The next pros and cons chart will give a clear presentation of the strengths and weaknesses of this gaming monitor.

Pros and Cons Chart

Acer KG241 has a decent benchmark performance, as seen in the discussion above. The pros and cons table will give a short review of the strengths and weaknesses of the gaming monitor by Acer.

  • Lightly built and simple design
  • The $210 price is highly affordable
  • The higher response rate of 4ms
  • Decent HDR and SDR peak brightness
  • No cable management at the back
  • Limited adjustments due to only a slight tilt allowance
  • The V-shaped stand doesn’t support much
  • Restricted to AMD graphic cards

Next, in the article, various customer reviews are provided on Acer’s gaming monitor KG241.

Features Ratings on Acer KG21 Benchmarks Performance

The feature ratings below give a glimpse into the real performance of Acer KG21. After going through it, one can get an idea of the authentic reviews and performance of this gaming monitor together.

Style and Built4.5★
Picture Quality 4★
Refresh Rate5★
Response Time4.8★

Customer’s Reviews

Do you know that in the packaging box of the Acer 24” Acer KG241 monitor, you also get a user guide, power brick, power cord, HDMI cable, and a DisplayPort cable? Below are some customer reviews on the performance of Acer KG241, which is rumored to be a highly budget-friendly, decent, quality monitor.

  • “It’s a good budget monitor for the price. I got it for 120 + tax, but I do notice a lot of ghosting even with overdrive on” ~ David. 
  • “I have been using it for 2 weeks, and one pixel got stuck near the middle of the screen. That pixel is always purple, never changes its color, and it’s very annoying. I hope the other pixels don’t get stuck in the nearby future…” ~ Pedro Parra. 
  • “This monitor has been great so far for both gaming and using it for my work-from-home office setup. The HDMI cable that came with the monitor is a little damaged and will cause my monitor to go black if it’s rattled around a little too much, but I don’t mind that so much because I have spare cables. Overall great product for the price!” ~ Samantha
  • “I bought this thinking it was too good to be true for the price, but it exceeded my expectations.” ~ Zack Wade.
  • “This monitor arrived in a thick Styrofoam package. 100% free of dead pixels. I could not believe it myself 0 dead pixels. I have friends who bought pricey monitors that came with dead pixels. Surprisingly I have none of those issues.” ~ Gray

The customer reviews help give a real performance review.

Should You Give It a Try?

If you are looking for a budget-friendly gaming monitor with decent quality, Acer KG241 is the right option. With the best refresh rate of 144Hz, resolution of 1920 x 1080, and maximum response time of 4ms, the performance is highly satisfying. With the modest design and plastic built, the structure is unstable due to the V-shaped stand. 

Though it cannot be called a futuristic model that turns users into complete awe, the value for the price is highly appreciated.

Get Assist Verdict

Acer KG241 being a budget-friendly gaming monitor, is suitable for beginners only. It is limited by its Nvidia graphic card input and somewhat low pixel density. The display quality, with a high refresh rate of 144Hz and 4ms of maximum response rate in a 1920×1080 screen, is appreciable for an amazing gaming experience for beginners.

We highly recommend users pick this option when their budget is highly restricted and if they can improvise with a weak ergonomic score, plastic build, and graphic card restriction.

Closing Thoughts

A gaming monitor must have an epic refresh rate, built quality, design, ergonomics, pixel density, and great gradient quality. In the current gaming era, every feature in the computer gaming peripherals should be more than satisfying, one that provides breathtaking performance. Users buying Acer KG241 will be privileged to have almost all exceptional features under a budget.


Is Acer KG241 a great gaming companion on a budget?

Yes, Acer KG21 is an epic budget-friendly gaming monitor with the best refresh rate and response rate with better built.

What is the contrast ratio in Acer KG241?

The contrast ratio in Acer KG241 is unimpressive but has exceptional grading handling.

What is the input lag of Acer KG241?

Input lag in Acer KG21 has a total input lag of 14.5ms.

What is input retention in the monitor?

While working on a PC or playing games, image retention is determined by the amount of time a static image is retained on the screen.

What is the best monitor pixel density?

For having a breathtaking gaming experience, pixel density from 95 to 110 PPI is best.


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