What is a Good Internet Speed? Internet Speed Classifications

| Updated on March 27, 2024

Internet is a great blessing and if we know what we can do with it, we can do pretty much everything. Internet is around us and our lives are surrounded by activities linked to the internet. From online orders to watching series and movies online, everything requires a good internet connection.

With this whole COVID pandemic, a good internet connection is a necessity. We are trapped in this quarantine bubble and who knows for how long this pandemic will last. We need to make sure that we make peace with it and find ways to make things easier for ourselves. People are getting aware of the fact that getting internet services won’t just be it, we need to make sure that we get a connection which offers us high-speed internet and reliability so we can use the services for the long term.

While looking for internet services, many people don’t know what are the factors that we need to consider to get a good internet plan and in all the confusion, they make a wrong choice. In America, different internet providers provide internet services to millions of people through different types of connections.

What is Fast Internet?

With some internet connections, you might get download speeds of up to 1000Mbps, while other connections might offer you just 10-25Mbps downloading speed, and that’s the max they can offer. Similarly, the prices vary as per the internet plan and the type of connection through which you will get the internet service. You can check the serviceability of internet service providers in your area by searching ‘Internet near me’ on google and just by putting in your address or zip-code, all the available internet service providers in your area will be on your screen within seconds.

The main thing, which you need to consider, is the download speed, and you should know your usage. If you don’t know your usage, you will either get something slow which will result in frustration when you’ll connect multiple devices with the internet or you’ll get something fancy and will get frustrated when your bill will get high after the promotion period ends. To avoid this whole frustration phase, you need to make sure that you know your usage so you could get something that meets your needs and budget. Also, find out if you need standalone internet service or you need a bundle. Write down everything before you reach out to any service provider.

For many people, fast internet can be 25Mbps, while for others, even 500Mbs is not fast. The question is how to figure out where you stand. To find that out, do your research and figure out what suits your needs.

There are many service providers like Suddenlink, which offer multiple plans. If you check the Suddenlink packages list, you will find out that there are different packages with different speeds, TV channels, features, and prices. If you don’t know your usage and budget, you will get confused, and either you will get something too basic or something too fancy that you don’t even need. In this article, we will help you out in getting a good internet download speed and will give you a breakdown of different internet speeds and what can you do with those speeds.

What is a Good Internet Download Speed?

A good internet download speed would be up to 25Mbps if you do streaming and connect 1-2 devices at a time. If you are going to use the internet for just checking emails and for basic browsing, then a download speed of 1-5Mbps will be a good internet speed. If there are multiple users in your house, who do online gaming, 4K streaming, download large files, and connect 3-5 devices with the internet at the same time then you are going to need a high-speed internet connection with at least a download speed of 200Mbps. If you connect more devices, you will need more internet speed so you don’t face any interruption while watching your favorite movie or playing your favorite online game.

If you are living in a city, the probability of getting good download internet speed through a good internet connection will be more likely. You can get services via the fiber optic internet connection and cable internet connection if you are living in a city. If you are living in a rural or remote area, you might not be able to get very good download speed but you can surely get fair internet speeds via different internet connections like DSL, Fixed wireless network, or Satellite internet connection.

Breakdown of Different Internet Download Speeds

The definition of a good download speed varies from person to person because every person has different internet usage. For some people, even a basic download speed might be good and for some, even high-speed internet might be not so good. So, it all depends on your internet usage. We will give you a breakdown of different internet download speeds and that will help you out in understanding the situation better.

1-5 Mbps Download Speed 

A downloading speed ranges from 1-5Mbps will be good for those who are going to use internet services for just streaming music, basic browsing, and checking emails on one device at a time.

5-50 Mbps Download Speed

This speed will be good for those people who are going to do video streaming, making video calls on 1-2 devices simultaneously, or playing online games on one device at a time.

100-500 Mbps Download Speed

This downloading speed will be good for those who are going to do multiple activities on multiple devices at a time like online gaming, streaming, and downloading large files.

500-1000 Mbps or more Download Speed

With this much speed, you can do pretty much everything, can download large files within seconds, and can connect as many devices as you want.

Summing It Up

While getting internet services, you need to check a few things, and out of those things, the internet speeds matter the most. Make sure you check other features as well to come to a well-versed decision.

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