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| Updated on February 14, 2024 |
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Despite being launched in 2011, VSCO (known as “Visual Supply Company”) is still one of the most recognized photo editing apps for iPhone and Android. Being an avid user, you might be willing to become friends or collaborate with people who have similar interests and hobbies.


To your knowledge, VSCO search allows you to discover content and people and connect with them over the platform.

Read on further to uncover the wonders of VSCO user search including its workings and benefits.

VSCO Search – An Overview

VSCO is a dynamic platform that provides plentiful features for photo and video editing. In addition, search VSCO is one of the exclusive features in the app that allows users to discover and comprehend the content and creatives shared by others on the platform. 

Moreover, it has some unique capabilities as it provides different search categories like Portrait, Fashion, Nature, Travel, and more.

VSCO apps

Not only this, VSCO people search allows you to narrow down your search by using relatable keywords, locations, and hashtags to lower the burden of scrolling through endless feeds. Moreover, it demonstrates the trending content by analyzing the engagement and metrics data to keep you updated with current styles and trends.

Another quality is that it showcases the content according to your personal recommendations. This means that when you search for a particular topic using a keyword or hashtag, the results will align according to the areas of interest. 

To your knowledge, initially, it has introduced advanced tagging systems that allow users to add tags to their content while uploading and editing it in the future. Hashtags are specific labels that help increase visibility and profile engagement. Moreover, using them will enhance your search experience. 

How Does VSCO People Search Work?

The VSCO people search has an algorithm that analyzes the text and metadata to demonstrate the most relevant results for the given query. It also allows you to connect with other users. Check out the possible ways you can use it.

  • Search for People by their User ID or Interests: If you are struggling with how to find someone’s VSCO with similar interests, use VSCO people search. Furthermore, enter the username or the related keyword or hashtags, and it will show you the matching results. 

Moreover, you can also send follow-up requests to stay updated on their latest projects. But here a question arises, can you see who viewed your VSCO profile? Well, the answer is No.

  • Helps to Explore the VSCO Page: The VSCO page will help to go through the trending and popular material of the platform or community. Similarly, you can also explore the topics of your interest and choice by inserting a relatable keyword or hashtag in the search bar. 
  • Find People to Collaborate: Collaboration has become essential for self-growth and creative development. As said, it allows you to connect and collaborate with people who have similar interests.

Undoubtedly, with its numerous benefits, it also offers smooth functionality for a user-friendly experience. 

Now that you know much about the app, its features, and its capabilities, let’s jump straight to find out how to search for people on this platform.

Follow the steps mentioned below to do so:

  • Open the VSCO App on your mobile device.
    Open the app on your phone
  • Tap on the Search icon (magnifying-like icon) at the bottom of the screen.
    Tap on the search icons
  • Below Search, you will see three categories – People, Images, and Journals.
    See the three categories
  • Select People, and type the Name, Username, or ID of the person you are looking for in the text box.
    Tap on People
  • The results will demonstrate a list of user accounts that match your user query.
    List of user accounts
  • Once you find the one you are looking for from the result list, consider sending them a Follow request to add them to your list.
    Tap on Follow

Quick tip — If you are looking for a specific person, consider using the exact username or ID to narrow down your search results. 

Undoubtedly, VSCO people search is a valuable tool for those who have an artistic approach and keen interest in photography, videography, and creative content.

VSCO is one of the essential apps for social media content creators, to find inspiration, trends, people to collaborate with for work purposes, and more. In addition, it offers premium features and tools that help users reduce the complexity of the editing process. 

Further, let’s uncover the benefits of using its premium feature, VSCO search :

Numerous Features

The VSCO search app offers unique and necessary features. The key features are:

  • Extensive Filter Library
  • Advanced Search Filters
  • Organized Collections
  • User Favorites
  • Customizable filters and presets
  • Easy sync access devices
  • Social Sharing and more

Additionally, the app also provides an in-built camera to capture moments. Moreover, tutorials and inspirations are also available to guide beginners. 

Quick Access to Inspiration

With millions of creative and high-quality images and videos present on the platform, the VSCO finder allows you to discover unique content that enhances your creative thinking and productivity skills.

Easy Navigation

The VSCO People search bar is available at the top of the interface, making it directly visible to the users who want to access it. This allows smooth navigation and makes it easy to switch between different types of content. 

This exceptional feature, search VSCO, allows you to stay updated on the new trends and styles of editing, photography, and more. Using popular hashtags in your search query allows you to discover new and fascinating content and visuals. 

Enhances Creativity and Productivity

Last but not least, VSCO image search can help you enhance your creative skills by demonstrating popular, authentic, and credible material. As said, exploring new things can make you learn new strategies, which will increase your future work productivity. 

Hence, by using the VSCO com search feature efficiently, you can optimize your personalized app feed in a fraction of a second.

Tips and Tricks for More Effective VSCO Search Results

If you wish to master the feature, you should keep in mind the following tips and tricks for effective VSCO Search. 

  • Utilize Filters and Options: Interestingly, VSCO search offers a variety of filter options to narrow down your search results. By using various filters, like Most Popular, Trending, and Newest, you can refine your search results to find the most relevant collections out of the crowd. 
  • Save and Organize Your Favorites: If you find any masterpiece that catches your attention, always prefer to mark it or save it. By organizing your favorite folder, you can easily maintain a bunch of aesthetic yet important portfolios.
  • Collect the Required Stuff: People often research or brainstorm before starting a project. So while in this process, collect all the stuff and material you found to be useful so that you can find it easily when required in the future. 

Conclusion: Is VSCO Search Worth It?

VSCO is a powerful tool that provides a professional set of presets, high-quality of photo and video editing tools, search filters to optimize the results, and an extensive library for a never-ending scroll. In addition, it offers a 7-day free trial before charging for the annual subscription.

Initially, the app introduced a new space named VSCO Studio, that allows you to import and store media from your camera roll and in-built camera snapshots. Moreover, you can also join VSCO communities to explore and collect inspiration from talented creatures across the globe to unleash your potential creativity. 


Can you search on VSCO?

Yes, it is possible to search for someone on VSCO by following the instructions: Open VSCO>> Search >> Select one amongst People, Images, and Journals, and begin searching. 

How do I view VSCO without the app?

Simply, login to on an authentic web browser, on your PC or Mac.

Is VSCO free?

VSCO offers some features and tools in its free version. Moreover, to access premium tools, you need to buy a subscription.

Why can’t I search on VSCO?

There is a possibility that you might be using the wrong username or ID to search for a specific individual.


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