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| Updated on October 7, 2023

An IT service desk is defined as a person or group of people that offer technical assistance and problem resolution to people with technology concerns. 

Here at Klik Solutions, we like to make sure our customers always have the guidance they need. That’s why we offer you access to our world-class support service desk. With us as your managed services provider, you’ll never be left in the dark. Thanks to our round-the-clock managed IT services and IT security services, you’ll always have the support you need. 

Here is a list of key support desk features: 

  • Automation and Analytics. While automation ensures a quick resolution through routine task performance and completion, analytics guarantee all your relevant data is properly documented and studied. Both are used to improve the performance and time efficiency of your help desk
  • Dashboards. A log of recent and relevant data. This optimizes the processes like performance, productivity, and efficacy. 
  • Service Catalogs. A one-stop-shop for details on all of your offered benefits and a place where clients can submit tickets to note their concerns. 
  • SLA Management. Uses an SLA-based prioritization system for tickets and decides whether a problem needs escalation or deadline-defined management guidelines.
  • Ticket Management. An automated process that ensures a quick fix through incident prioritization, assignment, and management. 
  • Customer Portal. A database of self-serve guides and relevant client information. This enables clients to resolve simple concerns on their own. 
  • Knowledge base. The starting point of a Customer Service Portal. This usually enlightens clients about portal processes. 
  • Task, Error, Asset, and Contract Support. An organization process that downsizes disruptors, promotes collaboration and warrants easy transitions or product releases by sorting tasks and errors. 

Service Desk Benefits

IT assistance can be helpful in so many ways. For your leisure, we’ve listed some of the top benefits below: 

Asset Management Optimization

These services act as the core of your hardware, software, and third-party assets. Because of this, your company can easily obtain necessary information, evaluate assets, configure processes, and manage your infrastructure.  

Improve Operational Efficiency

In a way, these solutions allow everyone to be on the same page. You can let go of constant compliance problems because IT will implement guidelines, planning, and tracking strategies.  

Easy Data-Based Resolutions

IT techs will keep a log of all your past and present data. So when the time comes to analyze problems, products, and performance outcomes, your IT can make informed decisions. 

IT and Business Coexistence

They promote collaborations between IT and other departments. Divisions need to communicate with one another, especially IT. By doing this, your company can prevent issues before they arise and come to quick solutions when they do arise. 

Help vs. Service Desk

When you hear the term service desk, the term help desk may also come to mind. In reality,  service aids offer much more than its counterpart. Help desks are used more for general questions or break/fix solutions. Service desks go a lot more in-depth by offering break/fix solutions, service and information requests, and tips for preventable issues. 

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