Everything You Need to Know About E-Go Bike Models

| Updated on March 21, 2024

More people than ever before want to ditch cars. Petrol prices are rising, traffic is getting worse and pollution is increasing. So, many are making the decision to change their habits and make positive changes to their lives. In particular, they are choosing to join in the electric bike trend. This can be a way to save money, beat traffic and help the environment.

In particular, most cyclists that live in the town need a versatile e-bike. In other words, they want the same capabilities but in a compact and easy-to-store version. So, this is why E-Go bikes have become very popular. They offer a range of lightweight and folding bikes. Let’s take a look at the different bike models you can choose from.

E-Go Lite

First of all, let’s start with the E-Go Lite. This is marketed as the most affordable in the range of E-Go bikes. But, what impresses us most is that the bike is one of the lightest folding bikes you will find in the country. It only weighs 15 kg yet packs a lot of punch. So, it is light enough to carry around with you. But, it still has a good range of up to 50 km. So, this is perfect for traveling around the town. 

The E-Go Lite is the most popular model from this brand. Click on the link if you want to browse the collection for yourself. But, you can enjoy everything from mudguards and lights included to four-cycle modes. So, if you are new to electric bikes, this might be the place to start. This electric bike is marketed to all ages too. But, the brand itself says that it is particularly great with those that are retired since it is fun and enjoyable to ride. What’s more, it is easy to store and since it is lightweight, you do not have to worry about this task is difficult.

E-Go Lite +

Next, let’s consider the E-Go Lite +. You may be wondering what the real difference is between the E-Go Lite and the E-Go Lite +. Well, we found that this model has bigger wheels at 20 inches, as well as enjoys seven-speed Shimano gears. In addition, the battery is more powerful. It can operate comfortably with riders weighing up to 110 kg. Note that this model is slightly heavier than the E-Go Lite at around 18 kg. But, it can carry that extra weight.

Similar to the E-Go Lite, this bike has a range of up to 50 Km and you can do top speeds of up to 25 kmph. There are also four modes to enjoy, which include normal bike, walk, cruise, and pedal power.

E-Go Max

Another model that you should think about is the E-Go Max. One of the main differences with this model is that it can handle a larger payload. We are talking about 150 kg. The battery is also more powerful and is going to give you a longer range. This is going to be up to 90 km before you have to think about charging the battery. So, if you are going to be traveling more and have a heavy backpack to carry, this could be a better option for you.

This model enjoys 20-inch wheels, as well as a tyre size of 2.35 inches. Again, the top speed you can achieve is 25 kmph. It has a style like all of the other models, but you will notice that it is slightly bigger. Indeed, it weighs slightly more at 20 kg. 

E-Go Max +

The most expensive electric bike by this brand is the E-Go Max +. But, there is a reason for this. If you feel that you want a bike that can handle more weight, this is what you will get with the E-Go Max +. It is able to deal with 150 kg, which is the same as the E-Go Max +. But the difference comes with the tyre size. It has 20-inch wheels with a tyre size of 4.25 inches. This does make it slightly heavier at 25 kg. The range is good at up to 90 km, as well as having seven-speed Shimano gears. So, you can expect a smooth ride.

Essentially, the larger tyres are what stand out in this model. This can be good for exploring, in particular, the company states it is good for exploring loose surfaces. So, if you want to do more than just commute to work and back, this might be the model for you.

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