• Why Do You Need a Marketo Expert to Get the Most Out of Your Automation Platform?

    | Updated on September 25, 2023

    Marketing is an inevitable part of any business today. Attracting and converting the right prospects and keeping the existing customers always engaged in the best possible manner while dealing with the increasing market demand and competition is what every business is always working for. All of this is to achieve higher revenue and faster growth. 

    Although they have clear business goals, companies often struggle to align their people, processes, and tools to achieve them. Marketing automation platforms help in solving this problem by streamlining and automating marketing tasks and helping companies achieve better results. It helps in improving operational efficiency at lower costs and scale by automating various repetitive tasks such as nurturing leads, creating personalized content, managing marketing emails, and tracking email engagement. 

    There are numerous platforms available for managing email marketing and digital marketing automation, but Adobe Marketo has many useful features and advantages that make it an ideal platform for marketing automation. Let us dive deep into the details of this platform.

    What is Marketo?

    Marketo is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) based email automation platform owned by Adobe to help businesses manage their marketing tasks and workflows. It enables B2B and B2C marketers to execute automated marketing campaigns across multiple channels and produce better quality leads. The various benefits of this platform include implementing inbound marketing, improving the quality of leads, integration with CRM, real-time data analysis, and social media campaign management. 

    Capabilities of the Marketo Platform

    When it comes to a marketing automation platform, the first thing that often comes to our mind is email marketing. However, Marketo can do much more for your business beyond managing email marketing. Its main features and benefits include:

    Marketing Automation:

    It allows you to engage and convert the right prospects, build and scale marketing campaigns across multiple channels, create personalized campaigns to engage existing customers, and analyze performance data to measure and optimize marketing campaigns.

    Email Marketing:

    It enables marketers to perform list segmentation based on customer behavior and interests, create winning email campaigns, send the right message at the right time to the right customer, and track and analyze email performance.  

    Lead Management:

    It improves lead quality, helps in creating automated personalized campaigns to engage potential buyers at scale, and continuously tracks efforts to improve lead conversion.

    Digital Advertising:

    It enables marketers to run winning paid search campaigns and personalized ads on various platforms such as Google, LinkedIn, Facebook, etc., to attract the right audience.

    Social Marketing:

    It allows you to manage all your social media marketing campaigns from a centralized platform and focus on investments and activities that drive ROI. 


    Other key features include mobile marketing, account-based marketing, lead scoring, revenue attribution, search engine optimization, CRM integration, and so on.

    Why Should You Hire a Marketo Agency?

    To utilize the Marketo platform to its full potential, you must have in-depth knowledge of digital marketing or the necessary time and resources to dedicate to learning about the platform. Unless you have a complete understanding of the software, it is very unlikely that you will be able to make the most out of its features. It is, therefore, wise to invest in a good Marketo expert that can help you optimally use the platform to achieve your digital marketing goals. Right from setting up the software to devising and executing campaigns and giving out analysis reports, a Marketo certified expert can help in getting the best results for your business.

    An expert Marketo agency or a hiring a dedicated Marketo certified expert can mainly help you in the following ways:

    Design Branded Marketo Templates

    Building visually appealing emails is an integral part of email marketing success. It is important to have beautifully designed, robust coded, and well-tested email templates for your campaigns. It is also necessary to ensure your emails are in-line with your branding guidelines and consistent across campaigns to capture the attention of your audience and improve your brand visibility. A certified agency will help you make the most out of Marketo’s fully responsive email template library and email builder to create winning emails quickly.

    Craft Personalized Messages

    With Marketo’s analytics and reporting dashboards, you can get detailed information about your customers’ likes, preferences, and past behavior, which can help in creating highly targeted and customized experiences. With the help of an expert agency, you can put the collected customer data into use to design enticing offers for each customer. Marketo allows you to create multi-level workflows for setting up automation and carrying out integrations. You can leverage these features to understand customer intent better and create personalized emails that resonate with the customers and engage them.

    Create Precise Customer Segments

    Marketo enables marketers to send the right email to the right person at the right time with advanced and accurate segmentation capabilities. It tracks the user intent and changes in customer behavior and updates it in the CRM in real-time, which helps in list segmentation. This updates the subscriber list in real-time and allows you to consistently deliver relevant, personalized experiences. A certified Marketo agency can help you enrich customer profiles and set up relevant automation to improve segmentation.

    Track Email Performance

    Marketo offers pre-built dashboards and intelligent reporting and analytics tools to help you gauge and improve your campaign performance. Apart from tracking the open rates, click rates, spam complaint rates, email deliverability rates, and email bounces, it allows you to understand the potential gaps and take necessary steps to improve future campaigns. With the help of a Marketo certified expert, you can get relevant data from the reporting dashboards and use it to optimize your email marketing campaigns and thereby improve customer engagement and experience.

    Wrapping Up

    Marketo is a powerful marketing automation platform, and implementing it in the right manner can help you get unparalleled value out of your campaigns. All you need to do is invest in a good Marketo automation expert and leave all your email production, deployment, and optimizing burdens to them.

    Janvi Panthri
    Senior Writer, Editor
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