Ten Bits of Advice from Business Gurus to Young and Aspiring CEOs

| Updated on June 28, 2022

People generally spend a lot of time working. But people who run their own business or work in managerial positions have to work harder. When work becomes such an integral part of your life, progression and career satisfaction become essential. A successful career for such people can lead to an overall satisfactory experience. But often, it takes a long while to uncover the secrets to a successful career. On such occasions, advice from business gurus and experienced professionals can boost your progress. Some of the useful suggestion to young and aspiring CEOs are:

1. Have a Flexible Career Plan 

Being flexible in your career plan is more rewarding than having a rigid career plan. What will make you a leader is how receptive you are to new and exciting opportunities. You may realize that the career or field you chose was not the most fulfilling for you in the future. Then if you get stuck in the same position, you will be miserable. New opportunities can allow you to develop and grow properly.

2. Education and Career 

If you are wondering how to become a CEO with your educational background, there is no set field requirement. But to be a CEO, you must have a minimum of a bachelor’s degree. Apart from that, extensive experience in business and management can increase your chances. You may also go for various professional development courses. Your success lies in execution. Your concept must serve a real-time problem that requires proper implementation. If you nail the execution part, we can guarantee your success.

3. Have Confidence in Your Decisions

The most crucial aspect of any leadership role is to make decisions for your subordinates. A CEO must evaluate the complete aspects of every choice and make educated decisions. Such an important position like this requires you to have confidence, choose, and stick with it? But it does not mean that you have to make the decisions alone. You can always have a team of trusted persons to take second opinions.  

4. Learn to Lead 

A CEO’s work significantly depends on his or her ability to lead. Once you are in a leadership position, your prior experience to lead the company will substantially take you to the heights of success. You can designate your duties to better-suited people who will take over those particular positions. As a leader, you won’t have time to do individual work. So it will help if you focus on leading your team rather than focusing on small tasks. Even you have to do extra work from home

5. Learn to Say Yes 

This advice comes directly from one of the most successful businessmen. The Executive Chairman of Google, Eric Schmidt, advises the young CEOs and aspirants to say ‘Yes’ to things. Saying yes will take a person out of their comfort zone. They will face new challenges, meet new people, and find new opportunities. It will give you a chance to grow, learn more, and make better connections.

6. Keep Good Company 

We don’t mean your business setup here, but your social circle. In a study by Professor Ronald Burt at the University of Chicago’s Booth School of Business, people with different social groups are more successful. People who have friends in various fields reap more rewards. They have more possibilities of getting a promotion, earning more money, and gaining better recognition. Hence, your friend circle impacts your success, and you should choose wisely.

7. Be Technologically Savvy 

In the era of technological progression, we can’t emphasize enough relative expertise. Business gurus emphasize that every aspiring CEO must be as informed about technology as they are about business. If they are not informed about such things, they will have no choice but to accept whatever his subordinates tell him. Knowing technology will allow you to lead better.

8. Write Down Ideas Everyday

James Altucher, a famous entrepreneur and angel investor, advises young and aspiring entrepreneurs to write down their ideas each day. These ideas can be about anything. From different solutions to a problem, improvement methods, to anything else that concerns your work. Writing down ideas will help you have a more outstanding analysis of every decision and improvement. Ultimate execution of these ideas, then, can lead to your success.

9. Engage for Impact

When you work on a project, try to engage with others. Consider each detail and aspect of the project, from the process, execution, to drawbacks. So when you engage with others, you make an impact. You have to know all the cons so that you can turn negative outlooks into positive ones. The key is to pitch your idea correctly. Your pitch must make an impact that is indisputable to everyone on board. The key is to make the team believe that you can lead your team to success. Once you make the impact, you will move another step on the ladder to be successful.

10. Deliver Reliably 

The most crucial factor that is the ultimate key to your success is your ability to deliver results reliably. Any person who can promise and deliver it per their words in due time is more likely to be picked for such a leadership role. The investors and board need someone reliable and steady. Even the employees are more likely to work better under such leaders. So if you have what it takes to deliver reliably, you are on your way to success in no time. 


This great advice from the most successful business gurus can help you accelerate your journey to success. So working on these pieces of advice will shape your intellect and abilities. But in the end, your best friend in the success journey is consistency, hard work, and determination. If you have the dedication to learn, you will achieve your results.

Alex Jones


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