Advantages of Surfshark VPN

| Updated on March 27, 2024

As of this writing, Surfshark VPN is available for both PCs and Macs. It has fifteen different routes that allow you to access the internet without worrying about your location or IP address. Depending on where you live, you can choose from USA, UK, France, Netherlands, India, Australia, Germany, Sweden, and Switzerland. With this much choice, choosing the right service can be easy. To learn more about the advantages of VPN and how it is beneficial in market research , read on.

This Service is Similar to other VPNs in many Ways

Despite the price, this service is packed with privacy features. It uses AES 256 encryption, Secure Protocols, OpenVPN UDP and TCP, IKEv2, private DNS, and VPN chaining to protect your online activity. The best part about Surfshark is that it even works on Android TV OS 5.0. This service is similar to other VPN services in many ways, but it differs from them only in price.

Drawback of Surfshark

Another drawback of Surfshark is that it does not have dedicated IP addresses. You will always connect to a common IP address, but the server may be shared by other users. If you want a dedicated IP address, you can get a dedicated IP address. However, this feature is not available to every country. You should check if your country has a Static IP list or not. You can also connect to IP-restricted networks.

Whitelisting Capabilities

Another advantage of Surfshark VPN is its whitelisting capabilities. You can create whitelists for websites, apps, and IP addresses. This allows you to access the internet with ease. The system will not log your browsing history, network traffic, or connection timestamps. And the service is compatible with a wide range of platforms, including smart devices and gaming consoles. With this, you can stay anonymous while enjoying your favorite online activities.

It is easily accessible and has great features

The kill switch is easily accessible and is a great feature for people who don’t want to constantly disconnect their VPN connections. By switching to a different IP address, you can set the VPN to block certain websites. If you are traveling abroad, you can set the VPN to automatically disconnect when you’re offline. This feature will prevent you from accidentally sending data to an unprotected website. The kill switch feature is useful when you’re surfing with more than one IP address.

By Using VPN, you can Watch videos Online 

Apart from the kill switch, you can also configure the server locations. Its servers are based in the United States, Canada, and Norway. For international users, it has several servers in the US and Europe. With its wide geographical reach, you can bypass regional blackouts for sports events, movie streaming, and more. You can even watch videos online with the VPN without a problem, which is one of the many reasons why you need a VPN. You don’t need a computer in your home to enjoy it.

It will protect your Data as it is Designed to Be Secure 

The main window of the Surfshark app offers several configuration options. You can set the app to launch on login or to automatically connect after each log-in. You can also select a specific server location or country. Whether you use a VPN connection or not, Surfshark will protect your data. You’ll be able to access websites and services from anywhere you choose. The service is designed to be as secure and convenient as possible.

Your Data or Information is Fully Secured and will not be Exposed to Malicious Software 

Surfshark VPN uses a combination of physical and virtual servers. The company uses the same network for all of its services. The company also relies on third-party data centers for its VPN service. It uses tamper-resistant RAM-only servers, which are better than virtual ones. This way, your information is not exposed to malicious software. In addition to security, Surfshark VPN also uses the tamper-resistant OpenVPN UDP/TCP protocol.

Surfshark VPN Offers Good Customer Support 

Besides offering a great range of advanced features, Surfshark also offers good customer support. In case of an emergency, the company will provide support around the clock. Its live chat support is available seven days a week. Its customer service team is available 24/7, and you can contact them anytime. If you need technical support, Surfshark VPN will be glad to assist you. Its website is well-designed and easy to navigate.

This App is Easy to Install and Available for Both Desktops and Mobile Devices 

Unlike other VPNs, the app is available for both desktops and mobile devices. It can be downloaded from the vendor’s website or App Store. It is easy to install and uses a flat design. The home screen of the app displays a list of locations that have VPN servers. You can only choose the city or country where you want to connect to. You can also set the VPN to allow a certain amount of traffic on your mobile device.

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