Top Video Conferencing Features for the Brave New Remote-First World

| Updated on February 28, 2024
Video Conferencing Features

The business world has been turned into an online mode, and the situation doesn’t seem to change shortly. Never before have people worked from home on such a massive scale, so to successfully manage key collaboration processes, companies use robust video conferencing software. However, remote work presupposes challenges that can’t always be addressed by out-of-the-box solutions.

Conversely, custom video chat apps can cover the specific needs of your business, bringing both immediate and long-term value. How? Through a number of cutting-edge features.

AI-Powered Person Identification

This innovative functionality has the potential to enhance your video chat platform in terms of security and user engagement.

To wit, by accurately verifying the identity of all participants, you’ll make sure that only properly authorized users can access the meeting and related confidential information — both written and oral. Moreover, you’ll be spared the need to manually check and filter the list of users.

Also, AI-fueled technology can help engage your employees with various filters and interactive background images. Whether they want to chat with their colleagues from the mountains or the beach (being physically at home) — there’s a technology for that.

Another way you can ensure seamless video communication in a business environment through artificial intelligence is by blurring unwanted objects, including kids, pets, and household items. This way, all meeting participants get an extra layer of comfort.

Conference Recording and Analysis

One more innovative feature you can implement to take remote work to new heights of efficiency is video conference recording. This will not only allow employees who missed the call to be in the loop but will also give you valuable content for further post-processing.

Underpinned by AI, your platform will be able to scrutinize hours of the recorded meeting, identify key points, and automatically generate value-rich highlights. In turn, the compiled highlights can be further used for meeting recap as well as strategic decision-making.

If you want to take post-processing up a notch, leverage speech recognition. This technology will enable accurate transcript compilation, accelerating meeting report generation.

AR-Fueled Collaboration

To drive more interaction among co-workers and keep the tasks moving, collaboration tools like media file sharing and co-browsing might not be enough. To guarantee fruitful remote collaboration, think outside the box and enhance your video chat platform with AR whiteboarding.

This cutting-edge technology will empower meeting participants with effective writing tools to visually share their ideas from any part of the world. And virtual annotations will make the collaboration process even smoother.

Whether it’s brief sync with your team, a business results presentation, or an annual planning call, decisions will be made in a matter of minutes, not days.

Technology-Rich Engagement

The latest Gallup report says that 51% of employees are disengaged in the workplace. And this percentage might be even higher for companies that fully or partially opt for remote collaboration. Engaged employees mean increased profitability, so to activate and sustain engagement, think about adding advanced collaboration features to your video chat platform.

Shared team calendars, to-do lists, polls, reactions, support tickets, interactive diagrams — this functionality can not only boost team productivity but also motivate employees and show you care about them.

Moreover, you can boost engagement with chatbots — by both sparing your remote workers repetitive tasks that require daily involvement and personalizing responses to work-related queries.

Summing it up

To be productive and bring value, employees need a comfortable working environment. But to make it happen remotely, knuckle down to enhancing your video conferencing solution with state-of-the-art features. AI-based user detection, video recording, and post-processing, AR whiteboarding — take team collaboration to the next level.

Billy Willson


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