Reasons Why Defencebyte Computer Optimizer Can Be Your Ultimate Solution

| Updated on February 14, 2024

Are you a regular desktop or laptop user? Is your computer behaving frustratingly slow lately? Do you keep facing window crashed every then and now? Has the PC lost its efficiency compared to the way it was when brand new? Well, you are not the only one who is dealing with such issues; innumerable people out there have the same trouble. 

It is common to have all such sluggish and hanging troubles with a PC after some time. There can be several reasons behind such unacceptably annoying computer behavior. It can be due to one or more of the following reasons:-

  • Surfing the internet and transferring unnecessary files to the PC.
  • Storing data more than the capacity of the computer’s RAM or storage device.
  • Having used the desktop or laptop for a long time now that calls for software cleaning.
  • Executing n number of tasks simultaneously, especially running heavy files altogether.  
  • Having malware or virus from external sources like pen drives, etc. apart from the internet.
  • Other reasons may also be there that may vary from computer to computer.

Do not fret over it because this can happen to anyone. Some may even think of splurging money on a new device, but there is no need to proceed with that odd solution. You can rather go ahead and save a lot of money by purchasing PC cleaning software like Defencebyte Computer Optimizer. Yes, problems like slowness, frozen screen, etc. are solvable just by installing an application that is capable enough to remove the source of the problem itself. A cleaner like this will delete unnecessary files from your computer that will eventually improve the efficiency rate.

Let’s know more about the features, pros, cons, and other user-relatable info about this PC cleaner.


Issue Locator

Innumerable files keep occupying space in the computer at places that a typical user cannot notice. Generally, these are redundant files that occur on their own while opening any audio, video, textual, or other files. This cleaner is embedded with comprehensive technologies to locate the problematic files quickly at all locations in the PC. 

Redundant Remover

After having found all such unnecessary files in every possible format, Defencebyte Computer Optimizer proceeds to delete all of them. These files are generally not required and do not contain data created or needed by the user. So, this PC cleaner gets rid of all such extra files and registries that were slowing down the system.

Task Manager

A lot of people might already know about the Task Manager option in every PC that informs the user about the running, non-responsive, background, and other applications on the system. Task Manager tells about the CPU usage so that one can close some apps to increase overall efficiency. Defencebyte cleaner will automatically do this for you without having to do anything manually. 

Privacy Keeper

Everybody uses the internet on their computer and laptops. However, one’s privacy is at stake while browsing online sites because the temporary files lying in your PC can be tracked.  Using Defencebyte Computer Optimizer can protect your privacy by deleting such files that enable tracking.

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  • Easy Installation
  • Offers automatic cleaning
  • 30- Day money-back guarantee
  • Protects privacy while surfing the internet
  • Schedules scanning and removing unnecessary files
  • Improves PC performance, speed, and storage
  • Unnecessary pop-up messages about cleaning
  • Not compatible with iOS or Android 
  • Non-availability of mobile apps

Price Range 

A trial is available for first-time users for no cost at all. Just visit the official website and download the free version to have a look at the product thoroughly. It allows knowing if it suits your requirements without having to pay beforehand. The rest of the plans are as follows:-

  • Offer price of $ 38.95 for 1 computer per year, originally for $ 54.95.
  • Offer price of $ 78.95 for 3 computers per year, originally for $ 104.95.
  • Offer price of $ 111.95 for 5 computers per year, originally for $ 144.95.
  • Offer price of $ 181.95 for 10 computers per year, originally for $ 219.95.


  • A user does not have to remember cleaning the PC manually. Defencebyte Computer Optimizer allows scheduling and automatic cleaning of the files. 
  • It is a small file of 12 MB which means that it will not take much space on your desktop or laptop, unlike other PC cleaners or optimizers in the market.
  • This cleaner works well with the frequently-used PC Windows like XP, Vista, 7, 8, and 10. So, you will always find this useful for your PC.
  • It can perform multiple functions for your computer like emptying registry keys, uninstalling entries, removing invalid paths, deleting file extensions, eliminating non-existent shared DLLs, and all other unnecessary files. 

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